full moon in capricorn- breaking free from old paradigms (7/13/22)

by | Jul 9, 2022 | Lunar Insight

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the super full moon at 21’21 capricorn is exact on wednesday july 13th. 2022 at 2:37pm EDT- marking the midway point of the lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in cancer conjunct black moon lilith on june 28th. in the lunar insight and lunar gate call on this new moon and lunar cycle i talked about how this whole lunar month can be emotionally powerful and intense. all the disowned, repressed or otherwise forgotten emotions are coming up and out. with cancer being a primary archetype this lunar cycle the focus is on home, family, mothers, children, our inner child, emotions, feelings, childhood past and more. it’s confronting us with our feelings about safety, security, being nurtured and nourished or alternatively where that is lacking. it is dredging up old stuff but also an amazing portal for working with what arises via shadow work and emotional intimacy (i gave a practice for this in the lunar gate call for the new moon in cancer. you can sign up to be a member and access gate calls here- https://divineharmony.com/become-a-member/)

this full moon is conjunct pluto and opposite the sun, mercury and ceres the Great Mother, with all of the above in T square to eris. the Lord of the Underworld is bringing up and out all the emotions we compartmentalize or repress and eris is doing it her true discordant and chaotic fashion! the sun, mercury and ceres- along with lilith- are all in cancer the sign of the Mother. there can be big things up in mother/child relationships, our relationship to the Great Mother and our own re-mothering/re-parenting work. i cannot repeat this enough- EMOTIONS ARE HIGH RIGHT NOW. i used to have a T-shirt that said ‘be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle’. it is so true AND this does not mean becoming a door mat for others’ unprocessed emotions and shadow. boundaries are key and sometimes they need to be set in fierce, but loving, ways!

suffice it to say- this is a very intense lunation! there can be big things up around mothers, fathers, children, families- as well as patriarchal institutions, the government, big business and more. it has a ‘letting the cat out of the bag’ kind of energy- anything suppressed, denied, ignored- can and will come up and out! the good news is although the moon is under duress (conjunct pluto, square eris, quincunx saturn) she is making amazing aspects to uranus the Higher Mind, Neptune the Higher Heart and the north node of destiny. we have the capacity to tune at deeper levels – to our dreams, intuition, inner voice- to find the path forward. this full moon can be like a pressure cooker and uranus and neptune can show the valves to release so that steam can slowly, steadily be let out instead of a full on explosion. pay attention to their guidance!!!

it is interesting to see all the outer planets (uranus, neptune, pluto, eris) as well as one of the social planets saturn making aspects to the full moon- with only jupiter missing from the social/transpersonal line up. this shows that this full moon can be felt socially and transpersonally and will likely manifest in news and world events. all of these bodies (along with jupiter and chiron) will be retrograde by july 28th with only uranus direct as we move through the uranus/north node conjunction portal (july 26th-august 1st). the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener is the only one with full power to move forward and with his north node of destiny alignment- the winds of BIG change are blowing!!! if you have not read my article about this click here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/uranus-conjunct-the-north-node-sudden-and-irrevocable-change-7-26-8-1/

there is a lovely mystic rectangle formed between the north node of destiny with uranus the revolutionary, the south node of karma and the full moon opposite the sun. a mystic rectangle forms between two oppositions (in this case the nodes and the sun/moon) and they harmoniously link with each other (the sun is trine the south node, sextile the north node/uranus, the moon is trine the north node/uranus, sextile the south node). a mystic rectangle creates an amazing synergy of two oppositions that have outlets and release via their connection with each other. with a full moon conjunct pluto opposite the sun in emotional cancer- the link with uranus on the north node (helping us LET GO) and the south node in scorpio (helping us confront shadow and what is in the Unconscious) is super potent.

two days before the full moon we have the 2nd of 3 Pluto Returns for the United States of America (link to blog about that is below) and 3 days after this full moon we have a potent sun/mercury conjunction with both quincunx saturn at the exact same time. this can bring in heavy thinking or communication, karmic circumstances or blocked emotions or communication. the key is to see reality and deal with what is- versus being focused on ideals, fantasies, dreams or potential and possibility. the latter can inspire us but if we use the latter to avoid the former we can have some sobering moments incoming.

there are a lot of bodies out of bounds- beyond the bounds of the sun. this means they can reach into territory that lies beyond but can also be excessive or over the top- particularly with 3 of them in cancer (mercury, ceres, lilith) and the 3rd being the moon which is the ruler of cancer. again this speaks to emotions being out of bounds, over the top and easily triggered! navigate with care.

the sun is conjunct one of the two twins – castor the mortal twin. solar fire says this star has to do with writing and creativity- a good place to channel your emotions that is for sure! but in myth these twins were seen as the feminine and masculine with the masculine being the mortal twin. we can be asked to face our mortality, our humanness and our mundane existence. we are both human and divine- but if we get lost in one at the expense of the other we can lose our way. emotions will be the arrow pointing to where you are bypassing OR wallowing in your humanness – that is for sure!

