full moon in aries with eris & atlantis- the past is present (10/20/21)

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the full moon at 27’26 aries is exact on wednesday october 20th, 2021 at 7:57am PDT, marking the way point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the powerful and intense new moon in libra on october 6th with pluto stationary and square to eris on october 8th! (read about that new moon here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/new-moon-in-libra-cracking-the-facade-10-6-21/) the pluto/eris square has been the BIGGEST ASTROLOGY from 2020-21 (and intimately connected to the covid and the worldwide experience we have been having) and with the two furthest bodies in our solar system square each other- they are dredging up all manner of shadow and hidden things for us to face and address.

eris is the guiding archetype of the 21st century- the Solar Feminine and Goddess who reveals the Discord and Chaos that is being denied. if you don’t know much about her (she incredibly positive and also has her shadow) check out my 2 hour Eris Masterclass that is a deep dive into her etymology, archetype, astrological meaning and more. you can find that here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/eris-masterclass-now-available-for-purchase/

i must say i feel this is the most powerful pluto/eris square of them all – which is not typically what you would expect of the 5th and final square. yet this square occurred with pluto at standstill while squaring eris at a degree that is about the Dragon awakening (see the star sparks degree below). we are in the midst of MERCURY RETROGRADE triggering pluto/eris 3 times (more on that HERE- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/mercury-retrograde-in-libra-righting-the-scales-of-balance/) and now we have a very powerful full moon not only triggering pluto/eris but the T square being formed between mars in libra, pluto in capricorn and eris in aries. mars is the ruler of this full moon and when he comes along trigger outer planetary configurations he massively activates them. sometimes it’s not until mars comes along that we see the full manifestation of a transit and with mars AND the full moon triggering this we can safely say something will be up- personally and collectively. (also please note the USA is heading to pluto return and this is an important lead up to that. read my blog about it here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/usa-pluto-return-transformation-of-a-nation-2022/ )

the full moon in aries is opposite the sun/mars conjunction in libra and forms a T square with pluto and eris- bringing us to a cross roads in relationships, career and/or individuality. with the aries/libra axis highlighted we have the mars principle and venus principle in the spotlight. where are we overly yang, aggressive, dominant (mars) or overly codependent, passive, sweeping things under the carpet (venus) and what are we willing to do about it. with pluto involved this can definitely exacerbate power struggles and power/control dynamics. having healthy outlets for anger and rage is key- while acting out impulsively or stuffing and internalizing are not useful.

interestingly this full moon is in the sign of chiron- chiron has been in aries since 2018 and will be there until 2026. the Wounding and Healing journey right now is focused on the masculine and where we are out of balance with it’s expression. some of us need to tone down our aggressive and dominating tendencies while others need to stand up for themselves and set boundaries. where are you on this spectrum?

mars is not only triggering pluto/eris but also quincunxing neptune. there is much nebulousness in relationships and alliances right now- and it’s super important to pay attention to what is being swept under the carpet, denied, ignored, or perhaps even purposely manipulated. it’s easy to be deluded and deceived or do the deluding and deceiving- so make sure you are being honest, in integrity and discerning.

luckily we do have mars trine jupiter- giving us a boost of confidence and capacity to take action where action is needed. in air signs it’s a great time get involved in communities, groups or relationships that support your growth and help you expand! the ones that don’t – it may be time to let them go.

a very big and significant aspect in the full moon chart involves the asteroid ATLANTIS who conjunct mars by less than a degree but more importantly is EXACTLY OPPOSITE ERIS by 1 minute!!!! atlantis speaks to past life experiences in this ancient land and all the karmic lessons that come along with it. Martha woolcott says atlantis represents “a sense of impending doom; belief in deserved punishment/negative karma; invasions of privacy; access to inside or confidential information; abuse of resources, talents or information; importance of confidentiality/use of knowledge; water disasters; warnings.” sounds ominous.

the positive side of atlantis is it was a civilization that had very advanced technology and spiritual energies. crystals, psychic abilities, mystical awareness was strong. the shadow side is the desire for power, dominance and control made the balance of science and spirituality (and conscience) get destroyed – and it led to the fall of this great civilization.

