Wednesday August 5th 2020

full moon in libra- as within, so without

the full moon at 0’09 libra is exact on wednesday march 20th 2019 at 6:43pm PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in pisces conjunct vesta the priestess (if you did not read the lunar insight on this new moon you can read that here- pisces is ruled by neptune the Higher Heart and libra is ruled by venus the lower heart- the heart chakra governs this lunar cycle we are in right now which puts a huge focus on love, relationship, connection and compassion.

this full moon is a powerful equinox full moon- a rare event as the last full moon precisely on the equinox was 38 years ago. the equinox is a point of balance- day equals night. for those of us in the northern hemisphere it is the tipping point from the dark half of the year (fall/winter) to the light half (spring/summer). for those in the southern hemisphere you are just heading into the dark half of the year as you head into fall. equinoxes are times to pause and take stock of where you have come form and where you are going. look at the balance (or lack thereof) in your life between dark and light, self and other, inner focus and outer focus, personal life and public life. where do you need to put more focus or energy to bring things back into balance? OR where have you been doing the deep work of balance and what is being reflected back right now is the fruit of your labor?

for those of us in the northern hemisphere we are moving into spring. i just got back from an amazing hike in the topa topa mountains here in ojai (the valley of the moon) and spring has definitely sprung! there were amazing flowers EVERYWHERE (check my instagram i posted some amazing spring flower images from my hike). i saw every color flower but red and green- but i did see both red and green in the foliage. so the entire rainbow is popping right now- truly spring has sprung!

this is the solar gate of resurrection (if you have not heard my solar gate call you can listen in if you are Galactic Benefactor member and if not you can sign up here- which is the time of year that the earth gets resurrected after the cold, death and darkness of winter. the flowers blooming remind us that after death rebirth takes hold- which is a powerful metaphor here in ojai as in december 2017 the thomas fire ravaged these mountains. as i hike i see burnt trees with new green vines growing over them. a potent reminder that death and life are intimately intertwined.

as the equinox is about balance so too is the full moon. at the time of the full moon we have the sun opposite the moon- balancing conscious with Unconscious, outer with inner, solar projection of light with lunar reflection. this is an extra potent equinox full moon asking us to seek balance and where balance is lost or not found work to rectify it. balance does not mean stasis though. stasis is a precursor to death- so we are looking for fluid balance. the kind that can move with the energy, not stay stuck but stay open.

the full moon makes two very important aspects- an opposition to chiron the Wounded Healer and a quincunx to uranus the Rebel and Revolutionary. uranus and chiron are in semisextile aspect and they have been since 2009 (and will be until 2021). chiron has an erratic orbit- so right now he keeps time with uranus and they are moving together for 13 years. the alignment of these two is serving to help us awaken by seeing the wounds that block us. healing is possible but first we have to disrupt where we are avoidant, stuck in denial, playing the victim or playing the perpetrator. this full moon in libra shines a Light on relationships of all kinds- marriage, committed relationship, financial/business partnerships and more. it also shines a Light on the partnership within- which is THE most important as whatever happens without is a reflection of what is going on within.

chiron is conjunct the sun and opposite the full moon- bringing Light to wounds and pain that block our expression of the masculine energy of assertion, agency, independence, self focus, and expression of anger and rage. do we stuff our anger and have a hard time focusing on ourselves? do we react in our anger in aggressive, combative, selfish ways. where are the scales of balance tipping too far in one direction? the aries/libra axis is the axis of self and other and aries naturally resonates with the 1st house of self while libra naturally resonates with the 7th house of others. i also call the 7th house the house of the Mirror- as what lies there is what we are looking for outside of ourselves but the deeper journey is to find it within. all relationships in our lives can be used as sacred mirror reflections. what we are drawn to in another illuminates something we want to awaken in ourselves. what we are repelled by in another is either something we do but we are Unconscious of it or it’s something we don’t ever allow ourselves to do and we repress it. this is a great full moon to see reflections and reclaim projections!

uranus quincunx the lunation is interesting as both the full moon and uranus are in venus-ruled signs. the feminine (within us and around us) is in the midst of awakening and change. the masculine (within us and around us) is in the midst of healing- but first the wounds have to be brought into focus. this is a great full moon to see what’s going on under the surface of things- as libra tends to like to keep the peace at any cost so will often sweep things under the carpet.

this full moon is also conjunct the super galactic center- the largest known black hole that has a mass of 30 trillion suns but is 90% hidden. phillip sedgwick has done a lot on black holes (check him out here for more info- ) and he says the SGC in it’s highest expression manifests when we stop looking for our soulmate and we instead mate with our own souls. he says that this point asks that we retrieve lost aspects of ourselves and bring them all back into consciousness and wholeness (a journey of many lifetimes!). i just taught the astrology hub inner circle full moon master class where the whole teaching was on the anima/animus and the sacred Inner Marriage. with venus and mars ruling the full moon/sun opposition and both of them square each other the very next day- this whole masculine/feminine balance thing is up big time. this can manifest as tension in our relationships but also the creative tension within. the journey of standing with and within the tension of paradox and becoming the bridge- the integrative 3rd that allows for Union of both/and (instead of polarizing this or that, good/evil, black/white). this potential is seeded in this full moon!!!

