blue full moon in aquarius- calling on the Highest potential of humanity (8/22/21)

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the blue full moon at 29’ aquarius is exact on sunday august 22nd, 2021 at 5:01am PDT- marking the midway point of the lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in leo on 8/8 the lion’s gate!  we have this blue full moon opposite regulus- the royal fixed star that is the heart of the lion.  this year of 2021 we have had a powerful alignment of solar gates (solar lughnasadh late 8/6 early 87), lunar gates (new moon on 8/8), lion’s gate (8/8) and heliacal rise of sirius in giza egypt where the sphinx/lion gateway is- which is incredibly powerful!!!  for more info read the blog i wrote here

this is the second full moon in aquarius- the first on 7/23 activated the jupiter/saturn conjunction from december 2020.  that conjunction was all about anchoring in the new age of aquarius (i did a whole webinar on this which is now available on demand here-  

this second aquarius full moon is an astrological blue full moon- which occurs when we have two full moons in the same sign.  it is also a seasonal blue moon which is the 3rd of 4 full moons in a season (normally there are 3 per season).  in addition this full moon is conjunct jupiter the Greater Benefic (the only major aspect made and has a very expansive, positive energy to it!  as the saying goes ‘once in a blue moon’ feels apt this blue moon with lucky and benevolent jupiter involved!!!  

the full moon and sun aspect regulus (sun conjunct/full moon opposite) amplifying regulus’ movement from leo to virgo that occurred in 2012- heralding a shift in leadership from solar/royal/masculine to earthy, humble, service oriented and feminine.  regulus will stay in virgo for 2000 years so this shift has only just begun.  for more info on this shift read my article here

with regulus now in virgo- we now have a mutable cross instead of a fixed cross of royal stars- which speaks to HUGE SHIFTS in consciousness on the planet and a need for a new mythology.  to read the article i wrote about moving from fixed to mutable and how we can all participate in creating new myths read my article here –

the ruler of this lunation is two fold- saturn is the ancient ruler of aquarius and uranus is the contemporary ruler (and Uranus is at standstill having just stationed retrograde on 8/19).  we currently have them both square throughout 2021.  the esoteric ruler of aquarius is jupiter and we had a powerful alignment of jupiter/saturn in December 2020 with both square to uranus in 2021.  the first of two aquarius full moons activated the jupiter/saturn conjunction degree(as mentioned above) and the second blue full moon in aquarius activates the last degree of aquarius.  as the ages precess backwards- 29 aquarius is in fact the beginning of the age- while 1 aquarius is the end of it.  right now we have major activation of the age of aquarius frequencies- so i highly recommend tuning into them (check out my webinar linked above as well if you want a deep dive into all of this) 

a few other things to note in the full moon chart- we have an amazing conjunction of mean black moon lilith, ceres the Great Mother and the north node all in gemini.  pay attention to information and communication coming out of the mouths of women right now.  this is amazing astrology for channeling and tapping into Truths from the Great Beyond!  

we also have pallas athena conjunct neptune in pisces- the 2nd of 3 conjunctions is exact on august 27th (first was may 30th, last will be January 17th 2022).  we have a HUGE neptune theme all year long starting with neptune square the nodes in january 2021 and continuing with juno, venus, mercury retrograde and pallas athena triggering neptune.  

neptune is amazing for mysticism, spirituality, idealism, compassion and altruism.  but tense aspects to neptune make it super easy to be deluded, deceived, checked out, escapist, avoidant of reality and turning to addictions to numb out.  lest you think in your mind ‘oh i know so many people who are like that’ i recommend turning the focus on yourself and seeing where YOU are like that first ;)  it’s easier to see and judge in another what we cannot see in ourselves.  but seeing it within is the only point of personal power as it’s the only space you have the capacity to change!  

pallas with neptune brings a lot of nebulousness into politics, the government and war strategy (like afghanistan).  all is not as it seems and doing the work of discernment tis key to see through the smoke and mirrors of what is presenting itself in the media.  

