full moon in taurus conjunct algol- seeing beyond the ego facade

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Lunar Insight

***PLEASE NOTE: it has been brought to my awareness that in mercury retrograde fashion i cast the chart for 5:34PM instead of AM for this full moon and that in fact the full moon is at 19’52 taurus NOT 26’11 as written in the original lunar insight below. i was jamming to write this as i was preparing for my 2020 astrology webinar and then traveling to shadow work- so i apologize for the oversight! it is clear algol wanted to come through though- and she IS in a yod with mars and jupiter so that aspect remains. normally i look at fixed stars with a 1-2 degree orb. this full moon is 6-7 degrees from algol but you can still tune into her considering yer finger of Goddess aspect with mars and jupiter. so sorry for the incorrect information given!

the full moon at 26’11 taurus is exact on tuesday november 12th 2019, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in scorpio (aka lunar samhain) on october 27th. that new moon was followed by mercury stationing retrograde on all hallow’s eve (in the sign of the Underworld and in aspect to the Lord of the Underworld), which was then followed by solar samhain on 11/7- and into the Gate of Death, Transformation, Endings and New Beginnings we have gone!

this full moon is quite powerful- conjunct algol the eye of medusa, also known as the Demon Star by more patriarchal astrologers. pre-patriarchy medusa was not evil and everything seemingly evil about her is actually symbolic. the snakes in her hair represent wisdom and awakened kundalini (with the serpent having moved all the way up the spine and coming out of her head). her ability to turn man to stone by looking at him represents her ability to see beyond the ego facade and get to the Truth and in this process she shatters the ego. she is a powerful Dark Goddess who was maligned over the last couple of thousand years- and like lilith, mary magdalene, nephthys and other Dark Goddesses- her original myth needs to be remember and her power restored to her.

many charismatic celebrities have strong algol in their chart. the key with algol is to learn how to wield the power wisely- as if you do not the demon star will bring you crashing down (much like patriarchal men who have harmed women like woody allen, donald trump and johnny depp). if you can make it through the eye of the needle- without abusing your power or giving it away- you can rise with algol placements and be supported in your success and evolution by the Dark Goddess herself!

this potent full moon forms a Yod or Finger of Goddess (also known as Finger of God) between mars in libra, jupiter in sagittarius approaching the Galactic Center (GC) and the full moon. the Finger of Goddess is also known as the Finger of Fate- and it links two harmonious bodies (in this case mars and jupiter) with intense aspects to a 3rd position (in this case the full moon). mars/jupiter is fiery, feisty, assertive and perhaps aggressive. jupiter in sadge can be self righteous and even belligerent. if jupiter is tapping into Higher Wisdom and Source energy from the GC it must be used wisely. even Source energy can be misused and with the demon star on this full moon doing so will come with some serious consequences.

the moon in taurus is focused on money, abundance, material possessions, values and what we hold onto. the full moon opposite the scorpio planets (sun and mercury retrograde) highlights the balance or imbalance between money in and money out, what we make and what we owe or share, what we hold onto and what we need to let go of. there can be some HIGH EMOTIONS to be navigated around money, what we own or posses, what is ours- and what our deepest held values are.

with the full moon quincunx mars- there can be some anger and defensiveness but with both bodies ruled by venus it may come out as passive aggressive. with the full moon quincunx jupiter- we need to watch out for hubris and excess. balance is key- and being grounded, integrous, honest and steady are great attributes to have at this full moon!

vesta is also widely conjunct the full moon bringing the Priestess asteroid Goddess into focus. she is deeply devoted to her altruistic goals and trine to pluto there is a depth, intensity and transformative potential inherent in this full moon. with both bodies in earth signs our career, professional calling/purpose and the abundance that comes when we align with both can be in focus. there’s definitely a strong female power energy coming through this lunation!!!

some asteroids to take note of…jupiter is conjunct kassandra, the greek prophetess who could see into the future. the short version of her story is she was a prophetess of the Goddess but when patriarchal consciousness took over she became a prophetess of apollo. he found her attractive and wanted to sleep with her. she said no. he got mad. he then cursed her and told her she had the power to see the future but no one would believe her. it’s important with jupiter approaching the GC with kassandra that we listen to our prophets and seers and not just disbelieve them. the powers that be will do MUCH to make them look crazy and like they are wrong- but you have to question who is painting them in this light!

jupiter also opposes pandora- which can make things topsy turvy. pandora’s curiosity led her to open the box and she ended up encountering unexpected consequences. positively this can radically shift our path in a VERY HUGE WAY- but you also can find the direction you are moving in to be more than you bargained for (martha westcott).

this is a potent full moon to be really attuning to our Higher Will and Power and not letting the ego and small self run the shadow. what comes to Light must be dealt with- and using diplomacy balanced with action taken and boundaries set (mars in libra) as well an awareness of the Bigger Picture and Collective Truth (jupiter in sagittarius on the GC) is key!

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation on the full moon degree. this is such a beautiful degree and one to really work to attain. let us all allow something to stream through us that is highly original, yet deeply-rooted and timeless. let us all be masters of beauty- learning to sculpt the raw material of our being into something magnificent and beautiful!

blessed full moon to you…


by ellias lonsdale

Taurus 27 A man sculpting hedges into animal forms

He is adept. What he sees is earth as raw material asking the completion of human imagination and ingenuity. He is acutely aware that if he can step up the frequency or vibration of whatever he touches, he can turn it toward it’s greater nature and bring it into the way it was intended to be in the vaster design.
His craft, his act, his methods are multiple, ranging across quite a spectrum of ways to fulfill what is held inside. Almost everything in life ends up suggesting and evolving the same theme of take it further by how you perceive it and by how you reflect it.
Because this is a matter of skill and of application, he will tend to do lots of preparing and getting himself to the place where he can be sure of his sensibility coming into form in faithful reproduction of how it really is inside. He can spend a lifetime getting ready, making sure, being on with the fine tuning of his gifts.
Yet he is able at any point to do whatever he sees can be done. He is equipped to jump right out of his cautious approach when something arises which he has to meet and momentarily forget that he is supposed to be just working on these things. The joke is that he has very little to learn and is quite complete within himself in a manner which can only come from previous life times of working on himself in an advanced fashion.
His foremost expression is his own character, his own presence, his own example. What he bears for the world is a vision, a knack for selecting what is essential to work on, to transmute, to stay with. And he is fortunate enough to be graced with whatever resource or whatever level will support and sustain this pivotal fruition. If he lets it happen, there can stream through him a highly original, yet deep-rooted and timeless embodied expression of what we are like when we are masters of beauty.

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