Sunday May 16th 2021

the new moon at 2’05 gemini is exact on friday may 22nd 2020 at 10:39am PDT- initating us into a new lunar cycle that focuses on information, communication, thinking and perception.  there is SO MUCH GEMINI in the new moon chart- not just the sun and moon but also mercury (the ruler of the new moon in his own sign), venus who is retrograde and the asteroid Goddess vesta.  so much focus in gemini can make the mind very active and life super busy!  it can also exacerbate tendencies to jump all over the place, have nervous tension or anxiety and be up in the head disconnected from the body and our emotions.

many of the gemini planets are tied up with neptune right now.  leading up to this new moon- in the dark moon of the previous lunar cycle- we had mercury conjunct venus retrograde (union of mind and heart) with both square to neptune- planet of illusion, confusion and deception.  venus is in one massive square to neptune right now due to her retrograde station on 5/12 (she squared neptune on 5/3 and 5/20)- so there is a huge need for us all to question our perceptions, thoughts, minds and ideas.  if we only stay on the surface we may think or see something is true but if we dive deeper we may see that there is something else going on that is the real Truth.  this takes a willingness to question things- including ourselves- and to see into and through the shadow.  this is an art and takes a lot of practice which i imagine we are all receiving ample experience in life right now to do just that ;) 

there is an absolutely lovely Grand Air Trine in the new moon chart between the new moon, saturn in aquarius, pallas athena and juno.  the sun/saturn trine is exact just hours before the new moon- bringing an amazingly grounded energy to our minds, thoughts and interactions with others.  saturn says get real, see reality, deal with what IS.  saturn also says be responsible, have integrity, be honest with self and others.  add in pallas athena and we have the capacity to get accurate perceptions about what is going on- Big Picture understanding that is verified by the small details and data gemini is so good at accessing.  and then add in juno and we see that this extends to partnership and relationship- not just romantic but also friendship, business partnership, financial alliances and more.  there is the capacity to open the lines of communication here- to speak openly and honestly but also to listen.  to see sides of the story or situation we did not see before- so that we are not just seeing through our own lens but also seeing through the lens of others.  

vesta is also involved- so we have a lot of Divine Feminine action in the new moon chart!  vesta is the Priestess and she brings deep devotion and focus.  she is aligned with mercury and retrograde venus and she is also square to neptune.   we are asked to question the focus of our thoughts and feelings.  what is behind them?  what are our motivations?  where are our perceptions driven by shadow, fears and Unconscious material from behind the scenes?  it is easy to spin things our way right now thinking we are seeing Truth but actually we are seeing through a glass darkly.  the dark glass is our own Unconscious wounding, conditioning and motivations that run the ship so-to-speak.  this is an excellent time to see who is in the driver’s seat!  

another important aspect to consider is the uranus/neptune semi square that began in august 2017.  the last exact semisquare was may 2019 but in the first 1/2 of 2020 these two are still close in orb and we have both mercury and venus (mind and heart) linking with them.  the lower mind and lower heart link with the Higher Mind and Higher Heart (uranus and neptune) in tense ways- making it hard to discern between intuition and fear or fantasy, Truth from lies, fact from fiction, reality from spiritual bypassing.  at best uranus/neptune can wake us up spiritually and help us see through the illusion more clearly.  we just have to watch out for wanting ascension/love/Light without the work of descension and facing/working with the shadow.  

last but definitely not least this new moon is square mars in pisces who is conjunct ceres the Great Mother.  a sun/moon/mars square can be feisty and fiery.  watch out for aggression, arguments, combative energy.  mars in pisces is not the biggest up front and direct placement for mars- so this can be more backhanded, passive aggressive, behind the scenes.  with moon and ceres involved there can be some intense dynamics cropping up in family situations, with children, parents, the inner child within and more.  we want healthy outlets for our emotions and healthy emotional intimacy.  if we only talk about our anger but don’t embody it- it can come out in unexpected, uncontrollable ways. the same can be said for our grief.  gemini rules the lungs and the lungs hold grief.  shadow gemini wants to think about feelings but not actually feel them.  unacknowledged grief can morph into depression, aggression or escapism.  again- questioning what is behind the surface emotion or surface thought so we can get to the real core issue is key right now.  

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree for this new moon which is EXCEPTIONALLY perfect.  ‘person eludes any and all attempts to pierce it’s disguise and get at what it is hiding, protecting, guarding.’  ‘a stark split between surface and depth.  a gulf, an abyss.  this can lead to a disconnection, a void space, an extreme alienation and dissociation from everything around’.  this is the gemini energy square neptune.  surface versus depth, mind versus Soul/Spirit.  what we think is going on and what is really going on.  

dive deep my friends.  in the depths we will meet each as we truly are…

blessed new moon!

~divine harmony 

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by ellias lonsdale 

Gemini 3  A dense thicket of brambles surrounding a magic castle

Persona eludes any and all attempts to pierce it’s disguise and get at what it is hiding, protecting, guarding. The fine art of wielding persona in order to maintain on a separate track a whole other world of meaning and value. Outwardly, seeming to be anything and everything which throws others off, hardly caring whether the impression is wondrous, terrible, or mixed. Only preoccupied with keeping the goods inside, keeping the world on the outside in a numb trance of falling for what seems.

Meanwhile, deep underneath this display of elaborate camouflage, the core involvement persists very purely in staying with what has always been the prime issue and commitment. The soul is devoted to stick by as closely as can be to the magical ways, in a fashion just like ancient timeless legends and tales reveal and accentuate.

A stark split between surface and depth. A gulf, an abyss. This can lead to a disconnection, a void space, an extreme alienation and dissociation from everything around. To move through such a passage is one of those mistakes which will show what is really going on here and where all this is leading.

Layer upon layer of dissimulation, of humor, or charm, of whatever it takes. Profound buried treasure, seemingly lost, greatly intact. A way of doing it that is as hard as can be. No consolations. In the true sense, no place to hide.

An agreement to hold a focus on the inner that is more than controversial on the outer. A masterful ability to get away with this. Yet what an agony to be so concealed for so very long. Especially because the buried treasure thrives on circulation and currency, and is fabulously determined to the conditions of waiting, hoping and staying under. 

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