Saturday October 24th 2020

LIBRA- week of 10/10-10/16


this week certain significant relationships can get a bit intense and hot under the collar (for good or for bad!). the full moon lights up your 7th house of partnership- and it is conjunct true black moon lilith, the dark feminine archetype. lilith is fierce, powerful, and passionate- and she brings out the raw, primal energy that most of us repress. she also brings up anger and rage that has not been processed or dealt with- and she can do so in really intense ways! yet this full moon is opposite saturn in your sign- creating a sense of restriction, limitation and/or repression around how intense or fierce you can really get. it’s all about a balance and that is what saturn in your sign is teaching you. if you don’t embrace your masculine, assertive, aggressive nature then other people will live it for you and be your mirrors and your triggers wherever you go. when something like this comes up this week (and it probably will) look into the mirror and see yourself. as you integrate your opposite energy you become whole- and that is the path to self-mastery.

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