Sunday September 19th 2021

the full moon at 11’46 aquarius is exact on monday august 3rd 2020 at 8:59am PDT.  this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the black new moon (2nd new moon) in cancer on july 20th.  that new moon was opposite saturn and pluto and this full moon is square uranus- so this is a lunar cycle bringing in big changes!!! 

the leo/aquarius axis illuminates matters pertaining to creativity, children, romance and self expression (leo) and to friendship, community, collective ideals, hopes and dreams (aquarius).  with a slowing down almost set to go retrograde uranus squaring the sun/moon opposition (uranus stations retrograde on 8/15) we have the Rebel, Revolutionary and Agent of Change bringing sudden and unexpected shifts, endings and new beginnings.  this is a very tight T square between sun/moon/uranus with the exact sun/uranus square on sunday august 2nd and the moon/uranus square just hours before the full moon- so expect the weekend to be a build up to the shifts, changes and unexpected events incoming.  

in the full moon chart venus is conjunct the north node bringing fated and destined events around Love, money and relationships.  yet both venus and the north node tensely aspect the sun and moon- so there is something being illuminated at this full moon that is showing us what blocks us from completing karma and growing into new territory.  pay attention! 

the sun and moon both harmonious link with chiron the Wounded Healer- reminding us that healing is possible when we are willing to face our pain and wounds.  the shadow of the full moon in Aquarius is going up into the head to analyze emotions but not necessarily feel them.  the sun in leo reminds us that we want to be anchored in our hearts, not our minds.  

there is a mystic rectangle formed by the sun, moon, chiron and juno the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage.  there can be fated events and potential healing connections made at this time when it comes to partnership, marriage and soulmates.  but first and foremost this is about the commitment to self, healing and evolution.  find Union with your Inner Other first- since the outer reflects the inner, you may as well start at the Source.  

the asteroid hera is conjunct venus and the north node- she is the roman version of juno- doubling down on the archetypal energy of partnership, marriage and relationship.  evolutionary relationships can reveal themselves, and ones that hold us back and keep us small can also be revealed.  discerning the difference is key.  

with the sun conjunct pandora and the moon opposite it- we have sudden events coming that can be life changing.  uranus has a pandora energy- he serves to keep us on our toes!  uranus is really hard to predict in astrology as he is the planet of unpredictability ;)  the one thing you can count on is that change is in the air! 

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degrees for the full moon and for the uranus degree.  they are both potent and the one for uranus to me is  quite profound and speaks to the uprising of the Divine Feminine that is incoming,  we are headed into some VERY POWERFUL ALIGNMENTS of mars, black moon lilith and eris all square to pluto and saturn.  

the fierce feminine is awakening.  righteous rage and heart anger can change the world.  i see and feel the call for the fierce protective Mother archetype to ignite on the planet.  harming children, women, people of color, the elderly, animals, the environment, the bees, the air, the water, the food- THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.  the astrology incoming is a call to battle- warrior women and men who honor the feminine and will fight by her side- UNITE!  fight the good fight and stand up for Truth, Freedom and Love.  ride the wave of energy incoming and make sure it is directed from your heart not your ego or your unresolved wounding.  


~divine harmony


by ellias lonsdale 


  Aquarius 12  A heated argument turns into laughter

Both sides in every dispute feed each other lines, make each other go. Can’t do without their opposite pole in it’s karmic position of being so far other. And both sides are desperate to perpetuate the dispute, in order to have an ego existence, in order to know where they are, who they are, why they are.

Yet both sides are the polaric expression of a third dynamic, a third force. Everything waits upon the third force coming into play. Only when it is fully there, actively acknowledged by both sides, can the third force do it’s deep work in the situation as intended, as prearranged. 

The third force is the evolutionary power of synthesis, of integration, of wholeness, of co-creation. It is the multi-dimensional future dynamic at work. Here this is spontaneously forthcoming as soon as we have exhausted our fascination with the polarities. Then it comes right in and shows us the true greater picture which encompasses and brings peace and understanding.

When we do hear, feel, attend to the third force, what we have been carrying forever is stuffed down and shown a different way to be. This can then extend itself into a far flung series of poised experiences, thematically woven. We forget and remember, get distracted and then come upon what we needed to see all along.

This mental energy defines the evolutionary edge of the collective. It is a timely intervention. That which was too narrowly conceived, too rigidly held, opens up it’s doors and let light in. This contained entity, the ego-mind, loses so that all of us can win. The result is inevitable, the process gripping. 


Taurus 11   A woman with flames for hair

She is at one with herself in her experience. Her instincts, her passions, her ambitions, her hopes, dreams, fears and assumptions are simply who she is, coloring everything, making her the most consistent of souls. She can be wildly honest, desperately candid. For she is up to something that is so wildly individual, that she has to charm everybody to get it.

This one is a supreme destiny being. Her one instinct in life is to be herself and do what she is meant to do. She is the perfect microcosm. Whatever she needs to know or feel or get in touch with, it will come inside as her own first.

She is the one to walk the personal soul path and to show others that it can be done. But what is it that she finds in her earthy immediacy of candid self-disclosure?

Her path is to be a bold blazing bearer of a very unique spirit realization, unimpressed by the interpretations and evaluations of the horizontal. She is an advanced scout for those who are breaking loose. For she is sensually uninhibited and convincingly ripe for moving forward, onward in her own rightful pace, with very little reference to the standards that blocked such journeys previously.

This woman is burning up with inspiration. She and her guardian angel are cooking up a path to fly along that is utterly outrageous. She needs to reverse all the false notions against self exploration. She is meant to be excessive and provocative. 

The power of this being is boundless. As long as she can steer clear of shame, she will be whole to reveal the path ahead in flaming colors. 

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