Sunday September 19th 2021

the full moon at 9’06 leo is exact on thursday january 28th 2021 at 11:17am PST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle that began with the every powerful new moon in capricorn conjunct pluto and square eris on january 12th. that new moon activating the pluto/eris square let us know that this is a moon cycle to expose shadow, get into wounds, deal with toxicity and do the work to breakdown/transform/release any patriarchal structures- within or without- that hold us back from embodying a Higher Frequency.

this full moon in fiery, creative and passionate leo is opposite the stellium of aquarius planets- sun, mercury, jupiter, saturn and pallas athena- bringing activation to the polarity between the archetypes of leo and aquarius. leo is ruled by the sun- the center and Source of physical light and life on our planet. aquarius is ruled by saturn classically and uranus contemporarily- saturn being the furthest visible body from the sun and uranus being the first invisible transpersonal planet that lies beyond the Gatekeeper saturn. saturn is as far as you can get from the sun (in terms of what we can see without technology) and as such he represents the polar opposite to the sun. the sun is Light and life and saturn is darkness and death. death is not a bad thing- it’s part of the cycle of life. saturn represents the dark part of the yin and yang and the sun represents the light part. they are two sides of the same coin- as both Light and Shadow are the dance of Love (rumi).

the oppositional energy of sun and saturn is metaphorically brought together in Union with the sun/saturn conjunction. and with the moon opposite the whole configuration we have a mirror for the energies of me (leo) versus we (aquarius), what i want and need (leo) versus my responsibilities to society (aquarius), me doing my thing (leo) and me joining forces with others kindred Spirits to realize our goals together (aquarius).

the full moon is shedding Light on where our egocentrism, narcissism and self focus is at odds with the new Age of Aquarius anchoring into the planet right now. aquarius speaks to collective care, social conscience and bernie’s motto ‘not me- US’. just because i have food to eat, it does not mean i don’t need to take a stand for those who are hungry. just because my skin color affords me safety and privilege, it does not mean i don’t need to take a stand for those whose skin color attracts racism and violence. this full moon is shining a VERY BIG LIGHT on all that is in our Unconscious and shadow- personally and collectively. where does individuality and self realization actually hinder and harm our evolution because we keep focusing on the self and are not taking care of others?

this full moon triggers the saturn/uranus square- one of the biggest transits of 2021 and the first one has not even hit yet (that will be february 17th). saturn square uranus is like being between a rock and a hard place. saturn is the past, uranus is the future. saturn is the old, uranus is the new. saturn is what has always been done and tradition- uranus is innovation, revolution and rebellion. shadow saturn keeps us stuck in our comforts and in what we know. shadow uranus and we are so addicted to chaos we change every 2 seconds and don’t stick with anything long enough for it to mature and endure. saturn is showing us where we need to step up our game and do the work and deal with the karma- while uranus is showing us where we need to embrace change!

the thing is uranus is in fixed earth sign taurus- and fixed earth does NOT like change. it prefers comfort, security, familiarity, safety. shadow taurus can hoard- to have more than enough for ME but then there is not enough for others (this sign can do this with food and money- even toilet paper!). saturn is in rulership- which is supportive- but saturn tends to hold back the full expression of the sign it’s in until we do the deeper work around it. my saturn is in leo and when i first got into teaching and ‘being on stage’ i wanted to throw up right before i went up to speak! my friend’s saturn is in aries and he stuffs and represses his anger until it explodes out in uncontrollable ways. saturn in aquarius can manifest in resistance to We consciousness, collective care and community. it can be about the isolation we are in (both self imposed and Covid imposed) and fears about not fitting in or being ostracized.

yet saturn has a very good side- because if we do the work saturn asks of us where he is transiting where we can build something of significance (both by house in our natal charts and by sign). saturn has patience and long term focus. he works brick by brick- laying a foundation that can endure through time like the sphinx has in egypt. saturn in aquarius can help us slowly build the New Age by building new structures and foundations for the community to build on.

