Sunday September 19th 2021

full moon in cancer- 1/8/2012

the full moon approacheth!  on sunday january 8th the full moon in cancer is exact at 11:30pm PST.  this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began on christmas eve with the new moon in capricorn.  the moon rules the sign of cancer- so expect lunar/cancer themes (mothering, nurturing, neediness, emotions, feelings, attachments to the past) to be especially present right now.  the full moon brings to Light that which was previously unconscious.  at the new moon there was a time of seeding our intention and desire, and now at the full moon we get a check-in to see if we are on the right track.  if we are out of alignment in any way the full moon will make it glaringly obvious!  emotions are heightened at full moons- and with this one involving the sign that rules emotion we can expect them to be amplified.

the full moon chart is interesting.  the only close aspect made to the sun/moon opposition is a harmonious one from mars in virgo- the sun trines mars and the moon sextiles mars.  mars is currently slowing down to go retrograde on 1/23- so he is especially potent right now.  the warrior and will in the sign of service, analysis and perfection can amp up our need for order and organization in our lives.  virgo likes to go over things with a fine tooth comb, and during mars’ upcoming retrograde we will get ample time to look closely at situations/relationships/experiences in our lives to find clarity and discernment.  mars is conjunct the fixed start denebola which points to a need/desire to go against society.  the warrior is waking up the collective need to rebel and do something different!  funneling this energy into the full moon can be very dynamic, but also over the top!  so we need to be conscious of how we emote this weekend.

although mars is the only close aspect made to this full moon, saturn, uranus and pluto factor in because they are in cardinal signs making extremely wide aspects to the sun/moon opposition.  if you take these heavy hitters into account uranus is squaring the sun/moon opposition, pluto is conjunct the sun and opposite the moon, and saturn is square the sun/moon.  think back to 12/22 and 12/28 when the sun perfected its square to uranus and its conjunction to pluto respectively.  what comes up at this full moon is very much tied into the intensity and drama that was up for you back then.  on 1/19 the sun will perfect its square to saturn, bringing up limitations, restrictions and old karmas that are very much related to this full moon as well- so make a note of it.

another intense dynamic is mercury, the conscious mind and intellect, now in capricorn.  he is just past his square to uranus (exact earlier in the day) and will cojoin pluto on friday the 13th.  in the full moon chart he is out of bounds (unbounded, goes beyond what is considered ‘normal’), conjunct icarus- the man who had too much hubris and flew too close to the sun and got incinerated, and contraparallel phaethon- an asteroid that speaks to being reckless, out of control and not knowing how to limit or constrict oneself.  we need to really watch our communication right now!  with an activated mercury and a full moon- things can get out of hand.  the entire week following the full moon has this energy as well- so be aware and think before you speak!

right now there are a lot of cardinal planets in the sky (sun, moon ,mercury, saturn, uranus and pluto) coloring things with an energy of initiative, beginnings and starting anew.  add to the mix the fact that there are no retrograde planets right now (until 1/23 when mars goes retrograde) we have a really powerful time of movement and taking action!  yet we need to use wisdom with our actions or we may bite off the hand that feeds us or burn bridges we can never replace.

look to where the full moon falls in your chart to see what part of life is highlighted this weekend.  with the moon’s parallel to the fixed star arcturus, we could all benefit from taking a different approach and tuning into Higher frequencies rather than repeating more of the past.

enjoy the lunar vibes…

~divine harmony

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