Thursday July 9th 2020

LIBRA- week of 1/23-1/29


with the planet that rules your house of relationship going retrograde this week in your house of the unconscious you are being given a significant lesson/opportunity by the Universe to clear out karmic patterns and debris from the past that influences and at times sabotages your relationships.  mars has been in your 12th house since november and he will be there until early july- so the excavation of deep, unconscious material shouldn’t be new.  your dreams have likely been very active- and if you can remember them i suggest you work with them (journal, free associate on images, decipher the messages) as they are direct communication from your Unconscious Self.  as a libra you are more identified with venus/the feminine principle.  the masculine principle rules your house of the Other- that which you tend to find outside of yourself.  yet with mars now going retrograde in your 12th house you are being confronted by all your unconscious mars energy in powerful ways.  that angry person you run into at the market?  that is you.  the person who cut you off  on the freeway- that is you, too.  your partner/ex/boss/therapist who irritates the crap out of you- they are all you, too!  the beauty of the 7th house is that it mirrors you- either showing you exactly what you are (but you are unconscious of) or by showing you your opposite.  for wholeness it is key to integrate the other- and for you this has to do with your mars.  getting in touch with your will, drive, energy, Divine Masculine, anger, assertiveness and aggression is key in the coming months.  the more you repress it or project it- the more intense the coming 6 months will be.  take this as an opportunity to face yourself and integrate- and ultimately heal.  after this journey your relationship paradigm will significantly shift in huge ways.

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