Wednesday September 30th 2020

full moon in aquarius- open mind, open heart

the full moon at 22’24 aquarius is exact on thursday august 15th 2019 at 5:29am PDT- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in leo conjunct venus on july 31st. that new moon was the first of 4 lunations (taking us into october) where the Divine Lovers venus and mars feature in all the new moon charts. there is a HUGE PORTAL opening for new beginnings when it comes to relationships, Love, Divine Union and Inner Marriage between our own Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. we must remember though that new beginnings only come after something previously completely ended. and with the capricorn confluence dominant this year there are definitely massive and hugely significant endings playing out- literally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, politically, environmentally and more.

this full moon activates the leo/aquarius axis. we have the sun, mercury, venus, mars and juno all in leo!!! (all the personal planets BUT the moon itself). and we have the full moon in aquarius opposite them all (the tightest opposition is to the sun/venus conjunction that was exact on tuesday night august 13th). leo is the sign of the sun- representing the conscious self and ego. leo and the sun are about ME and who I AM and how i SHINE! aquarius is the sign of uranus- representing the collective. aquarius and uranus are about WE, collective consciousness, community and Higher Vision. the axis is highlighted to show us where are balanced or not balance in we versus me, individuality versus connection with others. with so many planets in leo we are also being drawn into our hearts so that we are coming from Love when we take action or speak or do things in the world. the shadow of aquarius is that it comes from the head- disconnected from the heart. it prefers to analyze and think rather than feel and emote. showing us where we may be cut off from our emotions and the Truth of our heart can be part of the full moon illumination process.

with the full moon most tightly opposite the sun/venus conjunction- this highlights the very powerful cycle of venus that we are in right now. her interior conjunction that commenced the leg of the journey she is on right now occurred in scorpio on october 26th 2019- while she was retrograde and in her Underworld phase. i was in egypt gathered with 8 other sisters earlier in october and we spent the night of venus’ precise retrograde station on october 5th in the middle pyramid at giza egypt (khafre). (if you don’t know about this check my social media post or astrology blog about the recent 8/8 lion’s gate as i talk about why the middle pyramid is so important- you can find that here-🔥🦁🔥/). venus began this journey in scorpio and then when she made her helical rise as a morning star on 11/1 she was at the karmic completion degree of 29 libra- symbolizing a huge phase of completion she is moving through. then on june 27th she had her heliacal set and disappeared as a morning star in quincunx aspect to pluto. now we are at her exterior conjunction where she is farthest from the sun and she made her precise invisible conjunction (as she is behind the sun) on tuesday august 13th and she did so PRECISELY quincunx pluto- within a minute of exactness! then on october 1st she will have her heliacal rise as evening star and she will do so in square aspect to a stationary direct pluto! she will be an evening star until may 28th 2020.

as you can scorpio and pluto are huge themes in her journey right now. truly the Goddess is in the process of massive death and rebirth! and this makes sense in the context of the 4 new moons we are moving through from july 31st’s new moon through october’s new moon- as it is BECAUSE of her transformation, death and rebirth- that the new Union within and without is possible. the dalai lama has talked about how the world will be saved by the western woman. as a woman i can totally relate to this venus myth and truly have felt like inanna going down into the Underworld- being completely stripped down to nothing- and then at the sun/venus conjunction on august 13th she gets hung on a meat hook for 3 days. come friday evening she gets rescued in the myth (google myth of inannna for more info) and right smack in the middle of her 3 days on the meat hook this potent full moon illuminates the shadows within and without. there is profound healing afoot! for women, for men and their relationship to their inner feminine and women in their life, for Mother Earth and the world around us.

it’s interesting to see venus, mars and juno in the full moon chart as if you recall they all showed up prominently in the new moon chart. the Highest frequency of leo is living from a fully radiant, open heart. generosity, kindness, compassion and Love are all beautiful leo qualities. leo actually rules the heart- and the sun rules the solar plexus- and when we have these two chakras fully online and working well together we are able to live with a fully open heart with healthy boundaries (one of my life’s mantras). when our solar plexus blazes bright like ten thousand suns- it keeps out what is toxic and only allows in what is good and life affirming. it’s an energetic boundary that holds us safe. people with strong solar plexus energy rarely deal with parasites or digestive issues as their digestive fire is strong- burning away that which is not healthy. this full moon is showing us where we need to up that radiance factor- and where the Truth of our hearts wants to be heart and spoken and lived in deeper and more expansive ways.

