fixed grand cross full supermoon in aquarius- somethings gotta give (8/11/22)

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Lunar Insight

the full supermoon at 19’22 aquarius is exact on thursday august 11th at 9:36pm EDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in leo trine a standstill jupiter on july 28th! that new moon was all about new beginnings creatively, romantically and expressively! it was about living from the Truth of our hearts! (read the lunar insight on it here- this full moon is a check point about where we are being authentic, creative and open to change and where we are NOT. it’s a powerful lunation!!! (be sure to scroll all the way down but the membership content on my website is OPEN ACCESS all of august – timed with this potent astrology. may it serve you in the powerful month ahead!)

so there is much to stay about this full moon starting with its conjunction to saturn- the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. saturn is the last of the visible planets and is the gate keeper to what lies beyond. he is called the Dweller at the Threshold and his energy demands mastery and integrity but he also brings get real moments that demand we see and deal with reality. a full moon conjunct saturn can feel heavy, depressing and limiting but it can also make us bear down and find the roots and grounding beneath us to endure. saturn is the Great Pruning Shears and he shows us what needs to be cut and released in order for new growth to take hold.

the sun/moon/saturn opposition squares the nodal axis with uranus on the north node and mars nearby as well- so this is a MAJOR activation of the biggest astrology of the year- the uranus/north node conjunction. if you have not seen my blog about this conjunction you can find that here- and my blog about the 7 year transit of uranus in taurus is here-

what is fascinating is the sun/moon midpoint for this lunation is uranus on the north node and this full moon is one of the major triggers of the uranus/north node conjunction (along with mars’ trigger on august 1st). we will no doubt see very big things headlining the news at this time but on a personal level it is also quite potent. saturn is showing us the STOP SIGN – where there is a ring pass not and we must deal with something NOW. uranus on the other hand is the green light and revved up engine – showing us where need to go and quickly. it’s like being between a rock and a hard place- the key is in finding the relationship between the two. saturn is showing us what is blocking us from moving forward- uranus is showing us the path forward but in fixed earth we are also seeing where comfort or security is keeping us playing small. this is a recipe for ‘out with the old, in with the new’ but we must face all our resistance and fears to doing just that! healthy saturn will step up and do the work- shadow saturn will shut down and repress. healthy uranus will embrace change- shadow uranus will check out and disassociate. balance is key!

this full moon is a fixed grand cross lunation and we can feel the pressure closing in- showing us the aspects/paths of life that are open, expansive, evolutionary versus the ones that are stagnant, stuck, patriarchal or old paradigm. letting go to grow is key- but discerning the baby from the bathwater is required. we don’t want to throw it all away- including the baby! but we also do not want to hold onto the toxic bathwater and pretend it is clean and good for us, even putting it in a glass goblet and drinking it!

seeing the malefics- mars and saturn- so involved in this lunation is interesting. they are traditionally seen as malevolent- exacerbating ego, anger, conflicts (interpersonal as well as between countries), and making things feel karmic. yet this is also the perfect place to transform a rock into a diamond. intense pressure is what creates the conditions for transformation. just look at the most intense times of your life- can you see how they were gateways to expansion, growth and evolution?

with both rulers of the full moon (saturn and uranus) tied up in the fixed grand cross and separating from their squares last year but still close enough to be felt- this full moon feels like a turning point. in mid september through to october we have the separating saturn/uranus square come within a degree of each other while being triggered by jupiter in aries semisquare between them at their midpoint! we are not out of the saturn/uranus woods just yet but we cannot ignore the fact that URANUS IS ON THE NORTH NODE. the destined path and the place of maximum growth and evolution is uranian. so that means change, rebellion, revolution, upheaval and shift. it could come with some chaos and instability but that is normal when we have solidified foundations that are way beyond their expiration date. instability is often the only way get us moving!!

