full moon in leo- 1/26/2013

by | Jan 26, 2013 | Lunar Insight

the full moon in leo is exact on saturday, january 26th at 8:38pm PST. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle that began with the new moon in capricorn on january 11th. what is interesting about this entire moon cycle is that saturn/capricorn is a dominant theme. the new moon was in capricorn and the full moon in leo is squared to saturn, the ruler of capricorn. there is a focus right now on reality, the bottom line, what is rather than what can be, and what we need to do or deal with in our lives to get more grounded, masterful and in integrity in our lives.

this full moon is powerful due to the T-square that is formed between the sun in aquarius conjunct mercury in aquarius, opposite the full moon in leo- all of which are square to saturn in scorpio. sun/mercury is visionary, insightful, forward thinking and outside of the box! evolution, transformation and change are at hand! the full moon in leo is passionate, creative, confident and playful- and can even perhaps be over-the-top in regards to the egoic desires and self-focus that is present at the moment. with everything square to saturn we are being tested big time. are our dreams and visions practical? are our ego’s needs basic and honest ones or do they stem from a sense of self-entitlement and/or wounded ego? saturn in scorpio demands we address the shadow and all that lies beneath the surface. leo and aquarius, as fire and air signs, stay mostly on the surface of things- so going down deep and dealing with shadow is definitely not their forte.

right now, if we are avoiding dealing with reality, trying to escape it and/or just plain burying our heads in denial- this week and this full moon in particular can rock our world. capricorn and saturn demand that we earn our keep and that we live our lives with integrity and mastery. being immature and self-focused (shadow of leo) or escapist and stubborn (aquarius) will certainly get us into trouble this week!

what is interesting is that a day before this lunation mercury squares saturn and next week on wednesday (the 30th) the sun will do the same. because the sun and mercury are traveling closely together right now they make the same aspects, one after another. sun and mercury square saturn is bringing us face to face with what is and forcing us to address where what can be is either a long way down the line OR out of the question considering the current circumstances. to add to this saturn is conjunct acrux- a fixed star that requires us to focus on the physical world. our roots, foundations, grounding and day to day lives are where it’s at right now! if you are yearning for transformation and change- start with the building blocks in your life. if you have built some aspect of life- be it a relationship, a career, a home/family situation, or a belief system- on shoddy foundation- the only way to create change is to rework it (or get rid of it and start over again) from the ground up! that is the best use of the energy this week and really this entire year. you thought 2012 was intense, wait for 2013!

with so much saturn reality focus right now, it is fascinating to note that jupiter will be stationing direct on wednesday the 30th- the same day that the sun squares saturn. jupiter and saturn are about as opposite as two planets can get. jupiter governs expansion, abundance, opportunity and optimism, while saturn governs contraction, pruning, letting go and realism. but what they do have in common is that they are both teacher planets- one teaches more benevolently and the other more karmically, but they both come into the picture to teach us, socialize us and get us out of our personal self-focus and into a focus of our interconnection with the world around us. they are the bridge from individual me (sun through mars) to Cosmic Me (uranus, neptune, pluto and chiron). with lots of saturn and a stationary jupiter you can bet the lessons are flowing in right now! the mastery lies in finding balance between trust and wisdom, leaping and securing the net, believing and doing the hard work required of us to realize our dreams.

the last thing to note in the chart is that vesta, the goddess of the hearth, stations direct just under 12 hours before the full moon. with the stationary position of the goddess who represents deep commitment to one’s goals and service to the world in some way, we have a focus on our commitments, our goals, our deepest desires that are not about the self but around about something bigger. vesta is currently conjunct aldebaran, a fixed star that promises success if act with integrity.

keep that in mind this week! focus on your goals and see what work you have to do to get there. take one step at a time and don’t lose heart when it feels like it is taking so long to manifest or it is boring or very hard. we are earning our keep right now. the amount of commitment and energy you put out into the Universe the Universe will send back to you tenfold. you have to give to receive…

enjoy the full moon vibes…

~divine harmony

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