Sunday September 19th 2021

the full moon at 8’38 taurus is exact on saturday october 31st 2020 at 7:49am PDT. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the intense and powerful new moon in libra square pluto and opposite eris on october 16th (for more info on that lunation click here-

with both lunations being venus ruled (venus rules libra and taurus) the spotlight is on relationships, finances, values, the Divine Feminine and self Love. and with eris opposite the new moon and uranus conjunct the full moon we have the archetypes of chaos and disruption dominating the month and bringing lots of things to Light in sudden and unexpected ways!!!

this is ONE POWERFUL full moon. it is conjunct uranus and late friday evening (10/30) just before the full moon we have uranus at perigee- meaning closest to earth. when a planet is closest to earth it has more affect on earth matters and with uranus the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener magnified we can expect to see similar themes (rebellion, revolution, awakening- also disruption, chaos, disorder) brought into focus.

uranus is the planet of unpredictability so he is really hard to predict! what you can predict is CHANGE and TRUTH COMING TO LIGHT. with uranus in the fixed earth sign of taurus we have BIG CHANGES coming into the material, financial and environmental aspects of life. earth signs like things to endure and fixed signs don’t like change- but change is the order of the moment!

the Highest expression of the 7 year transit of uranus in taurus (from 2018-2026) is having a revolution of embodiment. to fully BE HERE NOW, to honor the earth and our bodies and to truly see and understand and have a LIVED EXPERIENCE of the earth as our bodies. the air is our breathe, the water is our blood, the land is our body. what we do to the earth we do to ourselves. the toxins and poisons dumped in our air, water, earth and food go directly into our body. as above so below, as without so within, as the earth so our selves (quoting a hermetic maxim i took liberty to change at the end). ***to read more about uranus in taurus click here-

some are talking about this full moon being a blue moon. it is a blue moon calendrically- meaning according to the gregorian calendar that is not aligned to any solar or lunar cycles. from a calendar perspective this is the 2nd full moon in October (the first was 10/1). an astrological blue moon would be a 2nd full moon in the same sign- and this is not the second full moon in scorpio (our next blue full moon is august 2021- when i teach the lion’s gate leo lunation with astrology hub. stay tuned for more info!). it’s also not a seasonal blue moon which would be the 3rd of 4 full moons in one season. so you can call it a blue moon but in terms of astrology and seasons it is not significant.

the full moon and uranus are conjunct two powerful fixed stars- hamal and schedir. hamal is the star in the head of the ram and represents following one’s own path- very apropos for rebellious uranus. schedir represents the Queen and Female Power. schedir is a star in the breast of the Ethiopian Queen on her throne. we also have black moon lilith freshly into taurus bringing the gifts of the Dark Goddess into embodiment. lilith in taurus is sensual, sexual, fertile and fecund. she is not trying to escape and ascend and go up and out. she is not trying to live in the heart chakra up. she is about full embodiment – fully grounded and in her essential feminine nature.

there is a theme right now about awakening the Warrior Goddess and Female Power. with eris the new body discovered in 2005 (learn more about her and her meaning as the guiding principle of the 21st century here-, schedir and lilith- all of them are about powerful feminine figures from the past. when patriarchal consciousness started to take root (perhaps around 3000 BC) many powerful female figures were demonized or erased from history. lilith, medusa, neith, nephthys, mary magdalene- the list goes on and on.

one powerful female figure i have been in-depth studying is al-jauza- an ancient arabic female warrior called “the Central One”. she was the Mightiest One and was seen as the constellation that today we call orion. if you know your astrology or astronomy you might know that today orion is seen as a male hunter. but if you do a deep dive into the stars in orion you start to notice something funny…

betelgeuse means armpit of the central one with elgeuse being a feminine name in arabic. bellatrix- where the north node is right now in the full moon chart- means amazon star and warrior woman. and the 3 belt stars- alnitak, alnilam and mintaka- mean girdle and belt (alnitak and mintaka) and string of sapphires or pearls (alnilam). i don’t know about you but have you ever seen a male warrior wear a girdle with a string of pearls or sapphires hanging from his waist? ;) the origin of this constellation was that of the most powerful female figure- referred to as the Mysterious One.

dig into many a stellar myth and you will find some really powerful female figures obliterated, hidden, demonized and/or erased. the Great Goddess in her wholeness was shattered into pieces and her powers diluted as she was separated out into many other faces of the Goddess but all of them were weaker as none were whole. they were split into good and evil, young and old, celestial and terrestrial. once the Great Goddess was all but what we have today is fragments and facets of what used to be one great crystal before it was shattered. i have dedicated my life to finding Her pieces and remembering Her in Her fullness and wholeness <3 like humpty dumpty- i collect the pieces to help put Her back together again.