mars is conjunct capulus a star in the perseus constellation. solar fire gives the keywords male, sexual and/or aggressive. in stargate mystery school we learned that perseus etymologically means ‘to destroy’ as well as ’to waste, ravage or sack’ and he represents the destructive masculine hero archetype. he kills cetus and medusa, two Divine Feminine archetypes. mars separating from uranus and the north node to move into alignment with this star makes me curious about how this aggressive masculine energy will express at the full moon. the Divine Masculine as protector and defender is different than the masculine as destroyer and dominator. feeling into the differences and how we each run our own masculine energy (we all have masculine within us regardless of gender) can be fruitful right now.

the sun is conjunct apollo and the moon is conjunct shiva- pitting the God of the Sun against the God of Transformation and Death. the dark god is aligned with the moon, the light god is aligned with the sun- what perfect symbolic chart placements! we also have pluto conjunct bacchus the god of ecstasy, wine and addiction and opposite sisyphus- the guy who had to roll a rock up a mountain for infinity as a punishment from the gods. in this configuration i feel into our collective addiction to checking out, avoiding the shadow and in doing so staying stuck in the karmic cycle of rock up hill, rock falling down hill and starting over again. the shadow of apollo and the Sun God is he only wants light. yet both Light and Shadow are the dance of Love (rumi). both yin and yang, birth and death, beginnings and endings are part of the cycle of life and all must be honored.

when we have stayed stuck in one energy, one paradigm for far too long- we need change and sometimes that comes in radical ways. the only constant is chang and stasis is the precursor to death in biology. this full moon and uranus cycle is breathing new life into things that have been stuck, stagnant, toxic, patriarchal and old paradigm. anything can be used to awaken further- just like anything can be used to check out or stay asleep. turning points are present. are you ready? (read below for star sparks & sabian symbol messages)



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THE STAR SPARKS & SABIAN SYMBOLS speak to a message of peace incoming. finding the silk thread that creates a bridge across the chasm is supported now. i love this line from the sabian symbols “Every real spiritual step a man takes in his development is the result of a victory over forces of inertia or destruction.” one step at a time. read on below for more.

by ellias lonsdale

Aquarius 20
A fine silk thread strung across a chasm

Being directed from within to refine, to essentialize, to give ethereal support to the most extraordinary ventures, visions, and future possibilities. Being shown over and again that the vital force of inner life is what sustains and renews and makes everything that has never been here before able to start on the next octave.

Sensing how the invisible, the intangible, the barely perceivable factors of existence far outweigh those factors which are more commonly assumed to be the bulk of our lives. Being unable to shake the conviction that it is the spirit which gives us any basis to go on.

Having such a fine tuned and ultimate perspective that almost nothing of the ordinary outer factors is seen, felt, or emphasized. All the energy and awareness goes into what is subtle and pervasive and devoid of special colorings. It is universal spirit which is here tapped, identified within, and tracked by the navigational feelers which the future finds common, which the present time still deems to be extraordinary and almost out-of-range.

The sparkling lightness of high frequency attunement. The gift to transmit, to bridge, to make multiple worlds at one with each other. And the superlative knack for treating everything one does as a matter of course, as anybody would do under the circumstances.

Just getting it so internally that we are integral ingredients in a greater planetary organism and we do bring every thought and breath link together, interpenetrate each other, carry the current of the shared life. Being alive to the emergent factors of the coming planetary age. And perhaps speaking up for what otherwise seems remote or abstract, way out there on the far fringes.

When you tap this level, the furthest edges of the circle of life are the taproot for what arises throughout the circle.

by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The answer of spiritual agencies to thorough, sustained and victorious individual efforts.

This concludes most significantly this series of five symbols. The individual who has gone courageously and with indomitable spirit through his crucial crisis receives, as it were, a deep spiritual blessing from the Soul-realm: “Mission accomplished. Peace be with you.” And in this blessing a secret prophecy of what is yet to come may be seen by the perspicacious and spiritually sensitive mind of the recipient. Every real spiritual step a man takes in his development is the result of a victory over forces of inertia or destruction. The Divine is totally “present” in the heart of all true victories.

This is the fifth and last symbol of the sixty-fourth series. What the “message” is depends on the particular situation, but the white dove always signifies peace; at the very heart of this peace is the CERTIFICATION of individual worth and victory.

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