Saturday January 16th 2021

LIBRA- week of 11/14-11/20


with mars firmly ensconced in your 12th house for the next 8 months you will be focusing a lot of your attention and energy on the more mystical and unconscious aspects of life. at the start of the week mars contraparallels neptune- the ruler of the 12th house- enhancing the spiritual and intuitive energy available to you but also bringing up potential for confusion, illusions, delusions and deception. there is a need to see things clearly and act from that same place of clarity- but with a tense neptune aspect and mars in neptune’s house clarity may not be forthcoming. pay attention to your hunches but question them as well- as reality may not be what it seems. by wednesday the air clears as mars moves onto trine jupiter in your 8th house of transformation, intimacy and sexuality. there are powerful opportunities for you to go deep into your psyche and process old pain, shadows and fears around intimacy and sexuality- as well as owning your own power. this mars/jupiter aspect is in effect until mid-march so you have a lot of time to make this energy work for you. on the same day the sun in your 2nd house of money and self worth sextiles saturn in your sign- helping you to get more grounded, responsible and disciplined when it comes to the material aspects of life. on friday the sun parallels pluto bringing potential for transformation of your self-worth due to all the powerfully deep work you are doing around family and childhood past. the stuff you are processing and releasing is opening you up to a whole new part of yourself! the week ends with the sun square to neptune in your 5th house. positively this can enhance your creative and romantic energies and help you to see the beauty all around. negatively you can find yourself duped, deluded or confused when it comes to what is real and what is not- especially when it comes to matters of Love or money. so stay grounded in your reverie as the week ends ;)

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