Sunday June 13th 2021

the full moon at 8’18 libra is exact on sunday march 28th, 2021 at 11:48am PST- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the powerful new moon in pisces conjunct venus and neptune on march 13th!

with pisces and libra in focus- the sign of venus’ exaltation and the sign of her rulership- there is focus on the heart, relationships, partnerships, love and compassion. the key is in living with an open heart with healthy boundaries. both libra and pisces can tend to over give and sacrifice themselves- so healthy containment of self and self care is key.

the new moon was conjunct venus and neptune and this full moon is opposite venus and chiron- bringing focus to the boundaries and healthy limits that happen in the name of Love. venus/neptune is the expansive open heart that gives and gives- sometimes to the point of collapse. with no boundaries we can take on other’s pain, give too much and be taken advantage of. venus/chiron brings Light to wounds and pain that manifest in relationships and that speak to lack of self-Love and self-worth. venus/chiron is all about heart healing and in order to heal we have to fully FEEL all the things we may have been avoiding, denying and pushing under.

pisces is the omega sign and aries is the alpha. they are the penultimate yin and yang. too much yin and we have no boundaries, get hit in the heart, get taken advantage of and over surrender. too much yang and we are too fiery, aggressive, combative, selfish and not relational. ultimately the call in this lunar cycle is for BALANCE. wherever you ere too far in one direction or the other- rebalancing of the scales is in order.

the libra full moon is opposite lots of Goddess planets/bodies in aries- Venus the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Ceres the Great Mother and Eris the Activist and Warrior Feminine. a rebalancing of the scales of collective yin and yang is being set into motion. women and the feminine within us all are tired of being placated, expected to only be easy going and peaceful, and expected to be playing the supporting role for others. there is an awakening happening all over the planet with women rising into greater positions of leadership and women expressing their anger and rage!

“the older i get, the more i see how women are described as having gone mad- when what they’ve actually become is knowledgable, and powerful and fucking furious” ~sophie heawood

we are just past the sun/venus conjunction (exact march 25th) and in the midst of both the sun and venus aligning with chiron- and the full moon activates it all. big healing portal is unfolding- so anything you are doing right now that supports that like shadow work, therapy, dream work, psychic development or other means of diving deep and going within can be very fruitful right now!

with the full moon trine saturn, quincunx uranus and opposite chiron, we have two of the biggest astrological transits of 2021 activated- the saturn/uranus square and the saturn/chiron sextile. the common denominator is saturn- which reminds us that this year is a year of working hard both in career and purpose but also in regards to inner work and self-mastery. if you focus on this you will reap the rewards!!!

venus rules the full moon (venus rules libra) but mars rules all the aries planets opposite the full moon. mars is in gemini on the mean north node which is opposite the Great Attractor- a Source point that many galaxies are rapidly moving towards! i wrote a blog on this in 2011 which you can find linked below. ironically i wrote that blog when the north node was on the GA and now we have the SN aligning!! talk about synchronicity ;)

mars is out of bounds and parallel alcyone – the brightest star in the pleiades. combine that with mars link with the GA and we can tell we have a lot of energy and drive to go beyond the beyond. these are activations that can bring us out of our 3d world mundane focus and into something more transpersonal, galactic and higher dimensional. so pay attention to your dreams!!! any mystical, spiritual work done right now is able to tap these frequencies as well.

last but certainly not least we have kassandra the prophetess asteroid on the sun/venus/chiron conjunction and opposite the moon. big healing around intuition, psychic capacity and even prophecy is incoming. the story of kassandra shows the patriarchal take over. she was gifted with sight and could see into the future. she was an oracle of the Goddess at delphi until it became a temple to apollo and then she became his oracle. he found her beautiful and wanted to sleep with her- she said no- so he cursed her. he said she would have the gift of prophecy but no one would believe her. the rest of her life people would not believe her and would call her crazy- but she always saw the future and tried to warn people.

