full moon in gemini- Galactic Gates and the Revelation of Truth (12/18/21)

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Lunar Insight

the full moon at 27’29 gemini is exact on saturday December 18th, 2021 at 8:36pm PST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the last of the south node solar eclipses in sagittarius on December 3rd (you can read the lunar insight on that new moon eclipse here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/solar-eclipse-in-sagittarius-the-past-is-present-12-3-21/). with that new moon eclipse conjunct the Great Attractor and this full moon opposite the Galactic Center- we have some powerful Source Points being activated right now and we would do well to PAY ATTENTION to what is coming in via downloads, insights, dreams, intuition and more.

this full moon axis activates the Galactic Center and anti-galactic Center- the Golden Gate and Silver Gate points which are gateways into and out of our galaxy. when you look at our galaxy and where we are positioned in connection to the Galactic Center- the GC or Golden Gate points to the center of our galaxy while the anti-GC or Silver Gate points in the opposite direction. the Silver Gate take us to the edge of our galaxy and is the threshold to going beyond it. key in this is realizing that we are not the source of everything but in fact there are many other galaxies out there with their own Galactic Centers and we are but one of BILLIONS.

this reminds me of the quote by swami nisargadatta “wisdom tells me i am nothing, Love tells me i am everything- between the two my life flows”. we are nothing and everything, we are human and Divine, we are so important and we are minuscule in comparison to all that ever was, is and shall be. contemplating Cosmic Truths and holding the tension of the opposites (aka Paradox)- is an amazing way to work this Galactic Axis!

The Galactic Center (GC) is the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, while the Great Attractor (GA) is a point that 30+ galaxys are rushing towards as though being pulled in/attracted by it (hence the name). the GA warps time and space and bends Light with it’s massive gravity. philip sedgwick says the GA may be a direct personificaiton of the Creatrix itself! the GC could be seen as the Source/creatrix of our galaxy- while the GA is the Source/creatrix of all galaxys and all life. i call the GC the Mother, the SGC (the Super Galactic Center which is another point) the Grand Mother and the GA is the Great Grand Mother ;) with these Mother/Creatrix/Galactic points activated all month we have some BIG ENERGIES incoming.

this is a month/lunar cycle to be open to seeing Truth in a way we have not seen it before. are we willing to ‘risk the factuality of our own beliefs in the interest of pure knowledge’ (quoting philip)? this is a month to be willing to ASK QUESTIONS and be with the question rather than quickly pursue the answer.

more contemporarily the GC is called the Gate of God (GC/27 sagittarius) while the opposite point is called the the Gate of Man (27 gemini). but before we had a more patriarchal take on these gates they were the Gate of the Father/God and the Gate of the Mother/Goddess OR they were seen as the Gate of Birth and the Gate of Death held by two aspects of the Great Mother (womb and Tomb). the Silver Gate is the Gate we come in through (through the Mother’s womb) and the Golden Gate is the Gate we go back out through (back to the Father or back to the Heavenly Mother). they are the ways into and out of this galaxy and they are star gates/portals.

this full moon is revealing BIG TRUTHS- but it might also be revealing where you thought you knew the Truth but you didn’t. be open minded and curious right now. the path to knowing is being willing to not know. “God/Goddess/All That Is- show me the way!” when we get out of our own way something greater can lead us.

there are many amazing aspects to this lunation- notably a Grand Air Trine with Greater Benefic Jupiter in aquarius, the Full Moon in gemini and Hygeia in libra. Hygeia is the Goddess of Healing and her presence brings an expansive energy for healing of our bodies and our minds. and perhaps discovering and understanding more deeply the secret connect between the two- how our thoughts inform our reality and our health is connected to how we think and perceive.

we also have the full moon triggering the saturn/uranus square- with the 3rd and final square occurring days later on december 23rd. this has been a challenging transit all throughout 2021 forcing us to see what is old, stagnant, stuck and do the work to embrace change. out with the old! in with the new! but if you are attached to the old and hanging on for dear life- watch out!