in the full moon chart venus is just finished triggering the pluto/eris square- bringing deeper Light to the shadows in relationships, finances, business and work. this is truly a time to take stock of where our ACTIONS are or are NOT aligned with our VALUES. if they are not aligned- it’s time for change. an example of this would be if we are very much against big businesses doing things that destroy the planet- but then we go and buy stock in the company because ‘it’s blowing up and i can get rich’. another example if you are not in the position to buy stock is to spend your money on products from said companies- because they are comforts you don’t want to live without or they are cheaper with free shipping if you buy them from said company instead of from a local store. i am personally working on this myself. i am taking stock of all the ways in which i ‘vote with my money’ and i am doing the research to see if i were actually voting would i choose this company? and if not why am i spending my money there?

to me this is going to be a BIG PART of the upcoming saturn/uranus square. before we can fully anchor in the new Age of Aquarius we have to strip away, break down, release and/or transform (when transformation is possible) the structures and foundations in our personal and collective lives that actually serve to BLOCK this new age from coming in. we have to walk our talk! and sometimes it takes a lot of work to do so. for me personally i am in the process of moving away from my big banking system to a local credit union. but i have to change all my auto payments, i have to get new cards and checks, i have to relink the payments on my website. there is so much work to be done to match my values with my choices- it’s almost enough work to make me tired and give up. but i won’t- because this is my contribution to systemic change. also my conscience won’t let me ;)

when i was in college we went to canada on the weekends to dance and party (yes i did that in what seems lifetimes ago!). the popular club to go to had these really nasty bouncers who were inappropriate with women and who would pick fights with men (especially the football team). after going there weekend after weekend and every night ending in huge fights (and also after trying to talk to the manager about it to no avail)- my friend and i had a discussion about how we could not allow this to go on any longer. we could not keep supporting this business- it went against our morals. so we went up to canada and searched out another club to go to. we found one that was very big and could hold a lot of people but had barely anyone there. i have no idea how this club was even surviving and staying open money-wise. we had a discussion with the manager, struck up a deal and decided to promote the new place. for a couple weeks before opening night we passed flyers out, we posted posters, we did all the things to promote the place. come opening night the new club was PACKED- with a huge line going around the building. the other club was empty. from then on our whole college town went to this new club- where we had ZERO fights and inappropriate things happening and everyone had fun (with designated drivers!). the other club eventually closed down due to lack of business.

i share this story to remind us all that WE ARE THE 99%! we are the ones who vote with our dollars and make choices to support or not support the businesses and organizations that are destroying the planet, harming people and keeping people disempowered. when more people wake up to this and reclaim their power they will start realizing that it is UP TO US TO EFFECT CHANGE (we are the ones we have been waiting for). we do not need a war- we just need people boycotting banks and companies and other organizations and guess what- change will happen. but as my wise friend amanda walsh from astrology hub said- the change (uranus) will not be easy (saturn). it will be hard work to change (saturn square uranus). so let’s all pull up our sleeves, get our hands dirty and show up for each other and Mother Earth in this 11th hour!

interestingly the full moon is conjunct the asteroid hygeia and hygeia is opposite the sun/jupiter/saturn conjunction- bringing the matters of health, well being, illness and healing into the mix. this makes sense when you thinking of Covid. there are so many things contributing to health- not just if you eat veges and how much you exercise. many things matter- the air you breathe and if you live near pollution, the water you drink and if there is lead or uranium in your water supply, the food you eat and if it’s been sprayed with pesticides or grown from GMO seeds- the list goes on and on.

i had a dream years go where a woman with breast cancer was telling a friend ‘it’s genetic’. but in the dream i could see the invisible toxins in the air, water and food. i knew it was not genetic- it was environmental. perhaps the environment turned on certain genes but if the air, water and food were pure i knew in the dream she would not have gotten breast cancer. this is so important because western medicine tends to focus on the present without necessarily looking at the past and what contributed and ultimately led to the present. we do this as a species as well- not wanting to deal with the past (personal history, emotions, karma- as well as collective history, emotions and karma) so we just focus on the present- all the while the heavy toxic unresolved crap is being dragged around with us and manifests in all manner of mental, physical and emotional disorders.

