full moon in cancer conjunct Sirius- let there be Light! (1/6/23)

by | Jan 3, 2023 | Lunar Insight

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the first full moon of 2023 is upon us! the portal between december 21st, 2022 and january 4th, 2023 was a potent reset- as we had a new sun (winter solstice), a new moon on december 23rd, a new year on january 1st and a new earth with earth at perihelion and closest to the sun on january 4th. we normally have solstice followed by perihelion about 2 weeks later (perihelion moves slowly about 1 day every 58 years)- but this year we had a new moon involved and it amped up the brand new cycle energy! now we have a full moon conjunct Sirius – the Spiritual Sun of our sun – setting our next year into motion with the Light of Sirius beaming down on us. what a blessing!

this new moon marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in capricorn that was square jupiter and sesquiquadrate uranus. that new moon put a fire under our butts for embracing change. jupiter in aries is ready to take action and uranus is ready to be out with the old and in with the new. with the lunar cycle in capricorn we have been asked to question patriarchal structures, traditions, expectations and dogma. add in mercury retrograde in capricorn and it has been time to question any and all ‘sacred cows’- those things we always believed in or relied on and so we stopped questioning if they were even healthy or good or right. talk about a destabilizing time!

now we are at the midpoint of the current lunar cycle. what was seeded back at the new moon as an intention comes to fruition, climax or crisis points at the full moon. as this full moon is in cancer emotions can be HIGH but with both the sun and moon harmoniously aspecting uranus we can also find this to be an amazing time for emotional catharsis! working WITH emotions instead of repressing or denying them is going to be key this week.

the full moon is opposite the sun/mercury conjunction- with the exact conjunction occurring the day after the full moon. both the sun and retrograde mercury trine uranus thursday through sunday- so the Great Awakener and Higher Mind energy permeates the whole second half of the week! sudden and unexpected information, realizations, inspiration and downloads can be incoming. some of what we hear, say or realize can be shocking and revolutionary! keep your mind open for best results ;)

the full moon is conjunct pallas athena- the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. pallas is great at seeing the Bigger Picture from her owl-eyed viewpoint (owl is one of her totems). in her modern myth she was born of zeus’ head and cut off from her mother and the feminine- but in cancer she is deeply intuitive, feeling oriented, emotional and mothering in her essence. pallas’ addition to the full moon adds even more potency to the big reveals incoming- some of which may be political in nature.

this full moon squares chiron- forming a T square between the sun/moon opposition and the Wounded Healer. this can bring up a lot of old wounds and pain to navigate- around mother (moon in cancer) and/or father (sun in capricorn), in family dynamics or career, around matriarchy vs patriarchy, and more. chiron is in aries the sign of mars and he is highlighting our out of balance relationship with ego, will, drive and conquer mentality. even the recent movie avatar the way of water is still modeling the same old patriarchal paradigm of dominate, control and use violence to get there. sounds like more of the same to me- hmm…

chiron in T square with the luminary axis is reminding us that there is a path of karma and a path of dharma- a path of entrenching ourselves into old energies that are not life affirming and a path of moving into the direction of that which celebrates and honors all of life. what will we choose? we really do need to think outside the box here (all the uranus energy will help with that)- as we have been led to believe we have two choices- this or that. this is good, that is bad. there is no other way. yet that is not true. luckily pluto is ingressing into aquarius in march- he will empower the geniuses who think outside of the box to make their visions a reality. (more on that when pluto ingresses)

the moon is way out of bounds- at almost 27 degrees north. we are moving towards lunar standstill with the moon at the highest point reached in her 19 year cycle coming in 2025. this magnifies emotions but also magnifies the opportunities for catharsis, release and the Higher frequencies of Sirius to come through. make the most of it!

it is interesting to see that just after the full moon we have several planets stationing direct- eris on january 11th, mars on the 12th and mercury on the 18th. on january 22nd uranus will be the last of the planets to station direct and then we will have THREE FULL MONTHS of non stop direct planets until mercury stations retrograde again on april 21st. WOW! we can see that the breaks are going to come off and it will be time to follow our words and intentions with some conscious action very soon!