so kassandra with sun/venus/chiron and the full moon is all about HEALING around this. healing around prophecy, intuition, inner knowing. learning to trust your gut and trust your Inner Voice and let go of anything that blocks that, represses it, judges it or calls it crazy is key. we all have natural intuition and ability to tune into things- this is not so much a learning as it is an unlearning of what blocks it.

i leave you with the star sparks and sabian symbol meditations for this full moon degree. i particularly love the sabian symbol as it speaks to ‘the need to return to Source during a confused search for new value in a chaotic society’. with the Source point of the Great Attractor activated right now- we all have the capacity to return to Source and listen to the Wisdom that comes from before.

dane mentions moses, elijah and jesus- but with so much venus present and the need to rebalance the scales of masculine and feminine for the health of the planet- i think the healing will happen when we look to the female leaders, elder women & goddesses for their wisdom from before. the virgin mary, mary magdalene and sophia is a trinity i personally resonate with- or the egyptian nebhet (nephthys), auset (isis) and maat. i like to look at the virgo/libra/scorpio part of the sky as the light feminine/virgin/madonna (virgo), the dark feminine/sacred prostitute/whore (scorpio) and the scales of libra that perfectly balances light with dark.

“both Light and shadow are the dance of Love” ~rumi

blessed full moon to you…

~divine harmony


by elias lonsdale

Libra 9 A cook fixing vegetable soup from a myriad of ingredients

Containing and wielding the life force in its most irrepressible form. Gifted beyond measure in juggling so many variables, it will set any heal to spinning. Doing this dance with big heart sustenance. Feeling one’s way into and through any and every world, in any and every combination they can come together within.
Such a creative force becomes a responsibility to expand into the most unusual and least parochial stance and expression. Everything depends upon broadening the base of allegiance and affinity. When the context and framework is too familiar, too limited, too predictable, this passionate exuberance turns too much. But whenever there is something new and different to encompass and to love, the field of manifest expression takes on a quality of novelty, hopefulness, or avid expectancy.
A special danger of becoming fascinated by this level of experience can come into play. This is hard to bypass. It is so colorful, so aromatic, so redolent with remarkable sensations and impressions. Yet it is meant to be a self-giving, a free action of letting everything through generously and lightly, and this requires a surrendered, perpetually surprised, youthful attitude to do what it does best.
The aptitude is for orchestrating the occasion with effortless ease. Being a host, a mater-de, all of this can be given with grace, with a verve, with an extra dimension of willingness to venture, to try anything, to go anywhere, to experiment, to see what can be.
Once this level is fully embodied, it metamorphoses into something else. It takes on the magic of enjoying the way that all beings and worlds are in a loving flow with each other which can spring forth into blooming when it is beheld with sparkling interest and fostered to spill over into going all the way with what is emergent, what needs to happen next. This can be at any level, even into the most boundless vistas.

by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The need to return to source during a confused search for new value in a chaotic society.

There are always moments which focus in our minds the longing to re-ground ourselves in the great achievements of the past. The number 3 suggests completeness; esoteric traditions speak of the three-fold Soul, or of three fundamental “Rays” — of Power, of Love-Wisdom, and of Intelligence-in-action. Meditation, in its deepest sense, is a return to Source — an attempt to re-identify oneself with one’s archetypal essence of being, which is triune in manifestation, and now) after confused but challenging wanderings, to identify oneself consciously with this “essence.” The finer forms of one’s culture provide the means to do this. The great moments of the collective past become an inspiration for new, yet sound, beginnings. The seed of tomorrow salutes the seed of yesteryear.

At this fourth stage of the thirty-eighth sequence it is suggested that in the process of “Transfiguration” the presence of the greatest moments of the past is called upon, as Moses and Elijah were invoked in Jesus’ Transfiguration. The seed of the new day depends upon the seed of yesteryear for an experience of the cyclic continuity of spirit. This is the basis for the institutionalized ideal of APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION, the guruampara (an uninterrupted chain of gurus) of Indian tradition.

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