full moon in libra- 3/27/13

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Lunar Insight

the full moon in libra is exact on wednesday, march 27th at 2:27am PDT. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle that began on monday march 11th with the new moon in pisces. this full moon falls during a very powerful and intense week astrologically speaking. we are in the midst of major uranus/pluto activation and the full moon is right in the line of fire!

with the full moon in libra opposite not only the sun in aries, but also venus, mars and uranus- we have a huge activation of the Divine Lovers. libra is ruled by venus and aries is ruled by mars- and having the rulers of this lunation both opposite the full moon adds fuel to the fire. themes of independence and interdependence, going it alone and being in relationship are up big time. if we are too passive, compromising and other-focused this full moon can force us to see where we need to speak up, set boundaries and take care of our own needs. if we are overly assertive, aggressive, conflictual and self-focused then this full moon can force us to see where we need to think of others, work for peace and harmony and learn to surrender and let go. the full moon will highlight wherever our personal work is- so it is unique to each person. you know where your edge is- so tune into that edge and see if you can grow and push past it.

the full moon activates the uranus/pluto square- with the lunation opposite uranus and square pluto. since last week we have had 3 of the personal planets move into aries (the sun, venus and mars) and by the end of this month they will have each activated the uranus/pluto square. the collective transit of uranus square pluto is bringing up all that is not integrity or alignment so that we can address it, deal with it and evolve. sometimes this necessitates endings, other times it helps birth new beginnings. each of us has a different area of life being activated- for some it is a romantic relationship, for others it has to do with finances, yet others have family/home issues cropping up. where this plays out for you personally depends on where the aries/libra axis falls in your chart (check the weekly horoscopes for more info- be sure to read for sun AND rising sign).

a day after the full moon the sun, venus and uranus perfect their alignment and by sunday the sun and venus will square pluto. the entire week has themes of death and rebirth, endings and new beginnings, shadow and Light. the best use of this energy is to illuminate where things have gotten out of balance so we can redress that balance- in relationships, finances, family situations and most importantly within ourselves. how we each connect with and express our masculine and feminine energies is a focus right now.

at the time of this lunation uranus and pluto aspect all of the planets except for neptune! that is A LOT of uranus and pluto energy. breakdowns precede breakthroughs- so if you feel that things are falling apart in your life it may be useful to step back and see the Bigger Picture that is trying to form. if something is old, stagnant, stuck or toxic it must be cleared out. uranus is trying to illuminate what that is and help us change it. pluto is trying to confront us with our own shadow and give us a spiritual/emotional/physical colonic so we can let go of some of the crap we hold onto that holds us down.

this full moon is one for the books! actually the last 2 weeks of march have been one for the books. the best thing to keep in mind during the last half of march is ‘this, too, shall pass’. honor the endings and new beginnings in your life and stay open to change and evolution- it comes when you least expect it!


~divine harmony

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