Thursday July 9th 2020

the 2nd full moon in libra (an astrological blue moon) occurs on friday april 19th 2019 at 4:12am PDT- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the powerful new moon in aries on april 5th. that new moon was square saturn and pluto on the south node. pluto on the south node happened at the end of the last lunar cycle (3/28-4/4 mean and true nodes respectively) and saturn on the south node is incoming (4/30 and 5/20 true and mean nodes respectively and goes until september). the aries new moon and lunar spring just initiated us into this very potent cycle of massive endings and dealing with the karmic past. this is a year of bringing us face to face with what is karmic, dying, old, toxic, stagnant, stuck, patriarchal and old paradigm in our lives personally and collectively. the aries impetus is for freedom, growth and new beginnings! and yet it first has to face off with all that is dead, dying and/or dragging us down. we are in a HUGE YEAR of karmic cleansing and karmic completion. enter in 2 libra full moons that are tipping cosmic scales of balance!

it’s rare to have 2 full moons in the same sign. this only happens when the first full moon is in the 1st degrees of the sign and the 2nd is in the last degrees. this is the definition of an astrological blue moon. the contemporary definition of a blue moon is usually talked about when there are 2 full moons in a calendar month- but that has no seasonal or astrological significance. an extra full moon in a season does have validity- and when we have 4 full moons in a season the 3rd one is considered a seasonal blue moon.

why are 2 full moons in a sign important? because just as the full moon is an alignment of sun opposite moon with the sun’s light fully illuminating the face of the moon- two full moons in a sign will illuminate a particular zodiacal sign and house in your own personal chart (look at both solar chart and ascendant chart for full picture). for info on your personal chart you can listen to my horoscopes (if you are not a member you can sign up here- but big picture two full moons in the sign of libra is bringing huge illumination to relationships and the balance or imbalance thereof. full moons can bring climax but also crisis points. all the shadows are coming into the Light. libra is a sign that likes to keep the peace- often at any cost. libra’s shadow can exacerbate tendencies to sweep things under the carpet, deny and avoid facing reality. shadow libra wants to stay on the surface- seeing our own intentions or that of others as good- but will avoid diving deeper to see the big shadow running things behind the scenes.

the first full moon on the spring equinox was at the aries point (1st degree of cardinal signs- aries/cancer/libra/capricorn) and conjunct the Super Galactic Center (the black hole just imaged for the first time!!!) and this second one is at the 29th degree of libra- right smack in the middle of the via combusta or the fiery way. the 29th degree is karmic- it’s about completion and wrapping up a previous cycle. but the tendency is to have all the things unresolved coming up and out to be addressed as the new cycle cannot start with the residue of an old one still unfinished/unaddressed (actually technically a new cycle CAN start without the previous one completed but then we bring in the karma of the previous one into the next cycle and we stay in karmic cycles). the via combusta was seen by the ancients as super intense- they saw the sun’s movement through here as hazardous and negative. i personally think it has a very positive side as well- as for me this is the passage of the phoenix. yes it’s firey- but you can use the metaphorical fire to transform yourself and rebirth yourself out of the ashes of the past! ‘what is to give light must endure burning’ (victor frankl)

this is interesting terminology considering notre dame just experienced a horrific fire on 4/15. when i first heard about the fire my initial thought was ‘notre dame/our lady/the Divine Feminine is up in flames’. i immediately thought of the Goddess and specifically the Solar Feminine which is the fiery fierce warrior Goddess energy seen in eris, venus in fire signs and wonder woman. i always see things symbolically and i feel when you look at life through this lens so many nuanced insights and hidden in plain sign truths can arise. i learned a while back that notre dame was named as such to be more general in terms of ‘our lady’ instead of ‘the virgin mary’ as the chapel originally was dedicated to mary magdalene. i find it fascinating that the movie mary magdalene just came out in the USA last week- after having been delayed almost a year because it was being put out by harvey weinstein- a big wig in hollywood who has been massively called out for sexual harassment and sexual abuse of many women- some quite famous big names in hollywood. the irony that a very toxic, patriarchal masculine figure is the one who was putting out the movie on mary magdalene is amazing to me. and then the delay and final releasing of the movie and a few days later notre dame is up in flames- it all feels deeply connected.

