Saturday January 16th 2021

full moon in gemini- 12/6/14

the full moon in gemini is exact on saturday, december 6th at 4:27am PST- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon at the very first degree of sagittarius on november 22nd. the seeds that were planted or intentions that were set at the new moon get brought to a point of climax, crisis or culmination at the full moon. when the conscious self/sun is opposite the Unconscious/moon- all that we are not looking at or not seeing can be brought into the Light to be addressed.

with the gemini/sagittarius axis highlighted this full moon is definitely bringing us face to face with our lower minds and Higher Minds- asking us to see how our thoughts truly create our reality. the saturn/pluto dominance of late has given way to jupiter in leo- and in fact nearly all of the personal planets (except mars) refer back to jupiter in leo right now. this is super positive, expansive and creative- but we have to be willing to move beyond the muck and intensity of late so that we can rise above and see the Bigger Picture at hand.

the full moon is opposite the Great Attractor- a powerful point in the sky that the sun is conjunct at the time of the lunation. if you have heard of the Galactic Center which is the center of our galaxy, then you can imagine the Great Attractor to be the center of millions of galaxies. both the GC and the GA are highly evolutionary and definitely high frequency. amazing insights, intuitions and information can come to us during this full moon- but to be open and receptive we have to be willing to let go of our old beliefs and attitudes as they can limit our ability to assimilate or even accept what is trying to come in.

with the moon sextile urnaus and quincunx pluto- the uranus/pluto square’s energy of breakdowns and breakthroughs features strongly. and that is actually a theme all month- as the 6th of 7 uranus/pluto squares is exact on december 14th and all the sagittarius planets (sun, mercury, venus) have been linking up with both of these powerful bodies. it truly can be a transformational month- but with pluto quincunx the moon we have to be willing to give something up or let something go before we can experience the transformation we so desperately seek.

the most powerful aspect this full moon makes is a square to chiron- and in fact chiron is at the apex of a T-square between the sun/mercury/ceres conjunction in sagittarius opposite the full moon in gemini. chiron is the wounded healer and he governs awareness, healing and enlightenment. he also governs wounds, pain, suffering and sensitivity- and in the most sensitive of all the signs (pisces) we are likely to have some very deep stuff up for us to address at this full moon.

where gemini and sadge like to think and are very yang/masculine- chiron in pisces likes to feel and is yin/feminine. if we are overdoing the mental thing at the expense of our Spirits and Souls, chiron will remind us of that this weekend! chiron in pisces also highlights any wounds or pain we have around denial, addiction, victimization, being ungrounded and disembodied, or just plain out to lunch. it’s definitely a lunation to work on discerning the Truth from fiction and reality from fantasy. wherever we have been avoiding really looking at/owning/accepting certain things in our lives- this lunation can help us to get unstuck and move towards that which we are resisting, rather than away from it.

yes a chironic full moon is not all that fun- but we need to remember that most of the planets refer back to jupiter in leo. jupiter in leo believes in himself! jupiter in leo has confidence, charism, vitality and the capacity to thrive. if you have to navigate your biggest wounds and pain- you want a strong jupiter presence supporting you through it all. and that we certainly have in this full moon chart!

the other dispositors (planets that the other planets refer to) to take note of are neptune in pisces (chiron refers to), saturn/pluto in mutual reception (in each other’s signs) and mars and uranus in mutual reception. this last one is significant- as the chiron energy brings up wounds and jupiter provides the optimism and desire to grow that will motivate us to do something about them. but it is the mars/uranus energy that will support us in ACTING and being visionary, outside of the box and evolutionary in our actions.

to add to this the sun/moon midpoint is parallel to uranus- the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. if we want to find integration between the sun and the moon, our conscious selves and Unconscious, our outer and inner reality- we need to look to uranus and be ready, willing and able to grow, shift, change and release the past. uranus in aries is an activist! he does not sit at home on the couch watching tv and letting life pass by. uranus in aries IS the life force- and if we can access and harness this revolutionary, rebellious energy we can experience more freedom and liberation in our lives as a result.

the best use of this full moon is to use it to open our minds, expand our vision and be open to seeing new possibilities where previously none seemed to exist. this may require us to challenger our assumptions and our ideas of reality- not to mention our fantasies or that which we are in denial about. yet if we can stick with it this full moon can bring illumination and healing of the rift between heart and mind, body and Soul, ego and Spirit. stay open, not closed- for best results!

full moon blessings…

~divine harmony

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