Monday June 1st 2020

full moon in capricorn- 7/12/14

the full moon in capricorn is exact on saturday july 12th at 4:25am PDT. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in cancer trine neptune on june 27th. at the new moon we plant seeds and set intentions, and at the full moon those things we set into motion come to a point of fruition, climax, crisis or culmination. with the new moon in watery, emotional, sensitive cancer- this full moon in stoic, grounded, masterful capricorn is very different. at the new moon we had feelings, visions and dreams we set into motion, and not the practical capricorn full moon is asking us if we are really ready, willing and able to work for those things (at times with our own blood, sweat and tears!)

this is definitely a powerful (read: intense) full moon. first of all, and most importantly, the full moon forms a Grand Cross with mars, uranus and the nodes- as well as the asteroid Goddesses vesta and ceres and the fixed star arcturus. uranus is on the south node, bringing up old karmic patterns for clearing but also inciting us to be impulsive, restless and aggravated. the north node is with mars, ceres, vesta and arcturus- asking us to commit to our Highest path and take a different approach to matters that have been brewing for a while, and yet have seemingly gotten nowhere. and with all of these bodies square to the sun/moon opposition (with pluto close to the moon- although wide in orb)-we have quite the recipe for emotional intensity!

the moon is in her detriment when in capricorn- as the moon rules fluidity, emotions, feelings and sensitivities, while capricorn rules boundaries, limits, restriction and authority. the moon in capricorn is at best emotionally mature and responsible, and at worst she is emotionally hardened, disconnected from her own feelings and vulnerabilities. capricorn represents structure, tradition and expectation- so this full moon can shine a bright and harsh Light on areas in our lives where we are overly structured, rigid and stuck in the past OR it can shine a Light on where we need to step it up, have better boundaries, be more responsible and take ownership of our lives.

with mars square the sun/moon opposition there is a decidedly aggressive undertone to things- but if channelled well it can be used to take conscious action to bring balance to imbalanced situations. this is definitely a full moon that will impact home/family situations as well as intimate relationships- both past, present and inner ones (like with our own Inner Feminine/Masculine, our own Inner Mother or Father archetype).

the full moon makes aspects to all of the planets but mercury- making it a highly aspected full moon that pulls us in many directions. all of the aspects made are intense with the exception of the one to saturn. both the sun and moon sweetly aspect saturn, helping us to ground down, be responsible, align with our integrity and deal with emotional situations in our lives with mastery and personal responsibility. yes mars will be prodding us to take action and yes uranus will be making us feel as though things are moving too slow- but saturn with the capricorn full moon will help us to take things in stride and see how everything happens for a reason. if you feel you cannot learn anything from a current situation you are in- think again! as you wouldn’t have manifested it in your life if there was nothing for you to learn! the moment you get crystal clear about what that lesson is- and then consciously choose to do the work to master it- that is the moment you get to move onto to something else. we each have a choice in the matters playing out in our lives right now- don’t you forget it!

mercury is the only planet not aspected and he is very interestingly positioned. he is at the karmic 29th degree of gemini- set to move back into cancer later that night. he is also in sweet aspect to jupiter who is also at the karmic 29th degree of cancer. with these two aligning- i get an image of sudden illumination, mind expansion, aha moments about our patterning and ways of being/doing that we may have been playing out for years or even lifetimes. mercury is conjunct betelgeuse and polaris- shining a bright Light on the evolutionary path ahead. seeing our stuff is one thing, but owning it and doing something about it is another. mercury/jupiter is all about mind expansion- so that we can connect to our Higher Selves and get schooled on things we have not wanted to see, acknowledge or look at. denial and avoidance simply delays the inevitable- so we’d all do well to face what is up right now so we can integrate it/heal it/release it and move on!

the ruler of this lunation is saturn- and as i said he makes lovely aspects to the lunation. he is also in trine aspect to chiron- and forming a Grand Water Trine with the sun and chiron. when you add in the moon we have a Kite formed- which means that the capricorn arena of life (and if you have planets or angles getting conjuncted by the full moon) is the key to accessing the powerful healing potential available to us all right now (read your weekly horoscopes for more information). saturn/chiron is providing us with opportunities to go down deep, confront our shadow, own it, integrate and experience a deep level of cathartic emotional and psychological healing (one which harkens back to childhood and even past lives). this is deep stuff! but we won’t make use of it if we stay in the shallow end of the pool. so along comes the full moon in capricorn to take us down into the depths- but also to provide an earthy, grounded buoy amidst it all. thank Goddess!

saturn is also in tense aspect to uranus- which reminds me of the summer of 2009 and all that intense astrology that happened when these two were in opposition. saturn is about grounding, the past, foundations and traditions- while uranus is about breaking ground, the future, breaking free and change. these two in tense aspect can feel like a push pull between the old and the new, the past and the future, stability and change. the key is being able to straddle both without losing footing in either. you don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but you also don’t want to hold onto dirty bathwater! knowing when to let go and when to hang on (to people, places, things as well as to our ideas, thoughts, identifications)- is a lesson we are learning right now.

saturn is definitely in an interesting position in this chart- but he anchors into both the sun and moon- helping us to step it up and become that which we seek in the world around us.

this full moon is definitely a powerful one- but if you stay focused on pruning away that which does not serve, the growth will naturally come in as a result. again, the capricorn area of your chart is in focus. so see what needs to breakdown so it can breakthrough, or what needs to be let go of so something new and better can come in. and don’t be so sure you know what that is just yet! sit with it and let your Soul guide you. ultimately the full moon in capricorn is about mastery, maturity and growing up. where is it time for you to move ahead on your evolutionary path? and what do you need let go of in order to get there? contemplate that this week as you navigate the high emotional energies present this week!

happy full moon!

~divine harmony

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