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full moon in virgo- discerning Truth (2/19/19)

the full moon at 0’42 virgo is exact on tuesday february 19th 2019 at 7:53am PST- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in aquarius on 2/4 (also lunar imbolc just a day after solar imbolc). that new moon was an amazing lunation with great aspects- showing us that this lunar cycle has a strong liberation, freedom and change energy inherent in it. awakening to Truth can be exciting or anxiety-producing. it all depends on how attached we have been to an old way of being and doing that we are being liberated out of/moved away from. if we are more committed to denial this month it will be a rocky road- but if we are committed to freedom at any cost- then this month can be positively revolutionary!!!

this full moon at the 1st degree of virgo is a lunation of DISCERNMENT. we are being asked to see clearly where virgo is in our charts. interestingly the sabian symbol for the 1st degree of virgo is ‘in a portrait, the best of a person’s traits and character are idealized’. lynda hill (an expert on sabian symbols) talks about how this degree asks us to look and see where we are not seeing the Truth of situations, people or ourselves. when we idealize we put people (or ourselves) on pedestals and anything on a pedestal eventually will come crashing down. as lynda says “sometimes we ‘idealise’ people only to realise that they are not what we thought, or, perhaps we are different from what we thought about ourselves.”

the virgo pisces axis is the axis of the High Priestess. she sits between the white pillar of mercy and love and the black pillar of severity and discernment- and to be in her full power she must meditate between the two. the sun in pisces is joined by a lot of other pisces bodies- vesta the Priestess, neptune the ruler of pisces (which doubles down on the pisces energy) and mercury in pisces who enters his front end shadow the day of the full moon (he will station retrograde on 3/5). so much pisces is lovely, dreamy, spiritual, mystical and creative- but in opposition to the virgo full moon it can also exacerbate delusion, deception (of self, by or towards others), denial, spiritual bypassing, playing the victim or martyr and generally just not wanting to see reality and the Truth of ourselves and our actions in life. so this full moon says GET REAL and SEE WHAT IS.

luckily this full moon is sextile mars in taurus and uranus at 29 aries who is about to move into taurus for good as of 3/6. there is liberation/freedom energy in this lunation. truly seeing the Truth can set you free! but as many of you know the rest of the quote also says ‘but first it might piss you off’. we have to be willing to be pissed off and to piss others off. we have to be willing to make waves and upset the apple cart when it’s warranted and needed. of course the balancing point for this is to make sure things we say and do are not done out of anger, reaction, aggression, control, dominance or deflection. we need to make sure our Higher Will and Higher Power are not only on board but actually driving the ship! with the full moon’s tense aspect to the venus/saturn conjunction the realities we are being asked to face could be depressing or heavy. doing the work to ‘Love what Is’ is not a walk in the park. but as long as we are resisting reality/resisting the Truth- both of ourselves and also of others or of life- we are actually in bondage. freedom comes when we can see those chains and see that we are the ones that put them on ourselves to begin with! ‘who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens’ (jung)- this is a full moon to choose to look within and WAKE UP!

we have mercury conjunct neptune (exact the day before the full moon) and just entering into his front end shadow the day of the full moon- illuminating the deep dive mercury is going to be making when he stations retrograde in early march (front end shadow is like a preview period for what is to come). mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise but in pisces with a triple conjunction to neptune it can be VERY HARD TO THINK SEE OR VISION CLEARLY. if we cannot think/see/vision clearly then how can we rethink review or revise? it’s super important we are all questioning ourselves first and foremost- as spiritual ego and spiritual bypassing can make it so very easy for us to think we are seeing clearly. but it’s equally important to make sure we are asking questions and being discerning when it comes to others and the world around us. (where pisces and virgo are in your chart are key- be sure to listen to the weekly horoscopes that will be up by monday 12noon for more info- if you are not a member you can sign up here-

