Tuesday October 20th 2020

LIBRA- week of 1/14-1/20

with your chart ruler (venus) and co-ruling asteroid (juno) massively activated this week, i think it would be safe to say that you are one of the signs most powerfully impacted by the astrology of this week. these two Goddesses are in your 4th house of home and family, bringing focus to your roots, grounding, family and connection to the past. in the last couple of weeks uranus squared both of them from your house of relationships, initiating a period of change in your associations and connections with others. this week pluto aligns with both, helping you to address the shadow and/or power/control dynamics that play out in your relationships- and also to see where your fears actually serve to constrict your heart and ability to Love rather than make it feel safer to open up more. the past cannot be changed, but your relationship to it can. open up to weird and wild people coming into your life- they are showing up to help wake you up!

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