i leave you with the star sparks and sabian symbol degrees for the full moon. yes to ‘the return of all good things’. yes to ‘tapping a deep well’. as the star sparks degree speaks to- the key to this level of abundance and fulfillment is to ‘throw off the temptation to go against ourselves and become somebody else’.

the sabian symbol speaks to ‘the life urge to actualize one’s birth potential’. he talks about how there are multilevel potentials that can come out of the same germ- the many choices we have along the path of life can take us down different timelines and create different realities. one’s focus on self actualization when done from the Soul and Spirit helps spiritual growth. yet when done from the ego can manifest as ‘nothing more than ego-expansion through conquest’. it really comes down to what self/Self are you actualizing ;)

what we attain in life, what we make of ourselves, how much money we have is not what matters most. instead what matters most is what we give to life, what we bring to others, how we show up and how much presence we can embody as we move though this Divine Play of life. the woman busily working at her spinning wheel is merging with the task- not focused on the outcome but entirely present with the process. this is a wonderful metaphor for life. growth can come through masculine pathways- go after it, make it happen, push for it- and it can come through feminine pathways- open to it, receive it, surrender to it. this is the yin and yang of life. the key is to center ourselves in the balance point at the middle ;) and if you find yourself swinging too much in either direction- focus on the other side! as our world is largely overly masculinized in energy – almost everyone needs to focus on the feminine more right now to find the right balance.

tune into Sirius for this amazing Sirius Stargate Portal week. with perihelion opposite Sirius and the full moon conjunct Sirius- the Light of our Spiritual Sun will be beaming down brightly! (it’s a great time to tune into my Sirius Masterclass which you can find here- https://divineharmony.com/sirius/)

blessed descent of the Sirian Light!



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by ellias lonsdale

Cancer 17 A woman working busily at a spinning wheel

Turning around with the seasons, with life’s cycles, with the changing tide. Being synchronized with the rhythm of renewal. Indwelling the home frequency of the inside. At peace within with what comes and what goes.

A subtle quality, delicate, refined, and not to be exploited. The dignity and composure of Earth and Stars as one. The feminine arts gathering toward a rich harvest.

Yet all the while being challenged, provoked, pushed and prodded to come out of there, to join the rest of us, to stop being so peculiar and eccentric. Pressured from every side to give it up, to make us all feel a little better because nobody is insisting on such a traditional posture.

The initiation involved when we are meant to stick with our intuitive feeling for life and to throw off the temptation to go against ourselves and to become somebody else. The struggle, the multi-states of the process. Much to learn along the way.

Rigidities and tenacity’s are sometimes vitally necessary. Resistance to the popular current is often wise. And here being straight and true is everything, and outer results don’t add up.

This is a distinctive way of life, one which thrives on outlasting all those false images projected onto it. Not only does this endure, it grows, and evolves into far more than could be conceived of at first.

The second wind is to get so good at being one with body, soul, seasons and elements that we can affirm and celebrate and draw forth new life abundantly. For we are the return of all good things. We are tapping a deep well. Our ways are resurgent. We see the world through.


by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The life urge to actualize one’s birth potential.

What is pictured here is simply the process of germination. As it unfolds from the sundered seed the plant pierces the crust of the soil and reaches up toward the light. This is a dynamic process turned outward, in contrast to the more static or introspective process of integration-through- understanding depicted in the preceding symbol.

Germination is the crucifixion of the seed. The seed becomes the germ, just as the Tibetan student meditating silently and peacefully on the Mandala is followed by the Christian Crusader – and, at a materialistic level of productivity, by the engineer-technologist intent upon transforming the globe for the greatest possible enjoyment of the greatest possible number of human beings.

As usual, the second stage of the five-fold sequence establishes a contrast with the first. Action polarizes meditation. The expanding process of self-actualization — which may mean nothing more than ego-expansion through conquest — contrasts with the introspective study of the structural relationship between, and the meaning of, the various energies and potentialities of one’s nature (svarupa in Sanskrit). The Keyword is GROWTH.

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