we also have this full moon quincunx the venus/pluto conjunction with venus about to station retrograde 6 hours after the full moon (on december 19th). venus is in double conjunction to pluto (12/11 and 12/25) and double square to eris (12/7 and 12/30)- so all month long we have this huge trigger of the Pluto/Eris square by the Goddess of Love and Beauty. i wrote two blogs about her descent and you can find them linked below- but it’s time to question how we adhere to patriarchal values and where we need to evolve how we relate to money, love, security, safety, self worth and self Love. on a wider scale this is a time to re-evalute government, business, career and hierarchal models of leadership. this is a BIG venus retrograde!!!

with ceres the Great Mother on the north node of destiny with the Pleaides- be open to messages coming directly from the Divine Mother Herself! just know that the messages that come in may challenge your point of comfort, security and safety. an open mind and an open heart is necessary for this transition we are in- personally and collectively. ask Her to help you, and call it in with Grace & Ease!

the ruler of this lunation is mercury who is in capricorn and is squaring a standstill chiron in aries the same day of the lunation. communication can be intense, revealing, triggering and powerful. healing is possible if we are honest and if we are willing to own our stuff, see our shadow and shift our reactivity into a place of response.

the gateways are opening but it’s up to us to cross the threshold. i leave you with the star sparks degrees for the Golden Gate and Silver Gate degrees- they are deep, insightful and amazing to meditate on – during this full moon and the last 2 weeks of 2021 as we prepare to head into a new year and a new journey right around the corner!

happy holy-days to you and yours <3







by elias lonsdale

Gemini 28 A cloud in the shape of a rabbit

Sensing pervasively all of the changes on the multi-levels of life. Connected energetically and in sense awareness with what is forming, what might come into being, and what is already coming to meet us from the future. Being obsessed with, just about taken over by the currents, the possibilities, the ripplings, what is meant to happen and what is coming through at a collective level of root change.

Becoming enraptured with a self and a world which has no outward tangible manifestation, yet which is here encountered as strikingly real and unavoidable. Being transported to a different level of consciousness, a new way of knowing. And decidedly challenged to make this threshold sensitivity something which serves all worlds, yet which holds throughout to it’s own wild independent vision and sensibility.

Coming up against every possible obstacle, each force which cannot see, feel, know these marvelous things yet, and which wants proof and definition and substantial indication as to where we are going with all this. Also meeting a shadow of these same doubters inside the mind. Needing to discover how to move so fluently that no fixed idea can catch and bind and hurt and distort.

Immensely buoyant and provoking to the earthbound. Gifted with a future sparkle that opens wide all worlds. Irrepressibly sure of self, even when prone to doubt. Strangely unmoved by outer form considerations. Always seeing through and beyond, seeking to move that way.

Swept away by light, by euphoria, by ecstasy. Given to a certain soul mood of wild exultation. Future vistas unfold and one is allowed to live in closest juxtaposition to what others may someday meet in time.

Asked to give freely of every intimation, yet supported most of all in staying with the flow of revelation, without needing to check it out with any authorities. The proof is in the vibration itself.


Sagittarius 28 A witch’s ritual dagger

Being directed to the point to stay on it feverishly. Being surrounded by every distraction imaginable. Yet honing in on the pivotal point every single time.
Blessed with an uncanny instinct for how to penetrate through. Drawing to the self those factors and forces which bring life toward the surface and toward conditional patterns and delusionary systems.

The endless battle to stay on with what counts and to cast off the spell of what is both irrelevant and dangerous. The collective syndromes are played off of as deadly to the touch. A different approach must get through somehow.

Linked utterly with a way of being which was generated long ago and protected to insure that it a can now still be on the beam with subtle magical faculties. The inheritor of those who can never fall for established truths and who remember the piercing power of direct insight.

The fabulous struggle to protect and guard these rare abilities and to make sure they are never exploited or turned against themselves. It is almost inevitable that what is most feared will happen over and again. And then what counts is the inward response.

Is there sufficient reckoning to come back from these major deaths and once again be fresh and new in perceiving and sensing along the subtle tracks? Can the core of the soul hold to its edge even when it’s lost, even as the sacred space is violated?

This is the path of bearing something invaluable for the collective through dangerous times. It is the tapping of a lost magical faculty and the sticking with what seems to be no end of trouble. Ultimately, this is the sparking of light in deep and veiled forms, just as called for.

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