because of the magdalena connection i thought to look at the asteroid magdalene in the full moon chart. she is at 24’48 taurus- heading to algol the fixed star of powerful feminine energy (aka medusa) and she is quincunx jupiter and trine pluto (and also saturn and the south node). she is linked in with jupiter who just stationed near the Galactic Center last week and she is linked in with the potent saturn/pluto/south node karmic astrology that is unfolding all through out 2019. to me magdalene in taurus is the EMBODIED GODDESS. not the Divine Feminine in the heavens or in rafters of a chapel- but the Goddess in the earth. it makes me think of what lies beneath notre dame- what was there BEFORE the chapel was constructed? to me uranus in taurus for the next 7 years is a revolution of embodiment. being here now- in our bodies- on the earth- and noticing what needs to be addressed, healed, changed and dealt with is key. (for more info read my blog posted here-

in the full moon chart the ruler of the full moon is venus exalted in pisces heading to the OMEGA POINT of 29 pisces! we also have juno the Goddess of partnership and marriage at 29 gemini! so much 29th degree symbolism speaks to huge endings playing out right now- huge chapters finishing, stories completing, timelines ending- particularly in relationship. venus and juno have to do with relationship- romance (venus) and committed partnership (juno). libra is the sign of partnership and if juno ruled a sign it would likely be libra. so have a trifecta of moon, venus and juno- mother, lover and wife- powerfully aligned in the full moon chart. HUGE REVELATIONS around what is working and what is not are incoming in relationships. the scales of balance that are out of balance are showing themselves for what they are. personally this can play out in relationships of all kinds in our personal lives (and check horoscopes to see what other area of your chart is illuminated) but on a collective level this is about the imbalance playing out in the MASCULINE FEMININE dance. where has the feminine being portrayed as altruistic, self sacrificing and peace keeping (venus in pisces and moon in libra) needing to be reignited with some fierce feminine fire and deep chthonic power?

interestingly the sabian symbol for this full moon is ‘three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head’. the first thing i think of is the trinity. not god the father, god the son, god the holy spirit- but maiden, mother, crone; lover, mother, wife; or perhaps father, mother, divine child. also body, mind and Soul; underworld, middle world and upper world. i also think of the 3 parts of our human brain- the old reptilian brain that governs functions like heart beat, breathing, body temp, etc…, the emotional brain/limbic brain that governs feeling, memory, emotion and is connected to the Unconscious, and the frontal brain or neocortex that has to do with language, abstract thought, consciousness and learning. right here we see a trinity of physical (reptilian), emotional (limbic) and intellectual (frontal)- body, Soul and mind. the 3 mounds of knowledge to me are speaking to balance between these parts of self- so they are in conscious relationship to each other. we live in a western culture where the frontal lobe as over dominated and it has wreaked havoc personally and collectively. take a look around and see where that has gotten us!

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for this full moon. his channeled messages are always so profound and potent for the degrees of the zodiac! i am struck by how he speaks to the need to face shadow (this year is ALL ABOUT SHADOW WORK- for a special offering read in p.s below)- and he talks about the polarization of being loved or hated- being exalted or scapegoated. the shadow of libra is where we care more about how others see us than we do about living the embodied Truth of our being. libra will deny the self to keep things peaceful with others. libra will also stay on the surface so as to ignore the shadows creeping in behind the scenes. yet this full moon is opposite uranus and the sun and quincunx chiron- so the boat is going to be rocked and the wounds and shadow will come to Light. we can either embrace this experience and work with it or we can be caught unawares! the fiery way is not for the faint of heart. but if you want to be transformed there is no other option! and this full moon will help you navigate the journey <3


~divine harmony

p.s. on 5/15/19 i am offering a 6 week course on Astrology & Your Shadow- a deep dive into shadow work, jungian psychology and astrology. i teach you how to see shadow in your chart and how to work with it. this work is, in my opinion, necessary work on the planet. the healing without that we seek- must start within. for more information and to sign up click here-

by ellias lonsdale

Libra 30 A black rooster

We feel, we sense, and we proclaim the hidden parts, the under-places, that which denial avoids. We constellate, we become the representative of the missing element, the aspect it would be so convenient to overlook and forget about.
We are irresistibly magnetized toward the great causes, the conscience stirrers, the collective awakeners. Our very existence keys on merging within that which at first seems to be dark, strange, and forbidding. We find our truth in such places.
For a very long time, we have gathered toward this point. Now we know that inward feelings count, that deep soul is what we are here to share and embody. Now we get it that whatever you leave out and refuse to reckon with will become your shadow and bite you in the rear until you look around and love it.
Even as we come to those staggering realizations perpetually, we are placed in situations where we will be loved and hated. Our resolve to stand for the truth we feel and sense will be greatly tested. We will need to be ready to overcome the distraction of external reflection as decisive influence.
Along this path, the collective and the personal become one. We are our world. We feel responsible. It’s quite a burden to bear this lightly and freely, gladly, and lovingness is our best shot.
Otherwise, the undertow can be pretty heavy duty. It is a lot to be scapegoat, hero, central figure in so many ways. Especially because we are much more engaged with the world around us then with our own stature or position. To stay lucid and dispassionate, yet to activate regenerative shared forces is our deep destiny.

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