“Mary, Maia, Miriam, Mut, Madre, Mere, Mother, pray for us. …this is Gaia, this is the beginning. this is the end. under every shrine to Zeus, to Jupiter, to Zeus-pater or Theus-pater or God-the-Father…there is an earlier altar. there is, beneath the carved super-structure of every temple to God-the-Father, the dark cave or grotto or inner hall or cellar to Mary, Mere, Mut, mutter, pray for us.”
~HD (hillda doolittle)

the south node is conjunct ras alhauge- where the december 14th solar eclipse will be. ras alhague brings with it a desire to heal a wound. it is the head of the serpent bearer- ophiuchus. the serpent bearer is seen as male today but likely was a woman thousands of years ago. this woman was the snake charmer and the one who could transmute poison into the cure. ophiuchus sits opposite orion on the zodiacal belt- these two are mystically connected. i see orion as the outer warrior on the battlefield and ophiuchus as the inner warrior and keeper of the mysteries. the light and the dark feminine- the keepers of the silver and golden gates (more on this in the future)

lastly in the full moon chart we have mercury about to station direct (11/3) in a double square to saturn (11/1 and 11/6 respectively). heavy, serious, depressing and/or karmic communications, information and realizations incoming. again keep in mind the new moon and full moon in this lunar cycle are venus ruled. venus wants peace and harmony but shadow venus will do this at any cost- even to the detriment of her own freedom, integrity and truth. this lunar cycle is about pulling back the veil and seeing what is NOT harmonious, not balanced, not working. not sweeping things under the carpet but instead pulling the carpet up and maybe even pulling up the foundations beneath it- so we can get to what is rotten underneath it. the full moon conjunct uranus will no doubt bring things to Light!

i leave you with the star sparks degree for the full moon- a degree that recommends we tape our mouths shut, be in silence and listen to Spirit. once we commit to this level of deep listening, holding our tongue and plunging further within- we will be shown how to ‘integrate (the) innermost source spring of inspiration with the heart of the world’. in other words- shut up and dive deep! ;)

blessed halloween full moon to you!

~divine harmony


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by ellias lonsdale

Taurus 9 A talkative woman with tape over her mouth

She exists on several levels at once. The outward level is for her a throw away. So much so that she will almost invariably deprive herself of outlet, of easy ways to spread or disperse or scatter her seed. And instead of those masculine out breathing frequencies of putting everything out there on the line, she will go further inside and try the next level.
However, the same litany occurs at the next deeper level. Once again, she discovers that she could use up her inspiration in idle chit chat, perhaps now of a more spiritual kind and more respectable, but this is counter-indicated by her instinct for carrying through to satisfaction and fruition.
Such a sequence can occur at any level. There is always the impulse to splurge, to make everything happen, to explain and justify and prove. And then there is the wisdom and constraint to be silent, be watchful, and wait. Each time she does this, whenever she holds her tongue and plunges further within, something happens which is uncanny.
She finds that what she holds to steadily and faithfully builds up a resource, a reservoir that can become a real force to be reckoned with. Whereas, whatever she seizes upon and grabs hold of as momentary flirtations, fascinations and curiosities, falls apart in her hands and leaves her stranded.
Even so, it is surpassingly difficult to heed this kind of lesson consistently. This is because this frequency is out-of-step with the world around. It is seeking instead of currency and legitimacy, a world apart, a space of peace and wholeness having no interface with the usual considerations.
She is called upon to develop spiritually and to make entirely inward the nature of her path. Once she agrees to do this unreservedly, she will be shown how to integrate innermost sourcespring of inspiration with the heart of the world.

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