Tuesday October 20th 2020

LIBRA- week of 5/14-5/20


the venus retrograde that commences tuesday impacts you and your fellow venus-ruled sign taurus profoundly.  with your ruling planet going backward you are being asked to undergo a deep period of self-inquiry and self-reflection around your sense of self, your relationships, finances and your self-worth.  venus stations retrograde in your 9th house of Higher Self- pointing to a deeply spiritual 6 weeks of turning within.  of course part of this process entails rethinking/reviewing/revising your beliefs, attitudes and ideas about the world around you.  your thoughts create your reality and during this venus transit you can get really clear around what your thoughts are and question if you even like the reality they are creating for you.  if you don’t like what you see- it’s also a great time to make some changes.  by week’s end the eclipse portal opens with the solar eclipse falling in this same house (9th)- marking a pivotal point in your spiritual journey.  a new chapter in your connection to your Higher Self is set to begin- but you have to go beyond the little mind if order to see the Bigger Picture.  the old adage ‘question everything’ can be your mantra in the coming months.  the only difference is you should question everything logical, practical and tangible- and open the door/your eyes for the ethereal/mystical/transcendant to reveal itself.

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