full moon in virgo- waking up in the body (2/27/21)

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the full moon at 8’57 virgo is exact on saturday february 27th at 12:17am PST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the very powerful and profound new moon in aquarius on february 11th!

aquarius (the new moon sign) and virgo (the full moon sign) are quincunx each other – meaning they have a hard time ‘getting’ each other. aquarius is ruled by Uranus the planet of the Higher Mind, whereas virgo is ruled by mercury the planet of the lower mind. one is more transpersonal, the other more personal. aquarius is interested in the Bigger Picture, virgo is interested in the details. shadow aquarius goes into the mind to escape the body and not feel emotions. shadow virgo stays stuck in the lower mind and only sees the trees, not the forest. as the full moon is in earthy virgo- tending to the body for health and balance with the mind is key.

the full moon can magnify where our own split between body and mind may be showing up- illuminating where we could be defaulting to transpersonal energy (aquarius and pisces) at the expense of our earthly experience and physical health (virgo). this is a timely message as i have heard of many spirit beings/light workers in the last weeks who have over given and depleted themselves. some of them got awakened with a serious health challenge and some of have actually passed away from their health challenges. these are/were amazing beings contributing great things to the world- but they were over sacrificing themselves and hit rock bottom with depletion! do not wait until the Universe has to hit you over the head to listen and take care of yourself!!!

we need to be as committed to being human as we are to being Spirit. this requires self-care, boundaries and fierce Love. ensuring you are getting appropriate and clean water and food, time in nature, time alone, good sleep and whatever else your body and soul needs is KEY! but also being able to say NO and being able to express anger in healthy ways to support us in having good boundaries is vital as well. particularly in the spiritual community where there often is a Love & Light addiction and judgement around anger that it is a lower vibration emotion and if you feel it it means you are Unconscious. all emotions are NEUTRAL and it is what we do with them that informs if they will be helpful or hurtful. anger often arises when our boundaries have been overstepped and when we need to stand up for ourselves. healthy anger can be like the surgeon’s knife- cutting out the tumor but saving the rest of the body. anger is not bad. what we do with it is what matters.

we are Divine and we are human. we are earth based and galactic. we operate in the 3rd dimension AND in 5th dimension and beyond- SIMULTANEOUSLY. to access a Higher Level of Mind we need to think both/and- not black and white, this or that- as it keeps us stuck in duality. if you happen to be doing this (and who ISN’T in some area of life!?!) you can be receiving some wake up calls about what part of life has been denied or ignored at the expense of your growth and/or health. take the Universal hint and get on board with your self-care, healing and wholeness!

part of fully anchoring the new Age of Aquarius requires that we learn to be with paradox: we can be awake and have parts of us still asleep, we can be healed and whole and also have aspects that are wounded, we can be full of Light and STILL have a shadow! one does not preclude the other. think of the yin & yang symbol- with dark and light balancing each other, and with a spark of light nested in the dark half of the symbol and a spark of dark nested in the light half. can we be in this space of both/and?

when we move beyond dualistic thinking (it must be this OR that) we go beyond our mental limitations and move into the ‘creative third’ space where other possibilities can present themselves! this is the space of integration, healing and enlightenment (which is really all about embodiment). this is the space rumi speaks of when he says “out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field- i will meet you there”. there is a massive new field of consciousness opening up right now- but to find it we have to move past the black and white thinking that keeps us blind and unable to see it!!!

it’s interesting to note in the full moon chart the moon and vesta are the handle of a basket shape where everything from the north node in gemini through the south node in sagittarius are all on one side of the chart. it’s also interesting to note that the last 4 signs of the zodiac (the transpersonal signs) and the first 3 (the personal signs) are in the basket- with only virgo on the other side of the chart representing the interpersonal signs.

virgo is about service and care, health and the body. it’s about helping others but it is also about helping and caring for ourselves. with vesta on the moon this lunation is highlighting our commitment (or lack thereof) to self-care and healing. are we REALLY committed to doing our own inner work? or are we so busy helping and tending too others that we have no time to help ourselves? are we stuck in the 3d world doing all the things (the “to do list” never ends!)- so much so that our Spirit and Soul are not getting the focus and tending they need and deserve? where are the imbalances? and what are you going to do about them?

this full moon triggers the saturn/uranus square and the saturn/chiron sextile. saturn/uranus is forcing us to see where we are resisting change and staying stuck in an old paradigm. uranus in particular is lighting a fire under our butts to embrace change!!! saturn/chiron is an exceptional transit in 2021 for deeper commitment (saturn) to our healing path (chiron). what is really interesting is to note that chiron is a planetoid that orbits between saturn and uranus- sometimes closer to saturn and sometimes closer to uranus. he is often referred to as the “rainbow bridge” between the visible and invisible planets, between the personal and transpersonal. you can view chiron as the gatekeeper- he holds the keys to our humanity and our divinity. the beauty of chiron is that it IS our woundedness and pain that brings us to the path of awakening. “the crack is where the Light gets in”. if we are willing to step up to the plate these 3 bodies will help take us further in facing our wounding and turning the poison of the past into the cure. but it is up to us to heed the call!

