Monday March 8th 2021

full moon in leo- 2/8/20

i did not post a lunar insight but below is the shorter version of what i posted in my weekly and the star sparks meditation for the degree of the lunation. (this full moon was on my saturn and rather than power through i just surrendered!)

the full moon at 20’00 leo is exact on saturday february 8th at 11:33pm PST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in aquarius on 1/24. this full moon highlights the axis of leo/aquarius- me versus we, my passion and desire versus my collaboration with others, me in the spotlight versus me in collective that works together. some of us have a hard time working with others, others of us have a hard time standing in the spotlight alone. wherever our growth edge is that can be highlighted right now. this full moon is quincunx neptune so there is a need to see through illusion and deception to get to the truth right now. but more importantly this full moon is part of a Grand Fire Trine with the moon, mars in sagittarius and eris. it’s a great full moon to tap into your fire, creativity, passion and drive. just make sure it’s not being run by ego ;).

STAR SPARKS degree for this lunation…

Leo 20 A black pearl hidden in an oyster

Carrying something annoying, disturbing, irritating and something redemptive, necessary, and entirely extraordinary. What is so dissonant about it is it’s need to go against, to be angry, to be upset, to be anxious, to be filled with misgiving and undercurrents of a disruptive kind. To call this temperamental would be far too mild. It is ornery, perverse, wrong-headed, very hard to stomach.
Yet what is so redemptive and brilliant about it is it’s fabulous ability to uncover shadow and to stick with it wherever it leads. There is courage, foolhardy courage to take that unpopular cause and champion it off the deep end. Once the shadow target has been sighted, the capacity to stay focused and on that beam is unsurpassed.
In those instances where the shadows being unearthed are the very ones we all need to see and feel and reckon with, the contribution being weighed outweighs the eccentricities, the soul moods, the dark edge. But when the target is more subjective and idiosyncratic, the overall feeling of giving way too far predominates and there is very little room to keep the balance and feel reconciled to what is happening here.
There is a radically deep pressure and strain which accompanies this search. One tends to feel incomplete and drastically missing something one can’t live without. The desire is there to self-righteous, vindictive, or in various ways self-justifying. But the bite underneath is fiercely strong. One’s own worst enemy, one stalks oneself mercilessly.
If core meaning is salvaged and when bottom is touched, everything turns around so completely that the story now turns out to be one of valor and persisting and remarkable hardiness under duress of the ultimate kind. The dimension of the saving grace is always there, but usually elusive, just out-of-reach. It is tantalizing to sense that something beautiful may be coming forth here if we can die to ourselves at every further turn.

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