Wednesday December 1st 2021

LIBRA- week of 11/11-11/17

mercury is now direct and his forward movement in the coming weeks can help you wrap and get clear on financial/material matters as well as the values you hold dear that have recently undergone some shift or change. on monday as mercury trines neptune, you are able to tap into a deep well-spring of intuition and knowing that helps you navigate your earthly path with more compassion, wonder and joy. on tuesday the sun trines jupiter in your career house, helping you to get clear on your calling and what makes your Soul sing. if you are not already pursuing this, this astrology can be the kick in the butt to move in the direction that your Soul moves you. on wednesday neptune stations direct in your 6th house of work, service and health- bringing a sense of confusion or illusion around your day to day routines, health and well-being. neptune here demands healthy boundaries and healthy self-care. if you are not taking care of yourself then how you can you expect others to do the same? the best use of this energy is to take time to tune into your Inner Voice to get clear on what your gifts are and what you are meant to share. thursday through saturday are potentially tumultuous- as your ruling planet venus gets activated by the uranus/pluto square, and then the sun experiences the same. major changes in the structure, foundation and fabric of your life are in order. this astrology asks that you look at your roots and your connection or attachment to the past- and then see what you are ready to clear and release. childhood and past life stuff can come up to be recalled and then let go of- no longer carried around as baggage from the past that weighs you down in the present. this astrology is not peaceful or easy, which is what libra prefers, but it can be revolutionary, liberating and freeing! by week’s end as the full moon in taurus Lights up your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources and transformation- you can come face to face with some your deepest shadow and fears, as well as some of your greatest insights and gifts. with the full moon conjunct algol- getting in touch with rage, anger and attachments that keep you bound to the past is key. addressing your material well-being is one thing, but addressing your spiritual well-being is another. when you can address both and link them together you can make sense of a lot of life that has never made sense before. what you own, what you owe, what you hold onto and what you let go- they are all up for addressing and reviewing at this full moon!

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