another important aspect in the full moon chart is stationary retrograde pallas athena at 29 libra opposing uranus at 29 aries. they opposed each other on 2/7 and they do so shortly after the full moon on 2/20- making for a long 2 week opposition between two bodies at very karmic and intense degrees. 29 aries activates a need to take action NOW and to take a stand! but it can also incite aggression, defensiveness, reactivity and haste. 29 libra asks that we see where our codependent/enabling patterns are keeping us stuck in relationship dynamics that are unhealthy. where are we afraid to rock the boat? where are we so stuck on surface presentation that we are ignoring the shadow below the surface (both within and without) the key with pallas opposite uranus is that the boat is going to be rocked- if we do it or not- it’s going to happen. so we have a choice- are we going to participate in the evolutionary energy that at times can feel like chaos and upheaval or are we going to be a victim to it? there are likely going to be BIG THINGS going on politically during this full moon week- so pay attention.

in the chart there are NO RETROGRADE PLANETS and other than just recently gone retrograde pallas there are no retrograde asteroid Goddesses either. the powerful momentum for movement and change is STRONG. we should all be super aware of how we navigate things- as with the 29th degree activated what gets set into motion can complete karma or create karma. choose wisely!

the full moon is conjunct regulus- the royal fixed star of leadership and success! regulus was in leo for 2000 years but in 2012 this fixed star moved (aka precessed) into virgo- heralding a shift of leadership from those who are in positions of leadership for power, control and fame (shadow leo) to those who are leaders in order to be stewards of the earth and servants of the people (positive virgo). leaders without humility and self awareness cannot be effective leaders. regulus in virgo over the next 2000 years will do much to change that. (if you have not seen my article on regulus into virgo you can find that here-

with regulus on the moon there’s a magnification of who/what is fit to lead and who/what is not. remember this full moon is about DISCERNMENT. so we need to shine the Light of clarity, awareness and Truth- first on ourselves and our own unacknowledged shadow but then onto others and the world around us. the key is to do this without judgement while still being discerning (a fine line to navigate and one i am still learning to perfect myself).

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree for this full moon- titled ‘a volcano erupting at night’. volcanos erupt but they give subtle warning. this degree reminds us that what is within us needs to be seen- the dark and the Light, the visible and the invisible. ellias reminds us that “when we are faced with a split self in a split world, with both sides moving full throttle ahead, we are bracing for a collision”. oftentimes it’s only when the collision happens that we start to wake up. the key is to learn to consciously choose collision. to not wait for the eruption but to bring it on ourselves with full force. to be so committed to awakening that we no longer distract ourselves from suffering (robert masters loosely quoted). this is the work! and this virgo moon can help you- if you don’t let all the pisces planets delude you, confuse you or lead you down the wrong path ;) (and i love me some pisces- but we do need to be super aware of this right now)



ellias lonsdale

Virgo 1 A volcano erupting at night

This Earth we have landed in is actively, no longer dominantly, coming forth with everything that has gathered within her throughout her sojourn as our landing sphere. What she spews out constantly is everything which we had missed in telling ourselves our own personal version of events and experiences. She gives us the collective read out, the whole story, the big picture.
Earth asks us to come in new. She summons us unto her. And she signals to all cosmic forces that she is ready for the change.
Yet the outer mind still busily plies it’s wares upon the surface of existence, day after day. It knows no other way to live. What happens on the inside at night is none of it’s concern.
When we are faced with a split self in a split world, with both sides moving full throttle ahead, we are bracing for a collision. We don’t know when and where it will happen. But we are spooked by the mind-set that sooner or later we sill come up against the consequences of absence.
We narrowly hold ourselves into this framework of expectation. And we would almost be disappointed if the Earth changes and the soul trials were held away too long, for we need to face ourselves, to come in here at a deeper level, and to discover what we belong to. The shadow path will do it every time.
For we are wandering in the precincts of death, of darkness, of the hidden aspects of life. And we are most at home between the cracks. Ego-mind can do it’s thing as it wills. The focus here is upon that which everybody forgets. It is the only thing worth remembering.

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