atlantis is a myth important for us today as we are in a space of replicating what happened that led to that fall thousands of years ago. and we are also in a place of being able to make different choices. with eris exactly opposite atlantis- waking the dragon is key to this (read star sparks below). the dragon power resides in the lower body and lower chakras- a place that many of the Love & Light spiritual community do not fully inhabit. we need to FULLY ANHCOR THE LIGHT and yet to do so means to fully face and integrate the shadow- as when more Light comes in more of what was hidden and denied comes into awareness. this is deep sacred work and any Light Worker really needs to also be doing Shadow Work. it is necessary right now.

with atlantis involved in this lunation it’s a great time to heal atlantean era wounds, face any undigested shadow you may carry with you around that time in our civilization and complete any karmic threads that need to be completed. it is time!

last but definitely not least we also have PANDORA conjunct the sun and opposite the moon by 1/2 a degree. pandora’s curiosity opened the box that let all the evils of humanity out into the world- and she is often seen as the one to blame for this evil. yet another way of looking at it is she revealed what was already there- much like the nature of Eris. those evils were already created- who created them? who put them in a box and gave that box to someone so curious they would open it? this is Shadow Work- where we willingly face what is hidden- as until we do what is hidden actually has the capacity to control us and influence us from behind the scenes.

the metaphor ’to open pandora’s box’ means to do something that will cause many unforeseen problems, so this is a good time to have WIDE ANGLE VISION. the kind of vision that does not just see ahead and side to side- but also behind. we must remember the fall of atlantis and the wrong choices we made in the past (collectively and personally) so that with 20/20 vision hindsight- we can project that 20/20 vision forward.

pay attention to what is up at the time of this full moon- much is coming to a head and being revealed- personally and collectively.

i leave you with the Star Sparks degrees for this lunation and for Eris (waking the dragon)…


~divine harmony

by elias lonsdale

Aries 28 A wreath of laurel placed on the head of an old man

He has always been entirely intent upon finishing what he has begun. He could go back eons to find where it really started. But what he’s concerned with is where it ends. He has agreed before birth to this time around fulfill his potential, enact the total dimension of his true being. And he cannot get out of it. No matter what he tries to do, no matter how far the tangents and rebellions, he is committed to his course of action.

While he waits, while he moves into and through all the preparatory stages, he is burning to be recognized, to be granted his ultimate place in the sun. It is when somebody sees him that the false impressions of the multitude are countered by a guiding action, a monitoring, a sense of being on the right course, regardless of how it sometimes seems when you are still raw and unformed.

As he matures, he becomes a different character altogether. He is getting close to that final mark. He carries such weight of passionate conviction that he does draw all the recognition’s he needs. And he is sensing so close at hand the point of mastery, the place of power, the fruition of inner truth.

When he looks back, he will see a tortuous course, eluding so many barriers and obstacles. Yet when he looks forward, the horizon is unclouded, the direction firm and clear.

Along his endless pathway, he has learned so much. Each day, he keeps on discovering, exploring, coming to new places. Life is such an adventure.
This end will turn out to be a new beginning. Destiny fulfills itself and awakens on the next spiral. When momentum is gong your way, there is no place to stop.


Aries 25 A great dragon asleep in a cave

The dark deep inside seeking to emerge from a spell, from an enchantment, from a curse. The shadows, the beast, the serpent, the dragon of legend and myth stirring, restlessly, pervasively, bringing forth longings and desires previously suppressed and denied.

Secrets and mysteries. Realms within realms. So much to get back in touch with now. A promise to the children of the future to come alive at the appointed times. The inquiries of karma and of destiny. That which cannot be understood, will not conform to convention.

A wildness, a raw primal quality of needing an immense outlet for a huge energy that never had a place here. A desperate drive to let these things emerge, or else feel trapped and stuffed and caught in meaningless retrials of self avoidance at all cost.

An emotional energy of ferocious intensity. So deep. So forbidden. So strange to the modern ways. Called to merge, to tap the depths, to activate the dormant powers for the sake of the whole.

An absolutely extraordinary ability to draw forth what was hidden in each and all. A threshold capacity to elicit confidence and strength and new forces in those who are seeking a further enfoldment beyond the known.

The world’s most fertile energy frequency. Yet often postponed, or held in reserve. Captured by pasts and futures at war with each other. The shadow must be honored if the light is to dawn. All of this is known and sensed with overwhelming force. It will come out. It will come through.

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