Wednesday July 8th 2020

full moon in gemini: question what you think you know

the full moon at 0’52 gemini is exact on thursday november 22nd 2018 (thanksgiving for those who celebrate in the USA)- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle are in that began with the new moon in scorpio on november 7th. that was a VERY powerful new moon as it was both the Solar Gate and Lunar Gate into samhain- the dark sun part of the solar year, a time of death, endings, loss and renewal (if you have not heard my solar/lunar gates calls for this potent portal they are up on my site). a new moon in scorpio is all about the depths, the shadows and confronting what is hidden in the darkness. now contrast that with the full moon in gemini this week- which is about the surface and is more light hearted but also avoidant- and we get an interesting picture of the energies a foot!

that new moon dredged up the depths- and we can use this full moon to illuminate what we are bypassing, avoiding and turning away from. we can also use this full moon to entrench ourselves even more in our denial, delusion and avoidance of reality. it truly is up to each of us!

this full moon is at 0’52 gemini- the first degree of the sign of communication, information and thinking. with the full moon opposite the sun (as always during the full moon), mercury retrograde (the ruler of the full moon) and jupiter who just moved into sagittarius the day after the new moon in scorpio- we have the axis of small mind and Higher mind, personal perspective and Bigger Perspective highlighted. this is a full moon to question what we think we know. particularly if we tend towards hubris or self righteousness- i am right you are wrong and you need to listen- this full moon asks us to come back to Beginners Mind where we stay open to seeing things about ourselves, others and the world around us that we previously were avoiding.

add to the picture the fact that the full moon axis is squared by mars and neptune in pisces and we have some nebulousness added to the picture. the exact mars/neptune conjunction is december 7th and from this week until then mars triggers the fast approaching jupiter/neptune square (first exact aspect is january 13th but it will last for the first 9 months of 2019). both jupiter and neptune are known as the ‘spiritual planets’. they are idealistic, optimistic and full of faith! yet in their excess and shadow they can be dogmatic, avoidant, escapist and over the top. jupiter/neptune can prefer to see what it wants to see rather than see the Truth. and yet that is the complete opposite of the nature of the new moon in scorpio which was all about seeing into the shadows and facing the Truth.

with mars/neptune square the full moon axis at best we need to check ourselves when we are wearing rose colored glasses and at worst we need to check ourselves AND others to discern where we or others may be delusional, deceptive and outright dishonest. it’s easy to spiritualize our own dishonesty and lack of integrity. it’s easy to pretend we are more pious and honorable than we really are. this is a full moon to question what we think, hear and say. it’s also a full moon to question information that you receive from your self, your intuition (which could be your ego pretending to be your intuition), the media, Spiritual Teachers or authority figures in your life and more.

this full moon triggers not only the jupiter/neptune square that will be exact in 2019 but also mercury retrograde who is square mars on 11/26 and square neptune at the end of his back end shadow on 12/24. so we have 3 different astrological configurations triggering the same thing- all pointing to the need to get clear on what we think is Truth, question what we are being told/what we are telling ourselves, and be willing to stop spiritual bypassing and show up to reality as it is so we can deal with things head on (personally, collectively and otherwise).

two asteroids are important to take note of right now. jupiter is conjunct atlantis- an asteroid that speaks to past life carry over from the fall of atlantis with a need for us to see today what we could not see yesterday in order to change the timeline we are currently on. venus is also conjunct kassandra- the prophetess asteroid and seeress into the future. they say there were prophets and seers who saw the future that was coming before the fall of atlantis- but they were not listened to. today we have an opportunity to choose a different path and to listen to the voices of the prophets and seers who can see clearly the path we are headed on and who warn us not to put us into fear but to illuminate us with a clear knowing of what needs to change in order to change the trajectory we are on.

something that is of great concern to me is of these past many fires and floods we have had in california many if not all have had connections to utilities malfunctions. most recently the woolsey fire that destroyed over 80% of the malibu mountains began on the property of the santa susana field laboratory in simi valley- a place of a previous nuclear meltdown that was covered up for over 20 years. the fire began there and there are people concerned about the radioactive substances that are on the property and have been document around the area (and notably in health affects on young children that live around the area) having been dispersed in the air by the fires. the boeing/rocketdyne/SSFL authorities are saying there is no concern- but historically nuclear industry authorities always minimize potential for risk as we can see in the track record of all nuclear meltdowns and accidents that have happened since nuclear power was discovered. they are NEVER honest and upfront about what happened. in part to minimize hysteria? perhaps but also in part to not have to be accountable for what happened and then not have to be forced to change or close down or clean up their toxic messes.

this is but one public situation on the table to question what we are being told. there are myriad others. this full moon demands you ask questions, demands you dig deeper and don’t just take things at surface value. yes regarding what is going on in our government, in our environment and in the world around us- but also and importantly what is going on WITHIN. we need to question things- don’t just take in whole what we are being fed and swallow it undigested. who are you? why are you here? are you being told the whole Truth? are you ready to face the Truth of who you are fearlessly?

the disparity between gemini (full moon) and scorpio (new moon) needs to be rectified. surface and depth, light and shadows, staying above and going below. yet let us remember that mercury (the ruler of gemini) was one of the few beings who could move between the upper world and lower world- to visit pluto (the ruler of scorpio) and guide the souls after death. these two have a deep connection and when they remember their common origins the surface and the depth will find Union once again. (fun astro fact: a lot of therapists have mercury/pluto aspects- including yours truly ;)

i leave you with ellias lonsdales insightful star sparks meditation for this full moon.



by ellias lonsdale

Gemini 1 Knots in a cord. They are a message in code

Signaling to all attending beings that something is happening here which is endangered, promising, riddled with problems and wondrously permeated with talent, intelligence, and a flowing grace of the rarest kind. The shadow is intense. The impulse is very great. The stakes are the highest. What will prevail?
The bright central impulse lies in aligning with all that is of such spaciousness that no matter what arises, it is welcome, it is part of it-all is as intended. This frequency can flourish whenever it is free and joyous and in no way driven back on itself. If it spontaneously overflows in the moment into the entire surround, there is this contagious wave of YES, this ripple of excitement and activation.
The contorted shadow reflection is taken up with such a mountain-load of doubt and hesitation and mental anxiety that when this comes on strong, the light goes out, the energy folds back on itself, and there is this ghostly quality of perpetual absence combined with an undertow of suspicion and something feeling very wrong.
The soul sounds out a cry, a call for help, for perspective, for anything that can redeem the duality repetition syndrome. The one inside feels like they cannot get anywhere, because each bright interval is followed by the opposite play of confusion and distortion. What is to be done?
This is one for spirit intervention. The fuller and more wakeful the call, the higher the spiritual response. It is collective, it is personal, it is everything-at-once. We need a deep equanimity, a whole seeing, a light that is not shadowed by darkness. If the mind can give over to a vaster consciousness, if the past can yield to an open future, all will be well.
There is this edge where it seems alive and powerful to be held taut between and among all these divergent impulses. Yet the finest attunement comes in silent vigil, free of preferences and desire.

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