last but not least venus in libra is with pandora- bringing unexpected things into relationships, partnerships and collaborations.  venus in libra likes peace and harmony- but other than her lovely aspects to the north node, jupiter and saturn- she makes super intense ones to everything else (chiron, urauns, Neptune, pluto, eris).  the boat is getting rocked and what has been swept under the carpet is coming up and out to be seen and addressed- personally and collectively.  

i want to say with two full moons in aquarius- this path month has been a major activation and amplification of what your own unique contribution to the age of aquarius can be (pay attention to where aquarius falls in your solar and ASC chart as well as where uranus is natally).  i hope are you paying attention :)

i leave you with the sabian symbol and star sparks degree for the full moon as they are both powerful!  

the sabian symbol speaks to our highest potential as humans- to be such an integrated being that powerful consciousness can come through her or him (such as a channel).  the star sparks degree speaks to what it means to be filled by Light and how to anchor that Light in a world that is so lost and so divided.  they are both amazing meditations to sit with and meditate on <3

blessed blue full moon to you!!!


SABIAN SYMBOL- by dane rudhyar 


KEYNOTE: The ability for the person with an open mind and a deep feeling for self-transcendence to come in contact with higher forms of existence.

The originally recorded Sabian symbol stated: “The field of Ardath in bloom,” which referred to a scene in an occult novel by Marie Corelli centering upon ancient Babylon. The reference may well have been a “blind” inasmuch as Marc Jones has stressed his inner contact with a Brotherhood with Babylonian (or “Sabian”) roots. A spiritual Brotherhood consitutes a state of “multi-unity” — i.e. a multiplicity of individuals, if one thinks of the paths they trod to reach their final metamorphosis, but a unity of consciousness and “Soul” —thus unanimity (“anima” meaning Soul). In this spiritual Whole each unit is a recognizable “form” or entity if one looks at it with the eyes of personality; but when seen through a unified spiritual vision or from a distance, the Whole appears to be one single area of radiant light. Similarly, when studied by the modern physicist, light can be apprehended either as a stream of identifiable particles (photons) or as one continuous wave. Whether it is seen as one or the other depends on the point of view.

This is the last and culminating symbol of Scene Twenty-two of the cyclic ritual. This is indeed a fitting symbol, as the number 22 symbolizes all forms of mastery. At any level, it is a symbol of spiritual group fulfillment — of CONSCIOUS TOTALITY OF BEING.


STAR SPARKS- by elias lonsdale 

Aquarius 30  A large pool filled with white water lilies in bloom

Light is the spirit food which permeates the ethers of the planet with all that we need to grow and evolve. It is a signal, a direct emanation of that sense that there is so much more where this came from. To inhale light in abundance is to be greatly blessed, honored, shown the way.

We become vessels for the light. The pouring through of sparkling warmness into every corner of life is our attunement, our realization, our meditation. Just to be able to serve, to tap what is here becomes the way to go. For we know it is so much brighter and vast than we can perceive as yet.

Because it is endless and because our future sense is wide open, we are literally being flooded with light to an extraordinary extent. Just to forge this into something useful and helpful is quite a task. For there is this bliss or infinite stretch involved. Can we give of this feeling tone, this subtle atmosphere, this prana to those who find themselves to be cut off from its bounty?

The only way we can stay true to what we experience here, yet equally be an evolutionary vessel of restoring what is most essential is if we can meet the struggles and strife of this world from a most distinctive and unusual place. We are called to be mightily detached, yet in the same breath able to swoop right down and be entirely here with how everybody experiences the darkness and the sense of forgetting. For as we hold the high vertical steadily yet yield it’s righteousness to the need that arises, we become light bearers in terms that are life-giving and fruitful in total measure. We learn to be empty and simple, and then the light streams through with no self-importance anywhere in sight. 

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