there are some fascinating asteroids involved in the full moon chart! we have the sun conjunct kassandra and persephone- two Dark Goddess figures who are deeply psychic, intuitive and able to see beyond the veil. kassandra is the greek priestess who had the gift of prophecy. she was an the oracle of the Goddess but when patriarchal consciousness took over the temple was taken over by apollo and she became his oracle. he found her beautiful and wanted to sleep with her. she said no- so he got mad. he cursed her and told her she had the gift of prophecy but no one would believer her! the rest of her story is one of seeing the future but no one would listen! there can high level psychic oracular messages coming in at this full moon- and we need to trust our inner knowing !!!

persephone is the wife of pluto but before pluto was in the story (pre-patriarchy) she was ceres the Great Mother’s daughter and she willingly went into the Underworld to help guide the souls after death. interestingly ceres the asteroid is conjunct isis- another great Mother figure, while pluto is conjunct icarus the man who flew to close to the sun while wearing wings his father crafted. his father warned him not to fly to close to the sun as the wings were put together with wax. in hubris he went too high and the wax melted, the wings fell apart and he plummeted to his death. this asteroid speaks to ‘escapes that are careless of the consequences’ and the ‘desire to get away from restrictions’.

i see in these threads of myth weaving together a powerful seer-like feminine force (kassandra, persephone, ceres, isis) at odds with the patriarchal pattern of hubris, trying to be God, being careless of the consequences of things we set into motion (in science, in business and more) and reacting to restrictions in a knee jerk way versus from a place of maturity and response. it is super interesting to see these myths weave together in this cart where the moon is conjunct pluto and square eris. it feels like a shaking up and shattering of old paradigms that have gotten toxic, stagnant and stuck (and also emotions that fit this description within each of us).

i leave you with the both the star sparks degree and the sabian symbol for this full moon- they are both powerful and insightful! star sparks speaks to this degree being about a need for surrender and a decisive point that can go either way. the title is ‘a bare altar covered with black velvet’ which evokes the sacred but also a metaphorical death portal (black being both womb and tomb) and with pluto on this full moon that feels apt.

the sabian symbol talks about accepting defeat (similar to surrender) and how we can growth through defeat as well as success. when we allow things to die and we allow things to end- we honor the other half of the cycle of life. it’s not all birth and positivity and growth. that is only one half of the yin and yang symbol! we also have death and negativity and pruning. he talks about this degree being one of finding and/or sourcing Inner Strength. when life is falling apart all around you- you can fall apart with it OR you can find your center, your root, your foundation that is WITHIN YOU. your True Center & Source has nothing to do with outer things in life. this is how those rare and amazing beings who were in nazi camps but retained their joy and kept their heart open were able to find this space of deep mastery. we can ‘turn apparent external defeat into an inner spiritual achievement’.

these are the times we have been born for – being forged in the fire. listen to your body, listen to your intuition- honor the feminine principle within via earth (body) and water (emotions and intuition). bring back into balance within your own being what has been out of balance in the world for far too long. crack open and face what is repressed within- so the shadow work so you can hold greater Light. and thank you for being on the path with us all now. these are the times we have incarnated for!

blessed be…






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by ellias lonsdale

Capricorn 22
A bare altar covered with black velvet

Sometimes a surrender is asked. Previous gains, developed stature, taken for granted knowledge, and a certain kind of authoritative stance become a lie. They pose a very great encumbrance and will be the source of much illusion if held to any further. So there is this empirical demand that the one who inherits ancestral and personal karmic powers and domains must become willing to do without these and to discover what happens here when we listen to the inner call and tune out the false worldly voices.

The considerable risk is that even this sacrifice and renunciation may be too late, too partial, and therefore the erosion process will have done its work in a destructive fashion. We have to live with this possibility sometimes. Is that gesture just a formal one? Is this concession here substantive and heartfelt?

A greater power is at work behind the scenes here. That power is immense, world-shattering. It requires us to be dissected of that aspect of ourselves which stands between us and what we are called here to sense. And with relentless fury, it will not let us be.

For we are meant to be forged and fashioned into something beyond the grasp of our historical self. We are being asked to supersede the old patterns and syndromes with something which is already well on its way and just needs our blessing to fulfill its cycle of deep change here.

This is a decisive point, personally and collectively. It can go either way. There are good reasons to hold back, to hold out, to ask for better terms. Yet timing is so very crucial. Can we afford to be so sure, when we know it’s well past such considerations?

At the last moment, when everything depends upon it, the idols topple; the power-heavy way of life is suddenly gone. In its place, there is the obedient servant of the Most High.

by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The realization that one may grow through defeat as well as, and perhaps more than, through success.

While the preceding symbol referred to the drive toward success in culturally organized collective endeavors, this one presents us with the possibility of turning apparent external defeat into an inner spiritual achievement. We have recently seen how totally vanquished nations (Germany and Japan) have leaped forward and achieved great economic success. Much depends on the quality of the will and the inner integrity of the person.

At this second stage we find what seems to be a paradox, but the spiritual life is always paradoxical. The great sinner can become the most renowned saint, and a medieval Pope a criminal. What matters most always is INNER STRENGTH.

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