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full moon in scorpio- 5/5/2012

the scorpio full moon (also known as the buddha full moon or wesak) is exact on may 5th 2012 at 8:35pm PDT.  this potent full moon opposes the sun in taurus.  with the taurus/scorpio axis highlighted this full moon can bring themes of material attachment, transformation, death and rebirth, and empowerment to Light.  full moons tend to bring things to crisis, climax and/or fruition- so depending on how we have been working with the new moon energy that started a new cycle on april 21st we will either start seeing the fruits/rewards of our labors or the consequences of our actions.

this full moon can rightly be called a dark full moon- as the moon, which symbolizes the feminine, is in dark, intense scorpio and is precisely opposite black moon lilith (just a minute from exact!).  with the moon’s aspect to BML (black moon lilith) being the most exact aspect of the full moon the Dark Goddess energies are very potent.  the dark goddess is empowered, tantric, creative and magical- and this full moon definitely has that seed potential within it!  

the only other aspect to the full moon is an opposition to jupiter (who is conjunct the sun and BML).  with the planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity in earthy, sensual taurus aligned with this full moon we are supported in expanding, growing and making significant shifts physically and materially at this time.  

the ruler of this full moon is pluto, who is retrograde and trine mars.  pluto governs the Higher will and mars governs the lower will, and with the two harmoniously aspecting each other an alignment between our Higher and lower selves is possible.  pluto is also dancing with uranus- an aspect that unfolds over the coming 3 years.  the uranus/pluto square is a dynamic aspect of change and evolution.  the mantra for this transit is ‘breakdowns precede breakthroughs’.  at this full moon anything that seems to be in breakdown phase is simply a portal through which you can move to get to the breakthrough phase.  but in order to get to the other side you must move through the chaos and destruction- there is no avoiding it!

the other major aspect made by pluto is a sextile to chiron.  this aspect is very significant and unfolds over the coming year of 2012.  with the planet of transformation aligned with the planetoid of healing and consciousness we have a significant transit of deep healing and empowerment available to us all.  and since pluto is the ruler of this full moon the potent energy of the lord of the underworld is brought to Light in full force!

clearly this full moon is potent and it has a lot of positive energy imbued in it.  it’s a great full moon for shadow dancing, transformation and empowerment.  this full moon is about going deep into the physical experience (rather than trying to escape it) in order to transform and transcend it.  it is very tantric in nature!

yours in the unfolding dance of finding the sacred that lies concealed in the profane…

~divine harmony

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