full moon in leo- resistance is futile (2/16/22)

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the full moon at 27’59 leo is exact on wednesday february 16th, 2022 at 8:56am- marking the midway point of the lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in Aquarius and lunar imbolc on january 31st. from january 31st through february 3rd we had a powerful lunar/calendar/solar imbolc portal along with lunar new year- and as of february 3rd we have all planets moving direct for almost 3 months. we are in a quickening and things are picking up speed! can you feel it?

this full moon is tightly square the nodal axis- so we have the sun opposite moon forming a tight Grand Cross with the nodes of destiny and karma. when a planet squares the nodes we are at a cross roads- but when a full moon square the nodes we can feel like many areas of life are pulling at us form different directions. where this falls in your natal chart will inform how it’s expressing for you personally but on a collective level there is tension between the individual ego (leo full moon) and the collective (sun in aquarius)- as well as personal values and resource (taurus) and what we share or owe to others (scorpio).

this is a fixed grand cross- which amplifies entrenched positions and unyielding desires or demands. fixed signs are the midpoint of the season- they do not start something new, they do not complete or end something. they are the pure energy of their season- maintaining and stabilizing through their energy. but they also resist change, are super stubborn and massively willful. so this grand cross full moon can exacerbate these tendencies BIG TIME.

the only other major aspect made by the full moon is a quincunx to pluto- which brings the Lord of the Underworld and planet of exposing what is in the shadow into the mix. pluto is in capricorn and he is exposing the shadow in government, big business, corporations, traditions, family karma (particularly around the father), traditions, expectations, and things we have always done because we are supposed to or have been told to- without question.

with the nodes and pluto aspecting the full moon we have the pluto/north node trine activation (exact from february 11th-14th for mean and true nodes). pluto is trine the north node of destiny and sexitle the south node of karma (and he rules the south node to boot) giving us deep insight into the past and how it has created the present and how it will inform the future trajectory. the south node in scorpio is exposing MASSIVE shadow- our greatest fears and obsessions that keep us stuck in patterns and paradigms that no longer serve. the north node in taurus is moving towards a powerful conjunction with uranus late july and from now until then is the big reveal about what needs to change and what is going to change whether we like it or not. the winds of change are blowing but we can sense the pattern of the wind right now and set our sails/orient our lives (personally and collectively) in the direction of it.

this takes radical confrontation with our attachments to safety, security and the known. what are we doing that is toxic, keeps us stagnant and stuck? where are we adhering to an old paradigm? where are our egos (full moon in leo) supporting us in making choices that are not good for the health of the planet or for the well being of other people. just because it is good for us does not mean its the best decision. we cannot be so myopic- we must see beyond ourselves as the over individualistic paradigm of what is best for me and taking all i can has led us to this tipping point we are at now!

the full moon is widely opposite saturn, widely quincunx Neptune and trine eris- so we can have some big emotions and revelations arising during this full moon. heavy emotions need movement and healthy expression no repression. seeing reality clearly so we are not wearing rose colored glasses and seeing what we want to see vs reality is key. eris is helping to reveal what was concealed- do not look away!

the north node is conjunct algol- the so called demon star. this is the eye of medusa and pre-patriarchal take over medusa was a powerful, revered and beautiful goddess. she was demonized and repressed when the transition of matriarchy to patriarchy happened and easier to marry off goddesses became married to the god who took her power- but a goddess like medusa was just too fierce so she got turned into a demon and called evil. yet even in her more modern myth we can see her power. her eye that turns man to stone is symbolic of her ability to see past the ego facade and get to the truth. the snakes in her hair represent wisdom, kundalini and the Goddess. not looking her directly in the eye but rather through a mirror is symbolic of shadow work! we cannot see ourselves clearly – it would shatter us. so we have therapists, relationships, even the astrology chart can serve as a mirror to help us see what we cannot see directly.

with algol on the north node we want to tap into the deep feminine wisdom of the body and emotions. represented by the feminine elements earth and water- these are things artificial intelligence would have us separate out from (put your consciousness into a robot! choose your own emotions!). these are also the things many patriarchal spiritual traditions tell us are evil or lower vibration. in cutting off from our body and emotions we are actually cutting ourselves of from our own humanity. we are part human and we are part divine. we are BOTH- not one or the other. and this human body temple is the way we anchor the Light, bring down the Divinity, embody the fullness of Spirit. to cut ourselves off from the body and emotions is to truly separate us from our own soul. this is why shadow work and somatic work are key for healing, awakening and full arrival!

one last thing to point out is this full moon chart has the first of two venus/mars conjunctions. we have the first about 2 1/2 hours before this full moon and the second will be on march 5th. between these two conjunctions venus and mars run the gauntlet and square eris (february 25th-26th) and cojoin pluto (march 3rd)- bringing intensity into romantic relationships, business partnerships, government, career, corporate situations and more. normally venus/mars is great for romance, fertility and birthing new cycles! but this first conjunction takes us into the Underworld with pluto at the helm. the capricorn area of your chart is being purged, purified, transformed, cleared- it can be intense but it’s necessary for future growth!

as you can see this is quite the lunation! and with the grand cross lunation squaring the nodal axis- revelations of where we are stuck in karmic, shadowy patterns (south node in scorpio) and what is required for us to evolve and move forward (north node in taurus) are incoming. pay attention!

i leave you with the star sparks degree for the full moon – men doing gymnastics. WOW- let me just start by saying i never read the star sparks degree until after i write the lunar insight. they always tie in so beautifully in a synchronistic way but this week is off the charts insane. this degree is about BEING FULLY HERE IN THE BODY. and it speaks to how we need to stop living in a world of fantasy and delusion- and that dropping fully into and through suffering is the path into and all the way through. gymnastics is an intense sport- you have to push yourself and push your body to attain amazing feats. it takes focus, resolve, strength, courage, tenacity. this grand cross full moon can bring the crucifixion we need to get us to face ourselves and face the truth- both within and without. but remember the crucifixion precedes the resurrection- so make sure you take the journey all the way through.

this full moon is opposite the USA’s natal moon and at the end of this week we have the first of the USA pluto return contacts (more on that here https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/usa-pluto-return-transformation-of-a-nation-2022/). so this is a big full moon week for the USA as well.

blessed full moon to you…

~divine harmony

by elias lonsdale

Leo 28 Men doing gymnastics

If you wish to embody the Living Spirit through the earthly flesh, you will be called upon to take up a fierce discipline. This will be necessary because physical-material existence is profoundly chaotic at it’s root. And the process of embodiment involves really being here, rather then being blitzed by the repressed sensations of the senses and the subtle senses which accompany the journey to Earth.

To motivate the self toward such austerities and demanding regimes, it usually becomes necessary to hold a steady strong picture of the obstacle, the deliverance, the struggle itself. We may get stuck in pondering and assuming that what is against us rules. For whenever we give power to the struggle and the pain, it can run away with itself.

Yet far better to drop into the place of deep suffering than to coast above the world in fantasy and delusion. Sometimes we must pin ourselves to the ground before we are willing to give our spirit a chance to find its most authentic expression here. It may be that we are making up for times away by making ourselves pay close attention to the strict requirements of this world in its own terms.

A harsh, severe path. A heavily demanding passage. A self-granted vision of what it takes to overthrow ego, laziness, and folly. The stream adheres to the code of the self-overcomer.

Yet when such a presence is gathered, it brings as well great joy and freedom. It is swiftly a matter of getting down to basics and then celebrating what it feels like to be much more fully here than ever before.

The karmically set up resolve to be done with excuses and hiding places, so that substantive results can be attained.