full moon in virgo- 2/25/13

by | Feb 22, 2013 | Lunar Insight

the full moon in virgo is exact on monday, february 25th at 12:26pm PST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in aquarius on february 9th. full moons pit the conscious self and ego (sun) opposite the Unconscious (moon) and tend to bring things to fruition, climax or crisis. what we began or the seeds we planted at the previous new moon can be found now to bear fruit- and we certainly will reap what we sowed!

this full moon is a powerful one for many reasons. first of all in the skies right now we have over half of the planets positioned in water signs- the element of emotion, intuition and Soul. for those who are comfortable with water- this time can feel soothing and Soul-nourishing, but for those who have difficulty with emotions or diving down deep into shadow material this time can be pretty intense. honestly even if you are good with emotions and shadow work this time can be intense because neptune and chiron- two outer planet/oids that represent Divine energies- are dominating the scene. when transpersonal planets are holding court evolution, change, healing and consciousness are the focus. the outer planets don’t care about our personal attachments or feelings- they just want us to grow! the energy right now is akin to a giant wave building, one which will wash over us, cleanse us and renew us- but one what may very well take some aspect(s) of life or ego we are attached to out to shore with it, never to be seen (in that same form) again.

the water planets include the sun, retrograde mercury, mars, neptune and chiron in pisces and retrograde saturn in scorpio. just after the full moon is exact venus will move into pisces as well- bringing all the personal planets (not counting the moon) into mystical, elusive, nebulous pisces. with so much pisces present the veil between the worlds is thin and our ability to connect deeply with the Unconscious is profound. the waters pisces swims in are the waters of the mystic, the healer, the romantic and the creative. yet they are also the same waters that the psychotic, addict, codependent and the victim swim in. what pisces reveals to you can be Divine or it can be dark- they represent two sides of the same coin.

this full moon in virgo is pitted opposite all of the pisces planets- with the most focus on her oppositions to neptune, the sun (which always happens at a full moon) and chiron. again, we have the transpersonal planet/oids in focus- bringing illumination to our deepest pain and our greatest healing, our deepest illusions and our greatest dreams, our deepest attachments and our greatest liberation. virgo as one of the only earth placements in the chart (the other is pluto in capricorn) is like the tether keeping at least one foot in this mundane world. if we merge too much, give to much, bend too much, idealize too much or deny too much- this virgo moon will bring that into painful focus. while pisces dreams, virgo embodies those dreams. while pisces loves, virgo does something service oriented with that love. while pisces transcends, virgo stays planted on the ground to keep rooted. they both need to work in tandem right now and with the full moon in virgo our issues with virgo energy (either too much or too little) can be highlighted.

the ruler of this full moon is mercury who is currently retrograde (as of saturday the 23rd) and will stay so until march 17th. i wrote an extensive blog on this mercury retrograde so check that on the astrology blog for more detailed info. two of the defining aspects of this mercury retrograde are the conjunctions of mercury with mars and chiron- both of which will be made 3 times each due to the backwards and forwards motion of mercury. the 2nd mercury/mars conjunction occurs the day after the full moon- which amps up the potentially firey, dynamic and perhaps conflictual energy of this combination. on the heels of an already amped up full moon i highly recommend having a healthy outlet and channel for anger as well as an ability to breathe and count to 10 before reacting. pisces is a sign that prefers to pacify and not deal with anger- so i am not suggesting we repress anger or be in denial (which will only lead to depression and resentment), but we do need to have healthy outlets and expression for this energy so that is is creative rather than destructive.

if you have any placements or angles around 7-8 degrees of mutable signs (gemini, virgo, sagittarius and pisces) then this full moon is activating your chart more than usual. you can also look to the house this full moon falls in (check the weekly horoscopes) to see where the energy is focused and where working with it more consciously can only benefit you in the coming week ;)

to add to the intensity and potentially profound transformational energy of this full moon the sweet aspect made between saturn, pluto and chiron are activated by this lunation.  currently saturn and pluto are in sextile aspect and they are also in mutual reception (they are in each other’s signs).  saturn is also trine chiron and pluto is sextile chiron- so they are all linked up in harmonious ways.  with the planet of mastery and personal responsibility (saturn), the planet of transformation, death and rebirth (pluto) and the planetoid of wounding, healing, awareness and consciousness all aligned- the openings for deeply healing Soul work are significant.  with the full moon opposite chiron, sextile saturn and trine pluto all this positive energy channel directly into our embodied (virgo), emotional (full moon) experience.  it doesn’t get any bigger, more profound or heavier than that!

in the midst of this potent full moon i highly recommend taking time to turn within- as so much pisces energy is great for meditation, dream tending, oracular arts and intuitive guidance. the messages are there, all you have to do is discover them.  but because the moon is in virgo i also recommend staying in the body and connected to your present earthly, human experience.  we cannot transcend what we have not mastered.  don’t jump ship on yourself!

full moon blessings…

~divine harmony

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