full moon in cancer- honor your emotions to honor the feminine (1/17/22)

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the full moon at 27’51 cancer is exact on monday january 17th, 2022 at 3:48pm PST, marking the midway point of the lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in capricorn trine uranus on january 2nd. that new moon kicked off a uranian year- the year of choice and the year of change. to get the download on what 2022 brings tune in my yearly astrology forecast video here- https://divineharmony.com/yearly-astrological-forecast/2022-yearly-astrology-forecast-video/

as we entered 2022 in a dark moon with venus retrograde- i have been using this first month of 2022 to reevaluate my work and business and make some changes. i am currently in a slow process of moving all my social media posting to my own Star Family Community page on my online classroom portal. my daily posts get delivered to your inbox and if you download the kajabi app and activate notifications you can get them delivered to your smart phone!

from now until this full moon in cancer i am gifting my Sirius Masterclass to anyone who signs up for my free Star Family Community! you can sign up and get this free masterclass here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/join-my-star-family-community-get-the-sirius-masterclass-for-free/

now onto the full moon!

this full moon is powerful as it is opposite the sun pluto conjunction and square to eris- triggering the pluto/eris square. the 5 pluto/eris squares of 2020-2021 are waning but still energized anytime a planet comes through the cardinal degrees of 24-27 aries/cancer/libra/capricorn. the sun triggered the pluto/eris square 1/13-1/16 leading up to this full moon and juno is in the midst of doing so as well 1/16-1/24. add into the mix mercury retrograde who aligns with pluto 3 times and venus retrograde who is doing the same- and we can see we are some very deep territory right now.

pluto square eris seeks to reveal the shadow no one wants to look at. pluto exposes what is hidden and eris reveals things through shocking and unexpected events. they sound heavy and yes they can be- but if we can remember they do this so as to bring Light to what was being ignored, denied or rejected then we can see how to use this astrology wisely.

this is a time to be willing to look at things we did not want to look at- the shadow, the unconscious, our fears and desires that run us subconsciously. this is deep territory but it can be quite empowering when we find the courage to face things, see the Truth and let the Truth set us free. this is an excellent time for inner work, shadow work, therapy, self reflection and more- so make sure to spend time focusing within.

for the experiences without- this full moon and all this pluto/eris activation can definitely exacerbate conflict and issues- personally and professionally. the full moon is in cancer- so home and family dynamics can be disrupted and intense emotions can be magnified. with the oppositions to sun/juno/pluto in capricorn the intensity can play out in career, business, with authority figures and higher ups. in any situations unfolding tune into if your mother/father issues are being triggererd- as cancer/capricorn is the axis of the mother and father. outer situations can be worked with via deep inner work. ‘if the outer is a reflection of the inner, we may as well start at the Source’ (loosely quoting rumi)

with eris involved it’s important that we have a healthy relationship to anger and rage. often the default for most when dealing with anger is either repress and deny it OR act out in it in reactive and egoic ways. skillfully relating to anger is deep shadow work. can you be with your anger without running away or being taken over by it? anger- like all emotions- is neutral. it is how we relate to it and express that informs if it is constructive or destructive. (for those in my astrology & your shadow class- great time to revisit the material on mars, pluto and eris! 2022 astrology & your shadow dates will be announced soon!)

there is a fascinating mystic rectangle in the full moon chart. we have ceres, now direct, on the north node heading to alignment with the pleiades- opposite the south node in scorpio conjunct pandora. and that axis links with the moon in cancer opposite the sun and pluto. in a mystic rectangle we have two sets of oppositions that harmoniously link with each other. the moon trines the south node and sexitles ceres and the north node. the sun/pluto conjunction trines the north node/ceres and sextiles the south node. in a mystic rectangle we have amazing opportunities to resolve oppositions and find ways to get them to work together.

with the full moon in cancer and ceres the Great Mother asteroid Goddess involved in this pattern there is focus on mothers, mothering, Mother Earth, the environment, nurturing, nourishment and what we need for safety and security. the sun/pluto opposition to the moon connects to the karmic south node in scorpio with pandora (pluto ruled). too much power dynamics, intensity, control and trauma can leave us frazzled and on overload. cancer and taurus remind us to slow down, enjoy life, be in our bodies and honor the feminine needs for receptivity, reflection, pleasure and fun. can we do this even in the midst of intensity? can we slow down, watch our breath and be with all of our emotions instead of trying to escape, deny or react to them? this is the practice now.

uranus is at standstill in the full moon chart- about to go direct the next day (16 hours later). as uranus is the defining signature of the year – it’s a great time to tune into what he is asking of us. where do we need to change, let go, try something new? where do we need to wake up and see reality? this year of change and choice will bring change even if we don’t choose- but if we choose wisely we will ride the currents of change more gracefully and easefully.

jupiter is just shy of his conjunction with fomalhaut- the royal fixed star of alchemy, mysticism and spirituality. this is an AMAZING time to be opening up to the cosmos and paying attention to dreams, downloads, intuitions, psychic impressions and other means of receiving information or messages that go beyond the 5 senses and what is seen as practical and logical. let your Spirit, Soul and Inner Self lead, guide, reveal and serve your awakening!

last but not least mars is heading to the Galactic Center and he is quincunx the moon and ceres on the north node. we need a healthy outlet for intense emotions. we need a greater capacity to hear Truth- even if if it shocks us or pisses us off first. just make sure your pursuit of Truth is not coming from the head up. Truth needs to be embodied to be whole. Truth needs to be felt emotionally and integrated somatically. ideas and thoughts and information that are not integrated and embodied become a means to escape being human and being here- fully present, in this body, on this earth.

i leave you with the star sparks degree for the full moon- an apt meditation that speaks to a karmic turning point. this degree lets us know that the personal work we do contributes to the collective- and that we do this work for ourselves AND others. and our shadow work must be done with heart- from the heart. like a loving mother bringing all parts back home into the self. “for our influence must be that of a loving approach, a forgiving dynamic which frees up the old and brings in the new with appreciation for every part.“

love and care- like that of the Mother- is what will heal us and it is what will heal the world. here’s to living with an open heart with healthy boundaries!



by elias lonsdale


Cancer 28 A tremendous cave on the banks of a river

Working super-intensively in order to turn so many things around from within oneself. Being faced with a mountain of old stuff, which has gone on this way forever. Being granted abundant opportunity to shift every single pattern, to find a new way to be.

The concentrative process of awakening within the patterns of the past in a total sense. The quickened pulse of seeing and knowing and feeling, of thawing out, of getting our bearings in a new world. Yet also the arduous ordeal we face in really getting to the innermost center, the source-point of what has become rigid and caught and how to turn it into directions which we can live with for a long time to come.

A karmic turning point. Having earned the right to recognize what is bondage and where lies freedom. The partisan voices of the past make way for a far more universal and all encompassing vision for the future.

An extraordinary situation. What a blessing it is to be able to enter the cleansing, purging process in ones own biography and then to also be on tap for the same kind of clearing action collectively. The only thing it takes is guts; the courage to stay with all this no matter what.

The shadow is a deep one. Perhaps we see too much too soon. Maybe our motivation to change everything turns us against ourselves until we learn how to wield the truth dispassionately. It is easy here to take on the burden of our prenatal resolves to move forward this time around in major radical ways.

A vital skill must be cultivated. We need to be objective to where we’ve been and its consequences. Only when we have become spacious in our self-beholding can we also give these treasures away in a larger sense. For our influence must be that of a loving approach, a forgiving dynamic which frees up the old and brings in the new with appreciation for every part.

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