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full moon in capricorn- 6/23/13

the full moon in capricorn is exact on sunday june 23rd, 2013 at 4:32am PDT. the full moon is the midway point of the current lunar cycle that began with the new moon in gemini on june 8th. full moons are times of climax, crisis, culmination and/or fruition. with the conscious self and ego (sun) precisely opposite the Unconscious (moon) we have a full illumination of all that we have not been looking at or not addressing- or alternatively we can find that things are completing themselves at this time.

this full moon is potent for many reasons. first of all, this full moon is being called a super moon and this is so because this moon is closest to earth than it has been all year long. when the moon is closer to earth the tides are affected, but so are the emotional energies within our bodies (our emotional tides so-to-speak). hospitals have been known to say that emergencies and births happen with more frequency around the time of the full moon- so forewarned is forearmed! watch out for the powerful tides of emotional intensity as they can pull you under if you are not prepared to swim against them with more strength and focus!

with the full moon in capricorn we have an interesting moon placement. the moon rules cancer, the sign opposite capricorn (where the sun is positioned right now). moon and cancer are both emotional and sensitive, but capricorn is the opposite. capricorn is stoic, controlled, practical and determined. at best the moon in capricorn is an emotional rock amidst the storms, but at worst the moon in capricorn is emotionally repressed and cut off from its own sensitivies. if you are currently experiencing the latter of the two, expect for emotional deluges to head your way this weekend! anything repressed or denied can be brought to the Light of consciousness to be processed and dealt with! ultimately this can be liberating, but during the process it may be a bit harrowing- so be aware.

the full moon is opposite the sun in cancer, who is currently almost exactly conjunct black moon lilith. black moon lilith is the Dark Goddess of intensity, passion, magic and intuition. with BML on the sun and opposite the moon our psychic energies are high, but we need to watch out for shadow expressions of the Dark Goddess- in ourselves or from others. rage, manipulation and controlling behavior is one shadow expression- victimization and disempowerment are another. ultimately black moon lilith asks that we come into our own power in a centered, sovereign ways. this is not about having power over others or being in control- it’s about surrendering to our Higher Selves who knows what’s up and knows the path to take. lording power over others or alternatively giving it away is not what the empowered Dark Goddess is about. this full moon can be a time of seeing where fall in relation to her and what we need to do to heal and come into a more balanced place with the Dark Goddess within.

another powerful aspect in the full moon chart is jupiter at the very last degree of gemini- ready to move into cancer on june 26th- in opposition to the full moon (and conjunct the sun and black moon lilith). the last degree of any sign is very significant- it’s a degree of culmination, climax or crisis (similar to the full moon!). we have either learned all the lessons jupiter in gemini had for us or we haven’t. if we haven’t then these last weeks of jupiter in gemini can be full of havoc and intensity as the Universe tries to get us to see what we needed to see (or do what we needed to do) before we move into a new arena of expansion and growth (wherever cancer is in your natal chart). positively, jupiter can bring a sense of optimism, positivity and energy to whatever it is we are processing or dealing with this weekend. the shadow side though is a tendency to excess, entitlement, self-aggrandizement and issues with limits or boundaries. jupiter being told to reign in it, so his energy funneled into the new moon can blow things out of proportion. watch out for this and be aware!

there are two other important things to note in this full moon chart. one is that the moon and sun are in cardinal signs and as such they activate the uranus/pluto square. the moon is widely conjunct pluto and square uranus. by 8:26pm the moon will be exactly square uranus and by 10:49pm the moon will be exactly conjunct pluto. the sun will also trigger the uranus/pluto square in the coming week (exact july 1st-3rd). with this intense aspect of rebellion, revolution, transformation and change showing up in the full moon chart we are being shown where our growth and either supported or forced to make those changes. this is not a time to sit on our haunches and think that the problems in our lives are going to fix themselves! it’s time to take the bull by the horns and do the work necessary to come into a new level of mastery in our lives- be it physical, financial, emotional, spiritual or otherwise. each of us has at least one (maybe more) areas of life where the shit is hitting the fan. instead of playing the victim and saying ‘poor me’ we are asked to see how we created this situation and what we can do to change it. keep this in mind this weekend and through the 4th of july!

last but not least, in the full moon chart we have what is called a kite formation. the grand water trine is perfecting itself (exact in mid to late july)- with jupiter, saturn and neptune all forming an auspicious connection that can help us open up to emotions, healing and connection (or reconnection) to our Souls and to the Soul of the world (yes She has one!). the full moon forms the apex of the kite in this grand trine- making the moon a pivotal part of this healing, opening, shifting process. to repeat myself, emotions are where it’s at this weekend. how we work with them, how we repress them, or how we overdo them- this is all information for us and for where our healing journey lies. with cancer/capricorn highlighted we can also find ourselves processing mommy/daddy issues. from a depth psychological perspective we are meant to individuated and grow up as adults. this necessitates taking back mother/father projections on others (our actual parents- but also our partners, friends, bosses, co-workers and more) and integrating the Mother/Father archetypes within. we are meant to provide the nurturing, care, love and safety we seek from Mother figures outsides of ourselves. we are also meant to provide the financial support, stability, order, and maturity we seek from Father figures outside of ourselves. the moment we integrate these archetypes we are no longer a Child seeking parents to take care of us. we become an individuated Adult who is able to provide for and take care of ourselves. pay close attention to these parent/child dynamics playing out in myriad of relationships this weekend. insights into where your growth lies can be profound and potentially life altering if you do something with them ;)

blessings on this super full moon!!!

~divine harmony

p.s. my website seems has not been accessible for about half of my readers in the past several days. i am so sorry for any inconvenience this has been for you!  i posted this lunar insight 2 days ago on my facebook fan page.  please check my fan page for updates when the site is down (hopefully that won’t be happening again anytime soon!)

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