Thursday July 9th 2020

LIBRA- week of 1/30-2/5


neptune moves into pisces and your 6th house of work, service and health this week, where he will stay for the next 13 years.  with the planet of spirituality and illusion shifting into a more practical house, you can expect your day to day routines to get less ordered and more confusing and/or mystical (depending on who you deal with lack of order!).  positively this can be a time of fusing your spiritual awareness with your physical and work reality.  alternative health and service-oriented work calls to you.  on the shadow side your lack of definition and touch with reality can lend itself towards work issues, nebulous illnesses and an oversensitivity to your environment.  there is a need to tune into your physical, mundane needs and balance them with your spiritual, mystical needs.  interestingly neptune rules the 12th and for you it is in the opposite house (the 6th)- so this is about integration of the spiritual and the material, the mundane and the sacred.  at first finding this balance may seem impossible or nebulous- but it’s about the journey, not the destination ;)

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