full moon in libra- 4/7/20- seeking balance in an out of balance world

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the full moon at 18’43 libra is exact on tuesday april 7th 2020 at 7:35pm PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in aries on 3/24. that new moon was 5 days after spring equinox (in the northern hemisphere) which in my solar gate call i talked about being the beginning of the descent due to the new beginnings of spring occurring during the waning dark moon. we have all definitely been in a collective descent- as the whole world is on lockdown right now. this is not your typical spring! i was sharing with my daughter today that what is going on on the planet has never been experience in my lifetime or her grandparents and her eyes got big as the magnitude of what is going on became even more clear to her. to add to this this full moon is the biggest super moon of the year- meaning extra potent with extra magnified emotions. ‘be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle’. don’t forget to be kind to yourself, too!

with the aries/libra axis highlighted we have in focus the polarity of self and other, independence and interconnection, individuality and our relationship to others. this experience on planet earth right now is truly showing us this right now and offering us an opportunity to find greater balance within and without. some of us are great at doing what we want to do and we need to learn how to think of others and put others before ourselves. others of us are great at being relational and caring for others but are too wide open taking on everyone’s stuff and we need better clearer boundaries. wherever we tend to go too far in one direction- we are being asked to move into the opposition to find balance (the depth psychological term for this is enantiodromia).

we have the full moon conjunct juno- the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage- who is retrograde in libra (the sign she has most association with). this is bringing to Light relationships, partnerships, commitments, collaborations and compromises. juno first moved into libra back in early november 2019- and she is in the midst of some pretty intense aspects until she exists libra in september 2020. during this time she opposes chiron, quincunxes uranus, quincunxes neptune, squares jupiter, opposes black moon lilith, opposes mars 3 times due to his retrograde journey, squares pluto, opposes eris and finally squares saturn just before she moves into scorpio (dates below). there is serious testing of relationships right now- personal, professional, international and more. this full moon is bringing to Light what is out of balance right now and we want to be sure we are paying attention and not sweeping things under the carpet and/or just staying the surface (shadow libra tendencies).

this full moon is also opposite eris and square pluto- triggering the pluto/eris square. this is some of the BIGGEST ASTROLOGY in 2020. i talked about this extensively in my Eris Masterclass i taught and is now available to purchase on demand (click here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/eris-masterclass-now-available-for-purchase/). eris is a new body discovered in 2005 and historically new bodies discovered are meaningful for life on earth as a new archetypal energy is coming into consciousness. she is a War Goddess and revealer of shadow. she is the Goddess of Discord and Chaos and she brings disruption. sounds about right yes? but one thing to remember is she REVEALS the shadow she does not create it. she reveals what is going on behind the scenes. her disruption can bring freedom and revelation if we are open to radical shifts. she is kind of like that moment in the wizard of oz where the curtain gets pulled back and we see who is pulling the strings. the greek meaning of apocalypse means to ‘lift the veil of illusion’ and that is certainly the Highest potential of what is going on right now on planet earth!

the ruler of this lunation is venus who is heading into front end shadow of her Underworld journey. she stations retrograde may 12th but heads into shadow april 9th- bringing intimations of what is to come. we are heading into a time of deep re-evaluation of what is important to us. yet neptune squares venus three times so first we have to take off the rose colored glasses of idealism and delusion so we are seeing clearly. sometimes the glass is not half full- sometimes the glass is cracked and full of toxic water. are we willing to see what is? it’s only from this place that we have the power to truly create what is possible.

one major aspect in the full moon chart is mars square uranus- exact just before noon and 8 hours before the full moon and part of the super moon build up (meaning extra potent and intense). mars is in aquarius the sign of uranus- so his square to uranus doubles down on the rebellious, revolutionary energy of uranus. it can also double down on the shocking, unexpected, anxiety producing energy of uranus as well. earthquakes are possible- both literal and metaphoric. many people are highly anxious and feeling ungrounded right now. balance this with time on the earth, in your garden, in nature (if possible) or at the very least wake early to have time to meditate and ground down into Mother Earth- sending roots from your root charka down deep into the core of Mother Earth to stabilize you.

we also have mercury in pisces sextile pluto and jupiter in the afternoon/evening hours just before the full moon. pay attention to your intuition, inner knowing, dreams and psychic perceptions. open your mind so that you are not just focused on your limited perspective or what you are being told by others or the media. if it goes against your innate knowing tune in more deeply to yourSelf- don’t tune out!

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree for this full moon (read on below). i am struck by one of the last sentences “If we want ourselves and our world to change, the best approach is to consume the old patterns fast.” that is the potential we have right now. it’s time to change. be the change you wish to see in the world. and since we are all stuck at home- start by changing yourself and diving deep into your inner work. as the change within will support the change without <3 blessings… ~dh ERIS MASTER CLASS- on demand https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/eris-masterclass-now-available-for-purchase/

by Ellias Lonsdale

Libra 19 Young boys picking and eating cherries off a tree

Getting away with it. Extravagant impulses, extreme desires, and wild notions. These are followed blindly and turned into something sweet and fruitful.
The personal soul given his chance to work the magic of primal instinctual desire. He can and will take charge and pull the chariot in frenzied directions. And as he fulfills his pictures of freedom and joy, suddenly it’s all gone, the illusion dissolves, and what remains is the death of that cycle, an empty feeling, and an impetus to take up the next lesson.
The matching frequencies of decrepit forces coming together to spark and generate events and experiences of great promise and excitement. The underlying remembrance that this never can be entirely the way it starts out to be. Yet this only pushes the child self to go even further in pursuit of the unattainable.
A paradox. Is this a waste, a perversity, a downfall? Is this the strangest combination of a mistake and the best conceivable step to take?
Decision’s and choices become agonizing. Everything could and probably will go wrong. Yet the irresistible notion, the firm intention that to avoid bold moves is to fall into a much greater trap.
Having the guts to go off on a tangent that brings us all closer to the center. Being able to provoke forces to play themselves out and no longer lurk underneath. And being offered by spirit free rein to do all this and more and keep on going in similar directions just about forever.
If we want ourselves and our world to change, the best approach is to consume the old patterns fast. The more gutsy and wild we make it, the quicker something else can emerge.


juno into libra- 11/3/19

chiron opp juno- 11/9/19, 5/2/20, 7/4/20

uranus quincunx juno- 11/14, 5/5/20, 7/4/20

neptune quincunx juno- 12/26/19, 3/11/20, 8/18

juno stations retrograde 21’39 libra- 2/8/20

jupiter in capricorn square juno- 3/2/20, 8/13

juno opp mean black moon lilith in aries- 4/20/20, 9/3

juno stations direct 5’48 libra- 5/26/20

mars in aries opp juno- 7/19/20
mars retrograde 28’08 aries- 9/9/20
mars retrograde opp juno- 9/13/20

pluto square juno- 8/28/20

juno opp eris- 9/2/20

saturn square juno- 9/6

juno into scorpio- 9/20/20

juno into sage 12/18/20

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