Saturday April 4th 2020

the full moon at 20’14 aries is exact on sunday october 13th 2019 at 2:08pm PDT. this marks the midpoint of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in libra on september 28th. that new moon was widely conjunct mars in virgo and venus in libra- the Divine Lovers that rule the axis of the full moon/sun opposition (full moon in aries is ruled by mars, sun in libra is ruled by venus).

there is a huge focus right now on relationships, partnerships, inner masculine and feminine, and the self/other dance. we each have our area of life that is our growth edge. some of us are very good at being independent, holding our boundaries and saying no! but we have learning around thinking of others, softening hard walls and learning to compromise. others of us are very good at being relational, compromising and collaborating- but we have learning around setting boundaries, saying no and standing up for ourselves. this lunar cycle is a great one to do an honest self check in about where our growth edge is and then do some conscious work on rebalancing of the scales (self/other, give/take, independence/interconnection).

this full moon in aries promises to be very activating. we can use the energy to initiate and set things into motion- but it can also express in explosive, combative, aggressive ways. the full moon is conjunct Eris- the Goddess of Discord and Chaos- and square Pluto the Lord of the Underworld. this full moon triggers the fast approaching Pluto/Eris square (please read below this post for info on an upcoming webinar i am co-hosting on the Extraordinary Astrology of 2020 which the Pluto/Eris square is a HUGE part of!). these two face off in 2020-21 but this year in late March/early April they got triggered by the Nodes and this month the Full Moon is tightly aspecting them both.

the Pluto/Eris square is a defining transit politically, socially and environmentally (more on that in the webinar) but also personally. where Pluto is something toxic, stagnant, patriarchal and old paradigm is breathing it’s last breathe. where Eris is we are being energized and activated but also perhaps irritated as the energy is pure fire and can be over activating- like getting a fire lit under your butt ;)

with Pluto in the sign of government, the patriarchy and the establishment and Eris in the sign of the individual, the activist and the Warrior- we can see some likely manifestations of how this can play out in the world around us. it’s super important to pay attention to what is going on this month- personally, politically, environmentally or otherwise. it’s equally important to think back to what was going on in late march/early april of 2019- as the nodes triggering both brought intimations of what is to come.

luckily this full moon is also very tightly (almost exactly) trine jupiter in sagittarius. jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth and luck. he is in one of the signs he rules and he is in the midst of triggering two Source Points in our cosmology- the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) and the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius). he is tapping us all into Great Wisdom and Higher Truths- if only we have ears to hear and eyes to see! with the full moon trine jupiter we can access the creative and expansive fire inherent in this lunation to set things into motion that have Huge potential! the key is to also navigate the endings and karmic completions happening where Pluto and the Capricorn Confluence are influencing your chart (listen to weekly and lunar horoscopes for more information).

the ruler of the lunation is mars and he is in libra- the sign of his detriment, meaning he is not comfortably placed in this sign. mars wants to take action and be direct! libra wants peace and harmony and will at times sweep things under the carpet to maintain them. mars is following in the footsteps of all the libra planets- as each of them entered libra they opposed chiron, quincunxed uranus, square saturn and the south node, quincunxed neptune, squared pluto and opposed eris. very intense aspects that will get massively activated by mars in the coming weeks after this lunation (2nd half of october and into the first week or so of november).

the asteroid bacchus is conjunct the sun and opposite the moon (and squared by pluto)- bringing into focus tendencies towards excess, addiction and attempts to manage feelings, people and situations through substitution or avoidance (martha lang wescott). the desire to check out and escape- through substances or other forms of addiction we use to escape through- can be strong. when pluto and eris are shining a Light on what is OUT OF INTEGRITY- it can be very hard to stay with it, focus on what is being illuminated and use the clarity to make adjustments in our inner and outer lives. yet this is the requirement of Pluto square Eris- anything not being looked at or swept under the carpet will come up and out (personally and collectively). those who have the strength, courage and capacity to look at the shadows, work with them and heal the split or disassociation from them are the ones we need as leaders right now!

