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full moon in virgo- 3/8/2012

the full moon occurs on thursday march 8th, exact at 1:39am PST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle that began with the new moon in pisces on february 21st.  i wrote about how auspicious that new moon was due to it’s conjunction to neptune, who hasn’t been in his home sign since 1847-1861.  the current lunar cycle we are in was the official kick off to neptune in pisces- and i believe it has brought to our attention the potential shadow (mass delusion, deception, avoidance of reality, victimization) and Light (Union with Essence, intuition, compassion, Unconditional Love)of this mystical sign.  

with the full moon on thursday marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we have a check-in of sorts in regards to the new intentions we seeded at the time of the new moon.  this full moon pits the sun in pisces opposite the moon in virgo- highlighting the polarity of mystical and mundane, dreams and practicality, ecstasy and the laundry ;)  full moons occur when the conscious ego fully illluminates the Unconscious- and as such all manner of shadow and Unconscious material that we have not been dealing with properly is likely to show its face.  positively this can be a time of clarity, discernment of Truth and awareness of what we need to do to move forward on our path of growth and consciousness.  yet we still need to be aware that full moons tend to heighten emotions, so not everything may be as it seems.

what makes this full moon so dynamic is that it is conjunct retrograde mars in virgo (by 6 degrees), bringing the warrior and will into the mix.  mars has been retrograde since january 23rd and he won’t go direct until april 13th- giving us an opportunity to rethink, reconnect to and revision our relationship to the masculine, will, drive, assertiveness, anger and initiative.  with the warrior retrograde his energies have been turned inward- which makes for great introspection and insight.  yet he is not comfortable on the more internal levels, and his thwarted action could cause passive-aggressive energies and intense frustration at this time.  with mars on the full moon the potential for intensity, conflict, angry outbursts and conflictual communications is definitely heightened- so be aware!

this full moon is also tensely aspecting venus, mars’ Divine counterpart.  with both the masculine and the feminine in tense aspect to this lunation we have relationship issues highlighted.  luckily both venus and mars are in earth signs (taurus and virgo respectively) so if we focus on reality, grounding, and the long-term we can make use of what comes up during this full moon and have it work for us, rather than against us.

the ruler of the virgo full moon is traditionally mercury and contemporarily many consider chiron as the ruler of virgo.  both rulers have very interesting dynamics playing out this week.  mercury is slowing down to station retrograde on march 12th.  he cojoined uranus on monday the 5th, kicking off his triple aspect to uranus and his activation of the uranus/pluto square over the coming weeks.  communications are very intense right now.  anger can seem to come out of nowhere.  yet there is a need to clear the air and there definitely is a need for change- and mercury will help us get clear on what exactly this involves over the coming couple of months. 

in addition to mercury, chiron just made his first exact square to juno, the asteroid goddess of partnership.  this was the opening up of some intense energy in relationships, commitment, marriage and financial arrangements- and it has only just begun.  around the time of the new moon on march 22nd we have a series of 4 days where chiron, mars, the nodes and juno do a very intense dance that is sure to heighten issues and bring conflict to a boiling point.  as the co-ruler of this full moon you could say that what comes up this week is simply a pre-cursor of what is to come.

now i know this sounds like an intense full moon- and it definitely can be!  but if we use the energy for good we can gain clarity into situations in our lives that need to be gotten into integrity and alignment and we can slowly take action so that we get ourselves there.  this checkpoint in the lunar cycle can help us to make changes and course corrections if we have fallen off our intended route.

look to where virgo is in your chart to see where the full moon is activating your life.  also look to where aries and pisces are as that is where the co-rulers of this full moon are, and these areas of life are definitely packing a punch!  read the weekly horoscopes for your sun and rising sign to gain some insight and get clear on what this full moon is asking of you.  keep in mind that if you have planets or placements around 18 mutable (gemini, virgo, sagittarius, pisces) you will feel this full moon more than most! 

yours in the lunar vibes…

~divine harmony

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