full moon in capricorn- 7/2/2012

by | Jul 2, 2012 | Lunar Insight

now that uranus squared pluto for the first time we are fully in the fire and there is no looking back! this week’s full moon activates the uranus/pluto square bringing to Light any Unconscious material related to change, evolution, transformation, anger, destruction, shadow, power/control dynamics and the need to die so we can be reborn anew. over the coming 3 years, whenever a personal planet (sun, moon, mercury, venus or mars) moves into a cardinal sign (aries, cancer, libra or capricorn) it will activate the uranus/pluto square. for the month of july the full moon kicks off that activation and then mars, who moves into libra the same day as the full moon, activates it mid-july. things are starting to heat up and get fiesty out there! can you feel it?

the full moon in capricorn is exact at 11:52am PDT and forms a t-square with the sun in cancer opposite the full moon in capricorn who is conjunct pluto- with both Lights square to uranus in aries. with the cancer/capricorn polarity we have a push/pull dynamic between the feminine and the masculine, the matriarchy and the patriarchy, the inner emotional side of life and the outer structured side of life. with pluto on this lunation letting go/purging/dying to some aspect of order, structure, tradition, patriarchal standpoint is key to letting new life come in. positively this lunation can bring to Light all that we need to confront and get real about so that real change can take hold. yet this lunation has a deep seated intensity that can erupt in power/control dynamics, subtle manipulation and destructive emotional energy that can only serve to make things worse, rather than better. to get a hold on this powerful emotional energy we have to be willing to dive into the shadows and really see what is going on, to not look at things from the surface level but to penetrate beyond the facade and really get to the Truth.

doing this with others or with the world around us can be destabilizing. the person you always thought someone was does not exist. the government you thought was there to protect you is a farce. destruction of the foundation upon which we built our lives is necessary if that foundation is toxic and shadowy to begin with! yet doing this with ourselves- seeing into our shadow dynamics and confronting the parts of ourselves that actually contribute to the shadow and lack of integrity in the world that we complain about is where the real work is. it’s much easier to look out and see all that is wrong, but taking that energy and turning it inward to discern where WE are out of alignment and what WE need to do to get back into integrity in our lives is much harder. and that is what this lunation is about.

the ONLY aspects the sun and moon make are to uranus and pluto- making this lunation a force to reckoned with! yet there are other aspects and points of interest in the lunation chart that give insight into what is up and the changes to come. for one, mars is at 0 libra shifting the warrior and will out of the sign of virgo- where he has been for 9 months due to his retrograde journey earlier in the year. with mars in a new sign we have a new energy to work with. mars is focused on peace, balance and compromise when in libra- so his energy can help us to deal with things in our lives from a more balance perspective. yet we must remember that saturn is in this sign, too- so lessons around balance, boundaries and relationships are up big time and have been for the last 2 years. if we tend to be too compromising, soft and yielding, mars’ activation of the uranus/pluto square in mid-july will be a fire under your butt making you take action, express anger and create change. if, on the other hand, you’ve been too fiesty and aggressive- know that the energy coming in this month will only exacerbate that. learning how to contain your fire and work with your energy so that you are assertive and direct but not destructive and selfish is key.

another significant signature in the full moon chart is the conjunction of planets in early gemini (ceres, south node, jupiter, venus and black moon lilith) and their square aspect to neptune and chiron in pisces. with 3 aspects of the feminine highlighted- ceres the mother, venus the lover/wife and black moon lilith the Dark Goddess/powerful feminine- we have a huge focus on how we work with and relate to the feminine energy in our lives. with the jupiter aligned here we have opportunities to tap into this side of ourselves but with the south node here as well there are deep karmas and past life energies being navigated. with the south node we want to release the aspects of the past that have a hold on us and actually hold us back from our growth. with all of these gemini placements square to neptune and chiron in pisces a big focus is on the wounds, idealization and lack of boundaries/sense of self that we have with the feminine. we need to get beyond stereotyped roles of what the feminine is- within ourselves and regarding others- so that we can move towards an integrated experience where we live all the energies and archetypes for ourselves and don’t have the need to project/scapegoat others with what we cannot own or integrate. of course this is a long-term goal that is not going to happen overnight- but with the astrology going on at this full moon we have lots of opportunities to start peering behind the curtain so we can see what really lies there and what we have to work with.

there is a special focus regarding the Dark Goddess energies- as black moon lilith (BML) is activated by the uranus/pluto square. she is sextile to uranus- bringing a revolutionary, liberating, freedom-type of energy to her power and depth but pluto is quincunx her- showing power/control dynamics that play out between patriarchy and the Dark Goddess energies. ultimately the path that lies ahead for humanity requires a balancing of dark and light, masculine and feminine- and i feel that the Dark Goddess is a key part of the equation as she is the one that has been most demonized, repressed and disconnected from. the healing/balancing of the feminine and masculine cannot happen without her help. and with the shadow of the dark masculine running rampant right now, it is only with the Dark Goddess’ help that we can redress this balance. the Dark Goddess is the only one powerful enough to stand up to the shadow of the dark masculine and reflect back to him all that needs to be seen. collectively it may be easy to see how this needs to play out- but personally it is very significant as well. the Dark Goddess is the one who sees into the shadow and knows how to integrate and heal it. her perception and ability to go beyond the facade to the Truth is important on our individual paths of healing and evolution. if we cannot see our own shadow then how do we expect others/the world to do the same? with the moon, venus and BML (all aspects of the feminine) intensely aspecting pluto the need to look at how power/control dynamics are playing out with the feminine (within, in relationships with others, in the world at large) is key.

this full moon takes us through the rest of the lunar cycle- which ends during the dark moon in cancer just before the new moon in cancer on 7/18. the 17th and 18th are the days mars triggers the uranus/pluto square. this last part of the moon cycle is POTENT with much potential for change, but only if we learn how to change ourselves. you can’t expect outer change if you are not willing to make the inner changes necessary to get there, can you?

yours in the stars…

~divine harmony

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