the star sparks meditation for this degree is on point. it speaks of a man whose life has become like hard cement. he wants to stay with what is steady, secure, safe- but also limiting and restricting. he is trying to avoid chaos and upheaval and going against his own natural impulse to be fluid, open and embracing of change. this degree speaks to where we try to keep it all in- keep it all together- but in doing so we repress, we stuff, we deny. as ellias says “the feelings show up through the cracks and the mind can’t keep them firmly under”. it’s the difference between going with the flow and going against it. as anyone with any capacity to feel energy can tell you- right now is a time of great change! so you can either get on board with the changes coming or you can resist and get dragged kicking and screaming.

one of the keys to being more fluid and open to change is working with the body and the emotions. the body is earth, the emotions are water- these are the two feminine elements that often get denied, avoided or shut down. the body is our sacred temple and our emotions are information and key to full embodiment and full incarnation. the ascension people speak of is actually a descension of Spirit fully into body. and when more Light comes into the body guess what happens? more shadows get illuminated- so that we can see and work with what is blocking us from anchoring more Light. the Highest aspect of virgo knows this- the body is the temple. the portal to the 5th dimension lies within. the moment you start to fully honor the body and the emotions (fully feeling and working with ALL of them- not just the ‘good ones’) is the moment you open the gateway to your next step in your evolution.

the star sparks for the opposite degree, where the sun is, is also insightful. he speaks to the shadow essence we all have and how we meet it (or disassociate from it) and what our motivation is informs our relationship to it. ellias says :”We must have open places for shadow to indwell. They truly are revitalization spark points when skillfully worked with. And they are just as treacherous as their reputation would suggest. The heart decides. But we will not get out of these places until we have honored their deep message.”

if you are ready to join an open space for shadow to be worked with and if you are ready to honor the deep message of the hidden places within- i hope you will come join my Astrology & Your Shadow course starting March 10th, 2021 at 2pm PST (all classes are recorded and accessible afterwards if you cannot make it live).

this course helps you use the star Light to illuminate and work with the shadow. it is one part teachings (with lots of notes, cheat sheets and worksheets) and one part embodiment (with practices & guided meditations). it is a course to help you weave the above and the below for alchemy, healing and wholeness.

to get a taste of this course read what a few previous students have to say about it:

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“I’m very grateful for all the work we did last year in the Astro & Shadow Course (2020), these are overwhelming times and somehow I feel prepared.”

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read on below for the star sparks degrees.

may this full moon help you find greater harmony between…
your Light & your Shadow
your Spirit & your Body
your Mind & your Heart
so that the two may become One.

Blessed be!



by ellias lonsdale

Virgo 9 A man mixing cement

Making sure that the world around us is safe, is steady, is secure. Working hard to form a life that holds together under duress. Being concerned with what can go wrong, and how to head it off before it happens. Planning ahead. Seeing every possible problem, contingency, likelihood. Intent upon staying on top of things and not being so very foolish.

The mentality of working against our own inherent nature. Having glimpsed the fact that we are likely to do anything, given half the chance, we tend to decide rationally that we must control ourselves and generate lots of safeguards around our own unpredictable whims and endless personal vagrancy’s.

The witnessing intelligence working overtime to outwit pure inventive genius and it’s soundly errant ways. But perhaps it doesn’t work. We try and we try to second guess and check it out and do the right thing. It can be that the wild child outwits the steady-eyed grown up, the feelings show up through the cracks and the mind can’t keep them firmly under.

Then we enter upon a radically different life current. We may discover that this impish, lawless, irrepressible spark is not something to ashamed of, or wipe away the traces of, or clean up after. We begin to merge within our own strange, fascinating genius.

It can turn out that he is our salvation. For he has this one pivotal characteristic which redeems him and makes him worth working with, whatever it takes. He is able to cut right through every possible form, style, and appearance, to reveal the hidden truth in a way that vastly enriches our shared reality.

It is not easy to bear a completely lawless force inside. But it is hardest to go against it, most natural to at last say Yes.


Pisces 9 Dusk. A vampire awakens

Darkness hides all the parts of self which are not ready to live in the light. Each one of these knows it’s way around the darkness, is able to navigate fluently on the inside of life, underneath all appearances. And they enjoy the existence which for others might seem almost macabre in it’s reversal of the ways of the day.

When you are accustomed to the hidden depths, they do become all of life. And then you give yourself over to dream, inner work, other parts of existence. You still perhaps devote the outer side to outer pursuits. Yet what stirs and quickens your blood is entirely hidden away from sight, only known to those who can penetrate there.

We each bear a Shadow Essence. It’s favorite places are those of twilight, tending into darkness. There the Shadow Essence can discover everything that our egoic self suppresses and denies. And it is the one way that we can get entirely under the surface of earth existence, to reclaim what has been forgotten, what needs to be restored.

This is about keeping us honest and real. It is the humbling, the surrender, the realization that we are not on top of the world. And it is the access point for influences and suggestibility’s of every kind.

Everything here depends upon our motivation. If we tap this place as a dark sanctuary for forgotten sides of life, it bears abundant fruit. If we seep too heavily under it, we become taken over by it’s drama and enchantments, and this is always dangerous, to say the least.

We must have open places for shadow to indwell. They truly are revitalization spark points when skillfully worked with. And they are just as treacherous as their reputation would suggest. The heart decides. But we will not get out of these places until we have honored their deep message.

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