full moon in taurus- 10/29/2012

by | Oct 27, 2012 | Lunar Insight

the full moon in taurus is exact on monday 10/29 at 12:49pm PDT. this marks the midway point to the current lunar cycle that commenced with the new moon in libra conjunct spica and arcturus on 10/15 (reference the previous lunar insight for more info). with both the new and full moons ruled by venus, looking closely at venus and her aspects can tell us a lot about the lunar cycle we are in.

a venus-ruled lunar cycle brings focus to relationships, finances, values and self-worth. with the Goddess of Love and money highlighted we have profound opportunities to start new journeys and plant seeds when it comes to relationships and finances, but we also have the full moon illuminating anything that is out of balance or not being addressed in these same areas of life. this full moon in earthy sensual taurus is opposite the sun/saturn conjunction in scorpio. with the axis of what i possess (taurus) opposed to the axis of what i release (scorpio) there can be a need to look at the acquisition and release systems in our lives- materially and physically (as in digestion and elimination). too much holding onto things, acquiring, taking without releasing, letting go, purging can get the whole system out of balance (psycho/spiritual/literal constipation). this lunation asks us to get clear on what areas of life need to be pruned and purged and then get to it- thanks to saturn on the sun.

saturn is in scorpio for the next 2 1/2 years so our shadow dancing and releasing is only just getting started. this full moon can bring things to Light in a very clear way- so pay very close attention to what is up for you around this full moon and take note. full moons can bring culmination and completion- so one cycle may be on its way out. they can also bring crisis and all that which has been ignored to Light,  so if you feel the emotional rollercoaster coming on look to see what the situation is and address it pronto. you don’t want to be carrying this issue with you through out the next 2 1/2 years of saturn’s transit through scorpio, do you?

a very powerful and positive aspect of this full moon are the harmonious aspect to the moon from both uranus and pluto. uranus and pluto are in square aspect and will be doing this dance until 2015. anytime personal planets illuminate these two we can get insights into where the changes, evolutions, breakdowns and breakthroughs are for us personally and collectively. with both the sun AND the moon involved hints are coming in LOUD AND CLEAR. the moon is semisextile uranus and trine pluto, while the sun is quincunx uranus and sextile pluto. opportunities to see our stuff and make the changes necessary for evolution and growth are high at this full moon! but we have to be willing to dive deep into our attachments, our possessiveness and our stuckness and really see what is there for us to work on. if we keep doing the same thing we will keep getting what we always have gotten. taurus loves to stick with what it knows- but scorpio knows that the key to growth is transformation and it often comes by means of death and rebirth. there is no escaping that right now, not with saturn in scorpio and uranus square pluto for the next couple of years! best to get used to this new frequency and learn how to work with it now ;)

to add to the full moon energies we have several stations coming up. ceres stations retrograde on 10/31- putting a huge focus on home, family, nurturing, safety and sustenance. then a week later mercury stations retrograde on 11/6 (check out my astrology blog on this mercury retrograde journey for more in-depth info). a week or so later both neptune and chiron stations direct- opening up the spiritual, mystical channels. with so many stations coming in we have a shift of energy and in some cases a deepening of energy. the retrograde stations are all about diving down deep and inward, while direct stations open up the energy and bring it above ground. the former is shamanistic, while the latter is a resurrection of what went underground previously. when planets station they are their most potent- and their energies are more pure and easier to experience. so take note of what is going on for you around the above days (check the weekly forecast for exact dates and times) and tune into them.

last but not least the ruler of the lunar cycle, venus, is heading into radical activation of the uranus/pluto square all next week (she will oppose uranus, square pluto). add to that her quincunx to chiron, the wounded healer, and you can bet that next week is going to be full of fireworks in the relationship, finance and self-worth department. the best use of venus in libra energy is to be gracious, peaceful and work towards compromise and collaboration. just make sure you are not burying your head in the sand and avoiding conflict in order to keep the peace. uranus, pluto and chiron will demand that the shadow be addressed. breakdowns precede breakthroughs, so if you want a breakthrough you have to move through the breakdown in some fashion. until you embrace that you will be in a holding pattern. keep that in mind this week!

yours in the stars…

~divine harmony

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