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full moon in leo- 2/7/2012

the full moon in leo occurs on tuesday february 7th at 1:54pm PST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle that began with the new moon in aquarius on january 22nd.  a full moon occurs when the conscious self (sun) is exactly opposite the unconscious (moon).  during this opposition between the Lights we have the opportunity to see the disparity between polarities and find a bridge to Union.  we also have an opportunity to look at all that is not being looked at, as the full moon is known for bringing up all that has been buried in intense, emotional fashion ;)  full moons are times of climax, crisis or fruition- depending on how we’ve been working with the energies permeating our lives in the last couple of weeks.

in the full moon chart the sun and mercury are conjunct in aquarius bringing insights, aha moments and important information to light- especially as it pertains to community, evolution, change and awakening (the aquarian realms).  both the sun and moon (as well as mercury and venus) are tensely aspecting uranus- the great awakener, rebel and a bringer of change.  change is in the making- there is no stopping it!  the personal needs to give way to the collective/Higher Intelligence.  the degree to which we resist is the degree to which we will experience intensity/depression/frustration right now.  we need to get on board with our Higher Selves and make the changes that are for the good of all (personally and collectively).  the pitting of the collective/community (aquarius) opposite the individual (leo) can bring up some interesting dynamics out in the world, some of which may already be playing out right now.  there is a need for all of us to find a bridge between seeming opposites.  our ego’s resistance to the changes that are being made or the community/collective’s judgment around what changes individuals need to make puts things into extreme shadow dynamic.  we each need to own our stuff, let go and let god/dess :)

an interesting factor in the full moon chart is the fact that uranus, the ruler of the sun right now, is the most aspected planet.  he makes tense aspects to the sun, moon, mercury, venus, saturn and pluto- and he makes harmonious ones to jupiter and neptune and chiron.  the only planet missing an aspect from uranus right now is mars- and uranus is in mars’ sign (aries)!  this is a recipe for change and awakening, or anxiety and disaster- it all depends on how you deal with things being out of your control.  uranus is solely focused on our Higher Self’s evolution.  he does not care about our egos needs or wants- our pride, our reputation or our sanity.  he wants us to evolve- PERIOD.  when he comes along by transit or progression he wakes up and shakes up a part of life.  at this full moon his plethora of aspects point to a need for us to do this personally and collectively in a BIG WAY!  the full moon will bring to Light what needs to be revealed.  but don’t be so quick to think of the other people who need to see the Light of day.  focus this Light on yourself and your own shadow.  own within yourself what you are demanding other people outside of you to finally get or see ;)

there are several quincunxes in the full moon chart- again pointing to the intense, unstable energy of the full moon in leo.  mercury is quincunx mars, venus is quincunx saturn and saturn is quincunx uranus.  mercury/mars is about Truth telling and taking action by speaking up!  it can also result in arguments and conflict in communication if we get overly aggressive with our words- so watch out.  venus/saturn is interesting as both are the last degree of their respective signs.  the 29th degree is a degree of completion- and the 29th degree of pisces, where venus is at, is the completion of the entire zodiac (its the last degree of the last sign).  relationships and finances are hugely up this week.  restructuring, defining boundaries, seeing reality, getting out of denial- it’s all a focus right now.  and last but not least saturn/uranus is the push pull between the old and the new, the past and the future, stability and change.  this echoes back to the saturn/uranus oppositions that occurred in virgo/pisces a couple years ago.  what was shaken up then is up for more intensity now if we have not found new grounding upon which to build.

yes it’s an intense full moon- but it’s an evolutionary one, too.  we can thank uranus for that ;)  i advise attending to what is coming up this week so you can once and for all put it out to pasture.  it’s time to evolve- you don’t want to miss the opportunity to take it to the next level, do you?  :)

enjoy the full moon vibes…

~divine harmony

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