Friday May 24th 2019

full moon in capricorn- a get real lunation

the full moon at 6’28 capricorn is exact on wednesday june 27th 2018 at 9:53pm PDT (or thursday morning the 28th at 5:53am london time)- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in gemini on june 13th. that new moon was quincunx pluto in capricorn and the ruler of the new moon was mercury who was in cancer and opposite saturn. this full moon is conjunct saturn and we have mercury opposite pluto now. this whole lunar cycle has been very potent and at times intense!

in 2018 we have what i have been calling the capricorn confluence- a plethora of capricorn planets piling up in one area of the sky and in one specific area in each of our natal charts (be sure to listen to the weekly horoscopes and lunar horoscopes to get the full download). we have saturn in his rulership of capricorn all year long, pluto in capricorn on pluto’s south node in october, mars retrograding through saturn ruled aquarius and capricorn throughout the summer, black moon lilith in capricorn until fall and the karmic south node moving into capricorn in the fall as well. so much intensity piling up in capricorn is putting a massive spotlight on key areas of life- stripping us down, getting us to the essence of what is and what isn’t.

saturn/capricorn are focused on REALITY. this is a get real lunation. saturn demands we see what is- not what could be, might be, used to be or should be- but simply WHAT IS. this is a sobering lunation that can feel like cold water on the face to wake us up- but it can also be an immensely grounding lunation that gets us to the essence of what is (after clearing out/pruning all that is NOT) and from this place we can really build something solid and enduring.

this full moon is conjunct saturn- so we have a double dose of saturn/capricorn energy that can support self-mastery, integrity, responsibility and accountability OR it can amplify depression, heaviness, the need for control and the Inner Critic voice in our heads that shames or blames (both ourselves and others). it is fascinating to see the new moon and full moon have similar themes with pluto involved. we are being stripped down and being asked to face old paradigms we hold onto at the expense of our growth and evolution. digging deep, doing shadow work, being willing to get to what lies beneath and beyond our reactions and addictions is so key right now. (if you are in london come to my shadow work class on friday june 29th at triyoga shore ditch! click here for more info-*&from=*&to=27-07-2018&with=100001983&what=*&search=true&courseid=&classdescid=

this full moon is not just conjunct saturn but it is also square chiron. the Wounded Healer in the sign of yang, masculine, assertive and aggressive aries is powerful. not only do we have chiron in aries but we have mars retrograde on the karmic south node! if you have not seen the video i made about this potent Underworld journey of the red warrior planet mars you can find that here-

saturn and chiron are the two heavy hitters of the zodiac. they both point to where we don’t feel good enough. saturn is where we are perfectionist and hard on ourselves and others OR where we are escaping accountability and responsibility. chiron is where our biggest wounds and pain are and we tend to identify with either the victim (enmeshed with our pain) or the tyrant/perpetrator (not wanting to feel our pain so we act it out onto others). saturn and chiron tied up with this lunation in capricorn is asking to take a good, hard look at the structures, foundations, dogmas, rigidity and old paradigms we are clinging onto in our lives. where are we stuck, stagnant and not evolving? where have things become toxic and rigid?

there’s a big journey up for us all right now regarding our relationship to anger, rage, desire, sexual energy and will (due to mars retrograde and chiron in aries). how do we relate to this yang masculine energy? do we stuff our anger, internalize our rage, mute our desire, block our sexual energy and surrender our will? or do we react in our anger, take our rage out on others, react to our desires, dominate others with our will and leak our sexual energy out in unmasterful, out of integrity ways? this saturn lunation asks us to take a sobering look at how we relate to this energy within us and without as well (in the from of relationships with men/masculine energy people around us) and start to do the long, laborious work to heal wounded expressions of it.

luckily this lunation is trine uranus- the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener is helping us to see what needs to shift and change- particularly regarding our attachments, our relationships, our values and self worth/self-Love. this full moon trine uranus shows us very clearly what needs to change and what we need to do about it!

what i find really fascinating is that the moon/saturn conjunction are aligned with the esoteric body morya. morya is an ascended master who is connected to the 1st ray of will and power. both saturn and mars are can be thought to be associated with the 1st ray- as saturn rules the 1st chakra and mars governs will and power. according to alan oken the highest expression of the 1st ray “acts as a catalyst, breaking up old existing conditions so that new ones may eventuate.” we can use the 1st ray to “use (the) spiritual will for the benefit of the collective; power utilized for the purpose of enhancing unity and beauty; the expression of will for the purposes and well-being of the group.” the lowest expression of this ray is “limitless ambition, use (of) will for selfish purposes, manipulative of others through personal power, easy to anger, cannot take criticism, strong sense of personal pride.” so these are the Light and dark/shadow aspects of the lunation to tune into. where are we acting out the shadow of the 1st ray? where are we being called to Highest expressions of the 1st ray in our personal and collective lives?

of course mars features strong in the full moon chart simply because he stationed retrograde one day before the lunation- but also because he is on the karmic south node and he is aligned with the asteroid pandora. if you know your mythology you know about pandora’s box. she opened it up out of curiosity and all the ills of the world flew out- anger, hatred, violence and more. mars retrograde on the karmic south node is already a lot like pandora’s box. there is so much karmic energy in there that we can all tend to exacerbate and overdo right now- because the south node is the default path. it’s what is easy and it’s where we repeat karmic patterns ad nausea. pandora on the south node speaks to where we can act in the moment- following our impulses- and they can lead us to places we really did not intend to go. it’s really important that we all cultivate the capacity to stop, think, breathe and anchor ourselves before we act/react in the coming months with mars retrograde. this goes for individuals as well as countries and political figures. karma can be set into motion this summer that cannot be taken back or undone.

