full moon in cancer- 12/28/2012

by | Dec 26, 2012 | Lunar Insight

the full moon in cancer exact on friday, december 28th at 2:22am PST. this full moon is the last fruition/climax/crisis lunation (all things the full moon symbolizes) of 2012, and boy does it make the year go out with a bang! the last week of 2012 is dominated by the sun triggering the uranus/pluto square (from 12/25-12/30) and the full moon in cancer triggers it as well, in the form of a t-square with the moon opposite pluto and square to uranus. whenever personal planets activate this powerful dynamic we have the transformational and intense energies injected into our direct, personal, everyday experience. with the masculine and feminine, conscious self and Unconscious (sun and moon respectively) involved it will be hard NOT to feel the potent energies playing out the days surrounding the full moon.

an additional player in the full moon T-square is juno, the asteroid goddess of partnership and commitment. juno is in capricorn and she is heading into radical activation of the uranus/pluto square (juno squares uranus 12/31 and cojoins pluto 1/12/2013). with juno on the sun and opposite the moon a big part of the revelations, changes, transformations and death/rebirth processing playing out at the end of the year can involve a radical reappraisal of what or who we are committed to and making sure that it supports the growth and evolution we seek. juno symbolizes committed partnership- but she also symbolizes where we are committed to some aspect of our lives- work, spiritual path, to our own wholeness. with juno undergoing major breakdowns and breakthroughs there can be a powerful need to take down old structures in our lives that are based on roles and are actually limiting and restrictive to our path of wholeness.

in romantic partnership if one person is playing the masculine and the other the feminine- one or both partners may feel the need to become whole in themselves and not have someone else living their unlived energy. the same can be said if one partner is playing the parent role- the giver, authority energy- and the other is playing the child role- the taker, victim, immature one. roles confine people to living their life in one way. to evolve is to become all that you seek outside of yourself- to become your own Father figure, your own Mother figure, your own masculine and feminine. in order to move beyond duality this is a necessity- so questioning the way things have always been done and questioning the structure upon which relationships have built is key.

yet this energy is not only about relationships- it is also about our relationship to our Inner Other. a woman’s Inner Other is her animus figure and a man’s Inner Other is her anima figure. we each have our own inner opposite- and we tend to attract outer expressions of this Inner Other- in both positive and negative ways. the Highest expression of this lunation is to do the Inner Work required to really see and own all the Light and Shadow within. with the full moon in cancer a big part of this can be about acknowledging emotional needs and attachments that may or may not serve our Highest good. looking to see where we can let go of the hold the past has on us is key- as whatever we are not willing to acknowledge or look at will come with us into 2013 and will unconsciously manipulate us from behind the scenes.

the positive, more flowing energy of this full moon plays out in a beautiful grand water trine between the full moon in cancer, saturn in scorpio and chiron in pisces (as well as neptune- but the orb is wide). this beautiful flow of watery, emotional, sensitive energy can help us to tap into what we really feel, what we really need and where we feel safe and secure. pay close attention to dreams this week- as messages from the Unconscious can come through which can reveal inner dynamics in a way that is hard to grasp when we are walking through our waking day. moon/chiron is very healing and moon/saturn is very stabilizing- with this energy we are assured that whatever we put out there in terms of trying to heal and look at our stuff, we will be rewarded! saturn helps us go deep and own our shadow and chiron helps us to elevate it and transform it. it’s a great combination and it’s the hidden gold in this potent and intense full moon.

as you can see two different dynamics are playing out with this week’s full moon. one is a powerful activation of the uranus/pluto square and the other is giving us a preview of the grand water trine energies that will be exact next summer and early fall (jupiter will move into cancer and form a grand water trine with saturn and neptune). pay close attention to both the Light and shadow playing out in your life during the full moon. this lunation is showing us very clearly what is no longer working and needs to shift/change/evolve or die- but it is also showing us where to seek emotional support, sweetness and spiritual insight. before the dawn the night is darkest they say. as we move into the new year take time to honor the endings in your life so that you truly have space to create and begin anew come 2013.

blessings on your sacred path!

~divine harmony

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