full moon in pisces- seeing beyond the veil (9/10/22)

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Lunar Insight

the full moon at 17’41 pisces is exact on saturday september 9th at 5:59am EDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in virgo tightly square mars on august 27th. that new moon kicked off the mars retrograde period we have been heading into (official front end shadow began september 3rd) and this full moon is square mars- kicking of the mars/neptune squares that are incoming (3 of them- a major signature in mars’ Underworld journey).

with so much mars present we want to be aware of our will, ego, anger and drive as well as agency, boundary work and tendency to be impulsive or accident prone. mars is pure power and when used in healthy ways he can be exceptional at setting things into motion. but when he forces or when he is stuffed- we can have problems with this energy expression and our relationship interactions with others and the world around us.

another focus of the new moon in virgo has been discernment and seeing Truth- while this full moon is in pisces conjunct the ruler neptune- which can make it hard to discern or see the Truth. the neptune vibe can be dreamy, creative, mystical or romantic but it can also be escapist, delusional, in denial, spiritual bypassing and otherwise checked out. we want to watch out for where we are pulling the wool over our own eyes, allowing others to do so to us, being gaslit or otherwise deluded and deceived by self, towards others or by others/the media.

add to this the mars/neptune squares activation- we need to be aware of what is going on behind the scenes. mars is in gemini- the sign of information, communication and thinking- also the sign of local travel, planes, trains and buses. mars square neptune can manifest as nebulous or dishonest people, actions or backdoor things we are not seeing- personally, interpersonally, and collectively.

it is interesting to see a beautiful mystic rectangle in the full moon chart- with the sun/moon opposition sextupling the uranus/north node conjunction opposite the south node. they all link together and form an auspicious rectangle shape that speaks to the resolution of opposites. the sun in discerning virgo is opposite the moon in illusory pisces. the karmic south node in shadowy scorpio is opposite the destined north node in the sign of embodiment aligned with the Revolutionary. they all sextile or trine each other – reminding us that this full moon conjunct neptune can either keep us in illusion or set us free! it’s up to us if we are willing to see through illusion. the Truth can set us free- but first it might piss us off ;)

the rulers of this full moon are neptune but also jupiter- the ancient ruler of pisces. jupiter is opposite mercury, quincunx venus, and heading to the TIGHTEST trigger of the separating square of saturn and uranus which will happen september 21st-28th. saturn/uranus energizes rock and hard place- the tension between the old and the new, the past and the future, the status quo and change. jupiter in aries is chomping at the bit to take action but he can also be impulsive, reactive and excessive. can we wield his power masterfully to initiate changes that need to be made in our personal and collective lives?

mercury is at standstill in the full moon chart- retrograde just under 7 hours before this full moon. mercury retrograde requires we rethink, review and revise the past. not all the information is in- and add to the picture the neptune veil and there can be much back door we are not seeing, that is perhaps purposely being kept from us- that we need to discern. with mercury in libra relationships, contracts, alliances and connections with others are up for review. are they working? are things being swept under the carpet? what is real? what is not real? hmm…

i find it interesting that the sun and mars are slow, all the planets beyond jupiter are retrograde, mercury is at standstill- only the moon and venus are moving fast. the feminine is leading- the masculine needs to slow down- the mediator mercury is trying to facilitate the communication and conversation between the two. maybe this plays out in actual relationships but this can be about our inner masculine and feminine and how those energies express in the world around us in bigger ways.

add to this kassandra opposite saturn and we are reminded to listen to the prophets and seers- as well as to our own intuition. do not poo-poo your own inner voice. yes we need to learn to discern fear and fantasy from intuition but that does not mean we throw the baby out with the bathwater. reclaim the full power of your 3rd eye- pay attention to dreams, intuition, body wisdom. be willing to look beyond the surface. that’s where the real magic lies.

i leave you with the star sparks degree- a deep degree that evokes something mystical when you read it. read on below.



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by ellias lonsdale

Pisces 18 White lilies blooming alone in the shade

A mystery gift. A hidden soul faculty which has its own cycle of ripening and maturing, takes its own good time in its own set apart world. Meanwhile, we go on as if without it, yet the soul gift overshadows everything we try to do and keeps calling us deeper in.

When we surrender to the insistent clamor of the quiet voice within, which somehow drowns out the noise of the world, we come into a zone, one which is so familiar, so absolutely part of our history and our path as far back as we can recall. Inside this zone, we are free. And we are far more than free.

If we ever can sit in there and grow accustomed to the silence, we begin to remember. And as we remember, all the fragrant forgotten facets show up and divulge their story, their resonance, their part in the dance. Soon, we can even become the remembrance. If we do, our inward dimension of pure being expands to fill the stars.

But mostly what we do here is feel all of this waiting in the wings, and sense that anything the least bit removed from the sacred calling is worthless. And because of this rejection of the world propensity, we often have to wait quite awhile, until we have thinned out the illusion of specialness and become fully lovingly compassionate toward the lost sheep in us and in everybody.

As we learn that what we reject keeps us suspended and what we embrace welcomes us into the heart of the world, the inward soul gift proves to be merged with our entire journey and accessible in every place where we can love and honor and affirm what we previously thought to be the obstacles, the weakness, everything getting in the way. That precious zone of remembering and understanding is on tap as we become open to it as inclusive and on the beam with earth evolution, inward and ethereal, yet relevant and timely.

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