hygeia is asking us to look deeper. if we want true healing we cannot just stay on the surface. with hygeia on the full moon in leo- we also need to look at the health and dis-ease of the ego culture we are a part of. where does me, mine, selfie culture get cancerous and toxic? where does overblown ego and all the glamor that comes with money, power, fame and access to high fashion outfits seduce us and keep us stuck in a paradigm that is so outdated and needs to be over and done with?

mercury is about to go retrograde a few days after this full moon- so we will have a lot of time to dive deep and rethink, review and revise what it means to be in community, to tend to the collective and to put WE before me so we can turn this earth ship around.

i leave you with elias lonsdale’s star sparks degrees for the full moon and the sun. be sure to read both as they are both important. in fact the sun degree is the medicine we need to make peace with right now- and it is a nasty tasting medicine for the ego. but for the Spirit it is sweeter than natural sugar (not the GMO crap variety ;). apocolypsia means lifting of the veil of illusion. the Truth will set us free- but first it will shatter all our illusions. the medicine of 10 aquarius is just what we need right now- so more people can awake to Truth within and without.

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~divine harmony

by elias lonsdale

Leo 10 A man putting olive oil all over his body

I am given a vehicle which carries me across. How I connect with this vehicle means everything to me. Can I find the freedom inside of me to love this vehicle and care for it and honor every voice within it? Will I be able to awaken to the language of the cells, to the vibrancy’s which are calling me forward so mightily?
I have a gift and a burden. My gift is that I know these things. I know what my path is, what my task is. I know so well what I am given and why.
My burden is that when I attempt to follow the path that is within me, over and again I smash up against myself and everybody else in all our old forms and ways. And I don’t know what else to do. I can’t get away from it. My nature and destiny compel me to make an issue out of who I am, what I am doing here and the need to stay with this and not to be compromised by any pictures of who we can’t be and why I can’t do it this way.
I am glad it comes to this. Because I am gifted with a passion for bringing myself through any and all layers of what gets in the way. So the hard edge of it is really mine. I seek no sympathy. In this quest for the real self activating in a real world, I am right where I need to be.
Nonetheless, I will admit that I get battered and I get tormented by what I must meet inside and outside in order to claim a place for myself in the Sun. And sometimes I do get ornery, self-righteous, pushy. Because I do have an attitude.
I believe I belong here as myself, no apologies. I know I was given just the right set up for me to become all of myself in this life. I have no right whatsoever to stop myself from what is given to me to do. Nobody else does either.
I am just as direct toward my own No voice as anybody else’s.

Aquarius 10 A black raven with a bright red head

The bringer of dark tidings. The one who is so aware of every conceivable dilemma and obstacle that she insists upon bringing them all up and out. If this proves to be inconvenient and messy, so much the better. She senses her function to be pure shadow all the way.
If she can draw attention to the worst, she believes we will all have a chance. So she must scavenge, cry out, make what has been hidden away dramatically obvious and inescapable. If she has to be the scapegoat, the devil’s advocate, the one who is too much for everybody, she can only say Yes to the No, gladly moving with what others would shun.
When she comes calling, everything stands still. We are all at rapt attention. She keeps us spellbound by the articulation of the shadows, the forbidden, the strange. We ask her to do her worst. She is a gadfly. She makes sure we cannot get away with our fantasies and our dreams.
What motivates her mightily is the chance to deprive fools of their masks and their self-righteousness. For she has been around and she has learned that what seems bright and high-blown contains within itself seeds of a very great downfall. She would prefer to hasten the inevitable, so we can get on with cleaning up afterwards.
Her energies are abrasive. Her attitude is a brooding one. Her way of operating is skirting dangerously close to wildly falling under the shadows. But she knows that edge as her own. By walking along the far edge, she makes the rest of us get honest and real.
Because she is such a puncturer of illusions, we may imagine her to be quite a heavy. But the truth is that she does all this strictly because she lucidly witnesses that somebody has to have the raw sense to expose and make visible. We are beholden to her, even as she chills and chastises us.

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