Tuesday October 26th 2021

the new moon in cancer falls on monday july 20th, 2020 at 10:33am PDT. this is the SECOND new moon in cancer as the first was on the solstice (june 20th) so this new moon is termed an astrological black moon (i go into this more deeply in my lunar gate call. if you are not a member and want to sign up to access gate calls, horoscopes and more you can do so here- https://divineharmony.com/become-a-member/)

the cancer part of the sky and the cancer part of our charts is getting a double does of new moon energy- which is great for new beginnings related to home, family, children, inner life, connection to the feminine, emotional intimacy and more. yet both cancer lunations have tense aspects to saturn- the 2nd new moon in july being the tightest aspect to saturn- so first we are being shown all that BLOCKS us from these new beginnings. we have to get to work excavating, clearing and dealing with what is karmic, toxic, stagnant, stuck and no longer working in our lives. a new cycle can only start when an old one has been completed. we cannot walk through a new door unless we have closed the old door behind us.

this new moon is opposite jupiter, saturn and pluto and square to a stationary eris who goes retrograde just over 2 hours after the new moon is exact. this is great for excavation of shadow and dealing with unresolved crap- but if we are avoiding doing this then all manner of things can come up and out for us to address!!

this new moon semisextiles the north node of destiny and quincunxes the south node of karma. we are at a crossroads. are we going to keep defaulting to the past? are we going to stick with things that are long past the expiration date or are we ready to offload? a new path is calling us but we have to lighten our load in order pursue it. any last residues of toxic patriarchal paradigms of power, control, fear, depression and resistance to change must be let go of! the antidote to the toxic masculine out of control is the feminine- not just in her lunar, soft manifestations but also her fierce, Warrior Goddess manifestation. that is why Eris is her! (to learn more about Eris in my 2 hour masterclass click here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/eris-masterclass-now-available-for-purchase/

we have quite the party building up in aries right now. in the new moon chart we have chiron, mars, black moon lilith and eris all piled up in aries. mars is heading to trigger the pluto/eris square august 13th-17th and black moon lilith is going to join the party when she square pluto august 19th and cojoins eris august 31st.

aries is a yang fire sign ready to go and take action but also a bit hot under the collar. we want to cultivate a very healthy relationship to anger and rage because in the coming months more fuel will be added to the already hot and heavy fire. at best mars in aries is about activism, being a warrior and fighting for Truth and making things happen. just watch out for shadow mars in aries- aggression, violence, selfishness and argumentativeness. if you tend to stuff your anger this could come out as depression or passive aggression. healthy expression of anger is key right now (great time for shadow work!)

the new moon is conjunct apollo- the god of prophecy and healing. in his highest form he was known to protect children and was a seer. in his shadow form he speaks to where we are stuck karmically in a cycle doing something over and over and OVER AGAIN. tuning into where this may be playing out personally and collectively is key. tap into apollo’s sight and SEE THE TRUTH.

i leave you with the star sparks degree for 29 cancer. ellias speaks to the drama that must go on. things must play out. we have to break out of the school of baby fish so that we can grow and make it on our own. the shadow of cancer is clannishness and being part of group mind. we can see this in the psychology of family dynamics. we are born into a family or culture and we absorb their ideas and beliefs even if consciously we don’t believe in them.

there comes a time when the chick needs to fly the roost- literally but also spiritually. we need to find ourselves to find the truth- so taking time away from everyone’s opinions and prejudices and just tuning into your inner self and inner knowing is key. we are almost there- we are almost ready to make a VERY SIGNIFICANT LEAP as a humanity. but first we see any and everything that holds us back from this. we have to face the shadow, we have to purge the karma, we have to clean up our messes.



by ellias lonsdale

Cancer 29 A large school of baby fish swimming in a group

We have all been here before! We have swum in these waters. We have joined the formation of a budding civilization. We have paid our dues. We have entered upon the follies. And we have most of all come to a place of rest in the thickest of disputes and conflicts. We have learned how to get through and to keep on flowing.
Now there comes a difficult lesson. So much that we know is of the past, is made possible by the soul group we belong to. In so many ways, we become everybody around us, we live their lives as our own. It has been such a dream, such an endless dream.
Yet as we keep on moving through the same currents forever, as we flow with the familiar and the comfortable, the trance starts to wear off. We have the strange sensation of being forced back upon ourselves to determine what we think, what we feel, what we know inside.
It is a rude awakening. When you are this accustomed to merging within the pattern that is given, the first point of coming forth on your own feels to be a terrible severance, a deprivation, a loss. It is hard to find the blessing in it.
Therefore, the drama must go on. All the currents of stirring up the waters, the turbulence and the issues, these things must play out. When you’ve been just a part of something always there and you are led deeply to find your own inner way, there are tearings, it isn’t easy.
Yet the blessing really is that somebody is being born who can follow a spirit that is bright and clear and so true.

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