Saturday December 14th 2019

LIBRA- week of 12/12-12/18


the week starts off with mars in your 12th house squaring the nodes of destiny and karma.  mars will be in your house of the unconscious until next july.  positively he can help you dig into the deepest parts of yourself and deal with old pain, fears and unprocessed parts of the past in definitive ways.  on the shadow side you may find that all your old anger, rage, criticism, judgment and perfectionism is dragged into the Light as well.  with his square to the nodes issues that have been buried and not dealt with can crop up and come to a head or crisis point- particularly issues regarding relationships (mars rules your 7th house of relationship).  on tuesday mercury stations direct in your 3rd house of communication near the same degree that the solar eclipse fell on thanksgiving.  new beginnings in regards to your communication, teaching, understanding and/or writing have been in seed/intention form, but as mercury stations direct you can find that you are ready to start acting on them.  pay attention to conversation or communication had this week as it can be insightful and illuminating!  the week ends with your ruler in your house of home square to saturn in your sign.  issues, constriction, restriction and karmic consequences can crop up in regards to your home and family environment.  whatever it is- instead of dwelling on what is not good, try focusing on what needs to be restructured, released, or rebalanced in some way.  saturn has been in your sign for a year and a half now- so saturn energy should not be foreign to you.  remember- saturn is about mastery and maturity.  choose both in any situation right now and all will turn out well.

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