with mars retrograde and chiron in aries the astrology this summer is supporting us to do the work to cultivate a better relationship to mars and our will, power, anger, sexual energy and masculine side. a healthy masculine is a great protector and keeper of our boundaries. anger is actually the guardian of our boundaries and when worked with consciously is an amazing ally on our path of healing and wholeness. but anger stuffed and denied can turn into depression and illness and anger reacted in can turn into violence, aggression, hatred and war. the key with the karmic south node is that eventually we get to a point where we are so sick and tired of the karma we keep reaping over and over again that we finally get willing to step up and really do something about it. the north node is not the comfort zone- it is where things don’t come easy and it’s not our default pattern. it takes a lot of consciousness to navigate the north node path and that is the call this summer- to bring more consciousness to your karmic patterns and to consciously choose a new direction to move into! (again check your weekly horoscopes and lunar horoscopes to see where this places out for your sun sign and rising sign)

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditations for both the full moon degree and the degree of saturn the ruler of the lunation. they are both potent! for the full moon degree ellias talks about how this is a sobering moment where we are looking at the damages and there can be an emphasis on the negative- which is the shadow side of saturn and capricorn. he says there can be regret, accusations and bitterness. and yet this is a reckoning as in this earth experience we cannot have the light without the shadow and it is often the darkest times that forge within us the best of who we are. the meditation for saturn’s degree is the other side of saturn/capricorn- speaking to a central pillar of strength in chaotic times and a stabilizing energy that is ‘so firmly planted in timeless soil’ that nothing can uproot us! this lunation asks us to cultivate ‘selfless serene objective awareness’- where we ’throw of all traces of falsity and pompousness’ and step up into mastery, our integrity and our responsibility for being stewards of this planet in deeper and Higher ways.

full moon blessings sent your way!

~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Capricorn 7 A satyr gazing at his reflection in a pound

Recognizing what has happened inside and everything that it means. Realizing what has been lost and what has been gained. Assessing and evaluating slowly, soberly, lingeringly just what it has meant to become a creature of earthbound impulses, yet of earth-fertile consciousness and self-observation.
The mute-view of the observer witness getting a good hard look at damages, trends, and hidden dimensions of ruin and victory. Great emphasis upon the negative. Being aroused by, stimulated by, almost thrilled with the tragic, the heavy, and the toll it takes to manifest our powers in this world on this world’s terms.
The accounting, the reckoning. But even as we regret and accuse and become embittered, it is all a karmic drama. We are posing before ourselves, showing pain and loss and all the worst in order to fascinate, beguile and enchant. We do it for ourselves and we do it for everybody else.
This realm is magnetic and powerful, overwhelmingly so. Our private depths of longing and regret are enacted before millions. One way or another, what seems like solitude turns into a spectacle, a display, a demonstration.
But what we are revealing through us is paradoxical and mixed. We want to say at the same time that it’s not worth it and it is, that we despise our own weaknesses, scorn them forever, and understand implicitly that it had to be that way. We are trying to get it across to ourselves and anybody else who happens to be tuning in that we were compelled by karmic forces to crash hard in the planet, to lose everything when we did so, and to gain the world in the bargain.
What is lost, intimately so, is innocence, is youth, is ease and naïve exuberance. What is gained, is the experience of this earth at its greatest and most uncompromising. Truth to tell, the final word will always be that’s the way to do it.


Capricorn 6 An ancient gold scarab lying in the sand

Being as before, as always. The unchanging, the unmoved, the unbound. Stature and consciousness and authority of the highest. Coming into the now with no compromise, no adaptation toward the shifting tides of evolution.
Just embodying in oneself that which is unforgettable, is evocative, is other. Being so given over to this archetypal realm that what radiates through is virtually a pure channeling, a standing in for direct timeless sources and a lost art of eternal life which long ago flourished and can at every turn of time’s spiral return as it was, much the same, still cosmically standing, still rigid and unbending.
Referring back to the ancients, the wisdom of experience, the path of the tried and true. Gathering poise from so many lifetimes of being like this. Even looking the same as once upon a time. The outer form is just like the inward essence.
There are divergent places to go with this. What it truly wants to become is a central pillar of strength in hard chaotic times. It seeks to stabilize, to reassure, to provide leadership and leavening. And when it is on, the capacity for selflessly serene objective awareness is so active that is carries the day, even while being self-insistent.
If this veers too far off into a crystallized pattern of the self unto itself, it can become so off to the side that it is irrelevant to others and quite capricious and arbitrary. For it then gets swallowed up in it’s own history. Far better to be inside the unknown than to keep reinstating the claims of what long ago became a private interior world all it’s own.
The idea is to be so firmly planted in timeless soil that the overt expression can become delightfully light and carefree. Because the influence is strong with others all around, it is vital to throw off all traces of falsity and any form of pompousness. We don’t need those who know it all. We need bright sparks.

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