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full moon in libra- 4/6/2012

the full moon in libra is exact this friday april 6th at 12:19pm PDT.  this marks the midpoint of the current lunar cycle that began with the dynamic and activating new moon in aries on march 22nd.  that new moon was the official kick of to the astrological new year and an opening chapter in the uranus square pluto dance that will unfold over the next 3 years.  yet despite it being a new moon in the initiative and active sign of aries, the ruling planet of that lunation (mars) has been retrograde so the starts have been slow or even seemingly non-existent.  this lunar cycle is about getting clear about our needs and desires on the inner levels so that when it is time for action we do so from a place of clarity, forethought and wisdom.  

with this full moon in libra we have things brought to Light, climax and/or crisis point regarding the balancing of self and other, give and take, assertiveness and surrender.  this full moon is in the sign of relationship and an image for libra is the scales- constantly trying to find balance, peace and harmony.  the ruler of this full moon is venus and she just moved into gemini where she will stay until the first week of august due to her upcoming retrograde.  venus squares neptune and retrograde mars this week- forming a t-square in the sky between the Divine Lovers and the planet of spirituality, fantasy, illusion and deception.  clarity, discernment and a focus on reality are ideal right now in relationships and financial situations, but because of the neptune squares it may be hard to come by.  the tendency to wear rose-colored glasses, be in denial and/or avoid the reality can bite us in the butt- and this full moon aligned with saturn, the planet of reality and karma, will certainly bring anything of that nature to light.  

this is a very activated full moon, quite in alignment with the activated new moon that began this lunar cycle!  all the aspects to the new moon are tense and intense.  the moon tensely aspects venus (the ruler of the full moon), retrograde mars, jupiter, saturn, neptune and pluto.  mercury and uranus are the only planets not in the mix- and as such they can be the planets that help support us in dealing with what comes up at this full moon.  mercury is now direct in the sign of pisces- so tuning into intuition, dreamtime messages and psychic perception can glean important insights.  uranus is in aries, in the same sign as the sun that is opposite the full moon.  uranus symbolizes change and evolution, as well as rebellion and revolution.  an awakening of our needs, anger and need to take action is likely to be felt- especially as mars stations direct and picks up speed during the last part of the lunar cycle.  again, it’s all about a balance.  if we have been over-focusing on relationships and others then we need to start focusing on ourselves and our own needs.  if we already tend to think of ourselves first- this lunation is asking us to compromise, attend to other’s needs and give more to our relationships. 

venus, the ruler of this lunation, also makes a lot of intense aspects.  the only harmonious one she makes is a sextile to uranus- pointing to a need to radically shift old paradigms in partnership and finances so that new energy and new life can come in.  with saturn on the full moon- we are supported when we come from a place of integrity, personal responsibility and impeccability in our relationships and finances.  old karma that comes up right now is best dealt with from a place of maturity and reality, with a focus on the long-term consequences.  if we can balance the impulse for change and revolution (uranus) with our need for maturity and grounding (saturn) we can make the most of this full moon.

enjoy the lunar vibes…

~divine harmony

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