we also have the asteroid persephone conjunct the karmic south node and the asteroid proserpina conjunct uranus. these are the greek and roman names of the same Goddess- the daughter of the Great Mother who was abducted and taken down into the Underworld by Pluto. the story of persephone is of innocence lost and power reclaimed. in going down into the Underworld she faced her fears and shadow and became a queen in her own right. the pre-patriarchal telling of this story does not even feature pluto. demeter/ceres the Great Mother governed all of earth and the Underworld and being in charge of it all became too much for her. her daughter persephone willingly volunteered to go down and rule the Underworld. so this is a reminder to us all- do we wait for someone or something to yank us down into the Underworld and force us to face the shadows? or do we go willingly? we have an opportunity to choose right now.

the sabian symbol for this full moon is ‘a boxer entering a ring’. dane rudhyar says this degree speaks to ‘the release and glorification of social aggressiveness’. he talks about the struggle for survive, competitiveness and a desire for fame and social power. he goes on to say ‘victory is always temporary in a dualistic world’. are we engaging with life as a boxer in a ring- fighting some known or unknown enemy? do we have the awareness to see that who/what we are fighting is some shadowy aspect of ourselves?

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree for 21 aries. he speaks to the same themes but in my opinion he always takes his meditations deeper. ironically he talks about things i have been in deep discussion around in my professional life. considering what i do is spiritual and mystical in nature- i have been trying to figure out how to grow and expand without falling into the patriarchal paradigm of selfie culture, look at all these pictures of me, you need me and what i offer to feel good/get enlightened/be happy. modern day marketing originated from freud’s nephew who took the principles of the Unconscious his uncle freud discovered and then he built an entire marketing model on speaking to people’s Unconscious desires and fears and making them feel they need you or your product to be happy/be free/be whole. principles of scarcity and lack are commonly referred to in marketing. what is someone’s pain point? how can you make them feel better? what can you promise them? and better yet can you promise it in 6 weeks? or 5 steps? or 3 lessons?

this degree speaks to moving beyond hyper intentional images and personas. beyond the need to be admired, appreciated and acknowledged. to move past promoting, pretending and persuading. beyond needing to be the perfect version of what everyone is looking for. he says to go beyond all that and look for content and be drawn by inner mastery. make your own life your message. if it works for me, then it can help others. offerings from the heart- when done with humility and commitment to one’s own inner work- open doors!

“we may turn out to be the reverse of all established values”- i can hear eris and pluto in there going YES turn those patriarchal values on their heads!!!

with you in the inquiry, the journey, the remembering and the embodiment <3 full moon blessings sent your way… ~divine harmony ***UPCOMING WEBINAR ABOUT THE ASTROLOGY OF 2020*** The Extraordinary Planetary Alignments of 2020 & the Destiny of Our Times by Divine Harmony & John Wadsworth Saturday November 9th: An Overview of the Likely Social, Political & Environmental Impact of the Astrology of 2020 Sunday November 10th: What Does 2020 Mean For You on a Personal Level? for more information and to sign up click here-

by ellias lonsdale

Aries 21 Pastel flags fluttering in the breeze

We put out a signal, a hyper-intentional image, a very specific persona. This is meant to attract attention and to pull in admiration, appreciation, acknowledgment. We demand to be seen and known as an archetype, a familiar prototype, an easy symbol to rally around.
We consume a lot of life force in promoting, pretending, persuading. A collective task comes our way. We become just what is needed, the perfect version of what everybody is looking for.
However, this layer of virtual exhibitionism is so youthful and naïve that is suffers many blows at the hands of time. To stay like this indefinitely is to be frozen in a posture that becomes repetitive, disillusionary, devoid of substance.
We take up a journey beyond the obvious. We are drawn off the beaten path. And we are searching for something which at first will be just another variation on familiar themes. But soon, this also loses it’s luster. No illusions endure.
Eventually, we are drawn to the far places. We go where our past could never imagine we would wander. And now we are seeking something much greater and clearer. We are looking for content. We are drawn to inner mastery. We’ve turned the world inside out and we’ve found the missing spark, outside and in, hidden yet potent.
Now we can turn the world into something real and enduring. We can show that if it works for us, it’s right there for others. The old showmanship proves useful after all.
We may turn out to be the reverse of all established values. It’s wherever the path makes us go.

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