the venus/mars dance is exceptional as venus is in uber independent aquarius and links up with super independent/powerful black moon lilith, fiery and fierce eris, and jupiter in ‘don’t fence me in’ sagittarius. the feminine is expanding, awakening, rising and cannot be stopped! (the feminine in ALL of us as this goes way beyond gender). mars on the other hand is in earthy, stable taurus and linking with the nodes of destiny and karma. he provides grounding but he also resists change. where venus in aquarius is the essence of change- mars in taurus is the essence of that which does not change. i get this image of irreistable force (venus with lilith and eris) meeting the immovable object (mars in taurus) and when these two interact there can be fireworks but also earth quakes and combustion! (interestingly this is how jung conceived of the anima and animus)

in terms of asteroids several stand out in the full moon chart. first of all on the day of the lunation we have eris the Goddess of Discord and Chaos square the mean nodes of the moon- the nodes of destiny and karma. eris is also conjunct astraea- an asteroid that according to martha lang-westcott speaks to “blocked closure, staying to “the end” (the sometimes bitter end;) believing that “it ain’t over ’til it’s over”—even if it already is; and an inability to read beginnings and endings or to “let go” of things, people or events”. astraea says HOLD ON while eris is turning the apple cart upside down saying LET GO. eris gets a bad rap- she is seen as evil but the current version of her story is very much a patriarchal re-write. she was one of the original powerful goddesses whose power was massively feared so she was turned evil. when the medicine and power of eris is coming through an awakened heart- eris is the principle of uncompromising awakening and profound activism. she is the female warrior goddess who won’t put up with shit and is a force to be reckoned with. her square to the nodes is tipping the scales of balance- forcing us to see our past and take responsibility for it before we can move into a new future (personally and especially collectively).

we also have eros the Goddess of passion (and associated with the anima according to jung) on the north node and opposite pluto! talk about a lot of power and passion present right now! the key is to WEILD IT WISELY. passion can create and it can destroy. Unconscious creation and Unconscious destruction are both equally bad. we want to bring consciousness to both what we we create and what we destroy- as the point of power is in the now and if we are not present and aware of what we are setting into motion we are simply creating or repeating karma. the point of the nodal activations right now is to choose GROW and EVOLUTION- not the default ways of being and doing that keep us stuck in the past.

the sabian symbol for this full moon is ‘in a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, it’s body impaled by a fine dart’. dane rudhyar says this degree is about a process of perfection through sacrifice. he says this degree is about making the mundane sacred- essentially turning what was profane into the pure embodiment of an archetype. that is what anima and animus are- they are archetypes. they are the perfection we are seeking- and it is the anima/animus projection that is what leads to ‘love at first sight’ experiences. yet we must remember that the human beloved is the finger pointing at the moon- while the anima/animus is the moon itself. the finger pointing in the right direction can help us find the moon. but we don’t want to confuse it with the moon. the journey of wholeness is a journey of seeking the perfect balance but not making the goal that of finding it. the goal is the journey itself. all of our relationships mirror something back to us. when we start taking these reflections and doing something with them- working on them- integrating our opposite the whole game of the self/other dance of relationship changes.

i leave you with the brilliant ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for this full moon. so on point! ‘as we hold our deep truth inside, so shall it be on the outside. for everything is the reverse of what we have been told. the outside is not in charge any longer. the inside is bursting forth in unexpected places’ (read on below for more)

the outer reflects the inner- you may as well start at the Source.

blessed full moon!

~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Libra 1 A group of fat Italian Ladies preparing bread

A feminine life which often hides behind forms which have been provided ahead of time, forms which council and protect what is really going on inside. These outer forms can be almost anything that is taken for granted and basic and traditional. Just by being housed in such unprepossessing externals, the feminine can safely cover up it’s ever-present life force and not expose this unfathomable mystery to the marketplace of fashion and fabulous appearances.
Yet what is really going on here is an inward deep preparation that is running in an entirely different direction from the continual (outward) expression. We are seeking to become worthy to be vessels for future worlds now coming to birth. And this is a desire, a vision, a vigil which we keep and hold faithfully, even as we seem to operate in a casual and offhand fashion.
Something is gestating inside that is all dreams fulfilled. Something is playing itself out in the outside which is the appraising and purifying of the collective shadows and standards. What we are running out of is places to hide. What we are metamorphosing into are places of image and vision so steady on that we will not need ever again to play along with the show.
This is a matter of wearing out the old patterns and syndromes we inherit from the past. It is easier than pie for us to portray ourselves as whatever would be most appealing and least threatening. Yet any version of this is so tenuous now, so thin and distant and bizarre.
Once we outgrow our initial reluctance to manifest the drama in the flesh, we will be given contexts to arise which are appropriate and even empowering. As we hold our deep truth inside, so shall it be on the outside. For everything is the reverse of what we have been told. The outside is not in charge any longer. The inside is bursting forth in unexpected places.

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