the ruler of this lunation is uranus- who is in taurus the sign of venus for the next 6 or so years (the transit began last year). uranus in taurus is about a revolution of embodiment! it’s about bringing all the Light and illumination of the Higher Mind INTO and THROUGH THE BODY. if you have not seen the blog i wrote about this transit you can find that here-

the only aspect to uranus is from mercury who is JUST out of his back end shadow from his recent retrograde journey. mercury is just coming out of the Underworld at the time of this full moon- and with an aspect between the lower mind (mercury) and the Higher Mind (uranus) prepare for insights, aha moments, bolt out of the blue awarenesses and cosmic downloads from the Universe! mercury is also trine chiron- bringing a healing frequency to communication, thinking, perceiving and interactions with others. sharing from the Truth of our hearts- opens doors that were closed, breaks down barriers and helps us find common ground.

the precise midpoint of the sun/moon opposition is 22’24 scorpio which is exactly opposite vesta- the Priestess asteroid- who forms a T square with the full moon. vesta is in taurus the sign of embodiment. the sign of sensuality, femininity, earth, self worth and self Love. i almost see this T square as an opportunity for union or re-Union of the mind (moon in aquarius), heart (sun/venus in leo) and body (vesta in taurus). but first it may show itself as illumination around where one is denied and one is over amplified. pay attention.

this is a powerful full moon that can bring Light to the shadows, love to the broken hearted, healing to the sick and awakening to those who have fallen asleep. and just 2 days after the sun/venus conjunction and the midst of the 3 day Underworld death ritual that inanna/venus is in the midst of- it’s extra potent. so use the energy wisely! (for more info listen to the weekly horoscopes- to be a member to access horoscopes and other members only content click here-

i leave with you ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 23 aquarius. i love this one! ‘ancient runes carved at random on grey rocks’. it makes me think of the magic hidden in plain sight. ellias tells us that ‘how we see things is the most determinative factor of all’. one of my favorite quotes is ‘to live is to play at the meaning of life’. how we see things- the meaning we find in things- determines what we experience and what we attract. this is shown in double blind studies like the one where 2 groups were told they were being given chemo. one group got the chemo- another group did not. the one that did not- 30% of the people lost all their hair- but they did not receive chemo. what we believe creates our reality. AND we don’t have complete control over reality either ;) (both/and- it’s not all black and white). ellias reminds us that ‘no matter what we do, there we are facing ourselves with the next leave of what we need to see’ and that could not be more appropriate for the times right now.

so open your eyes and see
and open your heart and feel
and embody
be here now

blessed be!

~divine harmony

p.s. this is also LUNAR LUGHNASADH- if you did not hear my free solar gate call on solar lughnasadh to learn what this season is about you can listen to that here-

by ellias lonsdale

Aquarius 23 Ancient runes carved at random on grey rocks

How we see things is the most determinative factor of all. We influence all the combinations of destiny, karma, and fate more than we know. It is not just a matter of subconscious current. Our whole being is engaged in a subtle, pervasive dialogue with our immediate world, in which we do most of the talking, we are the ones who speak the loudest and longest and insist upon a pattern, a coherence that we bring from within our own essence, and then indeed the pattern is there, the world opens up, everything reveals it’s mysteries.

Once we are fully engaged with our biography and its multiple resonances’, we are given a task. That task will show up in any and every form we can track it down. It will seek us out. Whatever its variant forms and manifestations, the task here is to spill out and spill over. For we have such a starry center of selfhood and we are alive to so many ritual enactment’s around us that we are a walking destiny-being in the flesh. And such a one can be very fertile and fruitful for others if they can give of what they bear freely, effortlessly, spontaneously.

A highly unusual gift accompanies this transmission. We are the meeting ground of worlds, the crossing point. Therefore, we can reveal, we can tap, we can attune to the myriad signatures of how each and every world intersects the other optimally. We know these things from inside, and the only thing our mind can do is support and affirm what is right there to be witnessed with open eyes.

There is also one terrible dilemma. We cannot get away from anything ever. We are right behind the 8-ball. No matter what we do, there we are facing ourselves with the next level of what we need to see. The only graceful response is to get into it, to be right there every time.

***please note star sparks is not the same as inside degrees. they are 2 texts by ellias and i am quoting from star sparks***

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