Saturday December 5th 2020

LIBRA- week of 11/16-11/22

on monday your ruling planet venus aligns with the fierce Dark Feminine black moon lilith, starting the week off on a potent and perhaps intense note. with venus making her way to square pluto on friday- there’s no escaping the need to go deep, get beyond the surface, face the shadow and see the Truth- in yourself, in your relationships, in your family and in your entire life. powerful astrological energies call for powerful self-awareness- so when intensity arises i highly recommended breathing into it and feeling all the sensations in your body to keep you here, on earth and engaged with life (rather than checked out). on tuesday the sun and mercury align in your house of money, values and self-worth- bringing important information, ideas or communication that help you to realize what means the most to you. with both bodies linking up with the evolutionary north node throughout the week- part of what you realize or hear could be the very thing you need to illuminate the next part of your evolutionary journey (so pay attention!). on wednesday neptune stations direct in your 6th house of work, service and health- bringing a nebulous and confusing energy to mundane matters midweek. if you have any health things that are arising- it’s important to address and deal with them rather than gloss them over or think they will go away on their own. anything related to practicality, order, daily life or work can be in focus this week- and the key is to navigate the terrain without getting lost! come the weekend the sun and mercury both move into sagittarius and your 3rd house of communication and thinking- typically heralding a time of short trips, connecting with others and a busy time for the mind. yet the sun and mercury make way to cojoin saturn and square neptune next week- reminding you that part of your journey right now is about confronting your ideals, thoughts and blind-faith beliefs so that you can see them for what they are and compare them to reality. being willing to see things/people/yourself for what they are rather than what they could be is the best starting point from which change can truly happen.

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