Sunday June 13th 2021

the full moon at 19’37 virgo is exact at 10:48am PST, marking the midway point of the lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in pisces on february 23rd.  the virgo/pisces axis is highlighted right now and doubly so at this full moon as the sun is conjunct neptune and neptune is opposite the moon.  

learning to be discerning so we see clearly WHAT IS and not just should be, could be, might be, used to be is key.  neptune’s fog can make it easy to be deluded, deceived, deceptive or avoidant of reality.  it’s also easy to be manipulated by the media and those that want us to believe certain things (politically, environmentally, financially and more)- so the full moon in virgo is asking us to take rose colored glasses off, to unplug from the matrix and learn to discern and see things clearly.  

this is also a time to check in not check out.  checking out and escaping comes in many forms- not just drugs and alcohol- but also work, sex, dating, technology, working out, and spirituality.  anything can be used to avoid facing our pain or really seeing and accepting reality as it is.  this is a full moon to illuminate where we might be spiritually bypassing and instead choose to face and move through what is arising.  

luckily this full moon is also trine the whole capricorn confluence- mars, pallas athena, jupiter, pluto and saturn all in capricorn!  getting real, masterful, growing up and become more mature is called of us all.  virgo and capricorn are work related signs- so this can be exceptional for work and career if we are willing to do the hard work and build things from the ground up.  

the full moon is also quincunx eris- activating the pluto/eris square which is a long term transit with 5 exact squares lasting from 2020-21.  eris reveals what is in the shadow and often does so in shocking and unexpected ways.  if we are willing to see the Truth, speak the Truth and live the Truth- eris is our ally.  but if we are lying to ourselves or others, wielding power to manipulate or more seemingly mildly burying our heads in the sand so we don’t have to face the truth (which really is not so mild) then eris could turn things upside down in a flash!  the Truth will set you free but first it might piss you off!  having a healthy relationship to anger so you are not internalizing it but also not aggressively acting out in it is key.  

there’s an interesting dynamic with the sun/moon opposition and the asteroids circe and nemesis.  we have circe on the sun in pisces and nemesis on the full moon in virgo.  circe was a greek sorceress who was a powerful magician.  she amplifies the capacity to wield magic, tap into intuition and hear messages via the dreamtime.  but her shadow is misuse of magic, being manipulative, lying or tricking others.  

did you know that marketing first came into being by being based on principles of thee Unconscious?  freud’s nephew took these principles and made marketing target people’s Unconscious.  marketing and much of today’s media is all about manipulating emotions- usually fear or desire.  conversational marketing wants you to think you won’t be happy unless you have their product, that you someone else has the answers to make your life better or that there is something out there to fear and you can only assuage that fear if you buy said product.  

the news and media is based on the same principle- feeding off of people’s emotions, desires and fears is the order of business.  this full moon demands we pull back the curtain to see who is pulling the strings.  not all is as it seems and there’s much going on back door we are not privy too.  some of the most polished personas that we think are amazing are simply that- personas.  what is being presented is NOT what is going back door.  your capacity to be discerning and ask questions is your super power.  

yet how do we do that and not devolve into paranoia?  i read a meme online once that said ‘my desire to stay well informed is currently at odds with my desire to stay sane’.  sometimes when you start peeling back the layers it can get incredibly overwhelming- both in terms of seeing the Truth without but also seeing the Truth within.  there is a need for balance so that we are not going insane but we are also not burying our heads in the sand.

the moon conjunct nemesis speaks to karma, weakness and our downfall if we do not see the patterns we create and replicate over and over.  this is our achilles heel and place of undoing.  it’s where we can get tripped up and with the opposition to the sun/neptune we can be super deluded about being tripped up and spin it in ways that really don’t serve.  the best use of nemesis energy is to not look out but look within.  see where WE are contributing to the situation- personally or collectively- and then do the work we can to clean up our side of the road.

many of us find it easy to see other people’s shadow or the shadow of leaders, religions and cultures.  it is great to be discerning of what is going on without- but if we do not have the same capacity for discerning what is going on within then we miss the whole point!!!  we want to be very wary of where it’s all about the other and not about personal accountability and ownership.  and this full moon will definitely bring this to a head! 

the sabian symbol for this full moon is ‘a caravan of cars headed to the west coast’.  dane rudhyar says this is a degree that needs cooperative effort in reach any ‘New World’ of experience.  he goes on to say this symoblizes ‘a group of persons journey together- thus linking their consciousnesses and energies- in order to safety reach the gold of destiny.  here there is no longer any sense of competition, but an ordered and structured endeavor.  

this is a reminder that we need to join forces and realize we are all in this together.  this reminds me of bernie sander’s campaign slogan- WE not ME.  as a humanity we really really really need to get this.  ego can not be running the ship.  this has to be about the Bigger Picture and the Greater Good.  some  will be exalted in this process and others who serve the same evolutionary principle may not be exalted as high- but the ego cannot interrupt this.  it’s not about individuals it’s about the collective consciousness right now.  we are ready for upgrade but we we need more people awake and aware of the machinations going on behind the scenes.  a revolution is possible when more people are not just aware of but willing to fight for the Truths and values that are on the line.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 20 virgo- ‘the expanse of the himalayas in the distance’.  my takeaway for this degree is stay humble and serve.  you will be trusted with guarding secrets and mysteries when you can prove that it’s not about your ego.  be the chalice that gets filled with awen/inspiration.  this is not about you- it’s about ALL OF US.  we are all in this together!

blessed be!

~divine harmony

p.s.  mercury- the ruler of this lunation- stations direct 10 hours after the full moon.  in the station it’s a good time to suspended thought, judgment and ideas and allow the Truth to reveal itself.  if you think you already know your mind won’t be open to seeing other aspects of Truth.  surrender the mind into the heart and allow your Innermost Self to lead….


by ellias lonsdale 

  Virgo 20  The expanse of the Himalayas in the distance

Glimpsing something out of the corner of ones eye which changes everything on the spot. Peripheral vision revealing worlds within worlds to explore, to experience, to be with. Expanded faculties sensing into what is ordinarily missed, what seems subtle and is really pivotally centered, once you change the angle you are looking at everything from.

Living in the light, in pure spirit breath. Allowing the self to let go of foreground semblance’s in order to get a feeling for the total surround. Having myriad journeys laid out for the one who dwells on inner planes and does so very much in the worlds beyond the veil.

Outwardly keeping all of this a secret. Needing to operate with humility and constraint, yet with very little of a remarkable kind showing up in most situations. Keeping the inner life on it’s own track and devoting the outer life to causing no harm, leaving not footprints.

Selfless, honorable, dedicated, inscrutable. Perhaps not even aware of one’s own subtle presence and greater dimension of activation. Making sure to fulfill what is asked and to remain on best terms with the laws and standards which this world imposes. Yet all of this is by the way.

On the deep inside, led by spirit to enact a high frequency vibration and call. Perhaps guided into streams and endeavors which serve the whole of evolution in this earth. Certainly given over to that which might be thought of as esoteric, ancient, and perhaps even remote and unapproachable.

Guarding the secrets and the mysteries. Sober before the infinite. Assigned to a task that is specific, fine tuned, and quite necessary. Given over tremendously to the inner worlds. Coming from the cosmic vantage point.

Ultimately, entrusted with highly intrinsic matters which key on mastery and discretion. Given those assignments which would be too steep for anyone less versed in the higher altitudes.  

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